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Friends of the Dead 1-3


Once again deviating from the source material: the order was originally throat slice followed by stabbity, but it didn't flow as well on the page. Jonathan looks positively evil in panel 2, I'm quite happy with that. Jonathan should be badass.

And gee, I wonder who that might be in the bottom panel? :lol:

Oh, and about those sound effects...I lied.
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Sweeeet. I was right! So . . . is this a story you've made (I'm assuming) based off of the original Dracula?

Good book >w<
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Yep, based off of the novel, but I tweaked some things visually (dropped Vlad's mustache, his castle is completely inaccurate due to me looking up pictures *after* the fact...) I need to reread the book before Halloween :D
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Yaaaaaaaaaay! c: I'm *almost* finished with it. I've been slacking. . . .
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I really like that bottom panel. It feels very emotionally complicated to me. Plus Van Helsing looks cool with stubble.
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Yay, that was just what I was going for! :boogie:
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:-o O rly? Then good job!
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You know, i've always had trouble visualizing the novel's Van Helsing, but looking at yours, that is definitely him.:)
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You're welcome.:)
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ha! Great camera agles! I like the last panel in particular!
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Since when does that kill him? Rise skeleton rise!
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Yay Jonathan! Looks really awesome.
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