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Friends of the Dead 1-13

Yep, it's a "KHAN!" moment. (Or perhaps "WINDS! WIIIINDS!" from Bram Stoker's Dracula, since this is Dracula after all.)

Incredibly spare page is spare.

Thanks to :iconanimetedskier: for modeling for both panels!

EDIT: thanks to :iconhollow-frost: for pointing out the continuity error. This is what happens when it takes me forever between pages. Also fixed the text.
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I like to think of it as 'epic spaces' rather than spare-ness. :D

I love the grimace in the first panel - nice shading work. (and in reply to an earlier comment, the little indent between the nose and upper lip is called the philtrum. random fact for the day)
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wow so dramatic!!!
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I'm glad to see a new page up. ^_^
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I was wondering when you were gonna pick up with the comic again. You weren't kidding about your shading- that area from nostrils to chin is my favorite section of the human anatomy, nice work.
thenumber42's avatar
I love drawing that little dent there right above the lips. Thanks.
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Oh nose! Dracy is angry. :0
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Wow, I was impatient to see this! I wanna more pages, this comic is great. I've read it all. Dracula's mouth is really realistic ;)
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Thanks! Photo reference is good.
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Yay! I'm so happy! I've been waiting and waiting... And now it's here! Even if it's a sparce page, it's still a page. :) And it's dramatic! *can't wait to see what happens next*
Hollow-Frost's avatar
Hey, wait a minute! Is his hand healed? Yay for Dracula's amazing recovery rate!
thenumber42's avatar
OH SNAP thanks for pointing that out! I completely forgot about that! ^^;
Hollow-Frost's avatar
You're welcome. ^^ I just thought you should know. It looks fine even without it, though. Just a minor inconsistancy.
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YES! The return of Friends of the Dead! :boogie: :excited:

Nice job on the closeup of Dracula's fangs in the corner. :D
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Dang, you should have done it like Khan. *VAN HEEEEELLLLSSSSIIINNNGGG!!!!!*
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