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Friends of the Dead 1-12

Bahahaha so late I hate this page heheheh.

Text taken directly from chapter 27 except for the "Amen" at the end.

No comment really.
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The lighting in this page is really great. :3
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Am I supposed to be thinking of Andersong in the last panel?
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Um...maybe? The original designs of VH did look a lot like Anderson though. (I write it "Anderson." Heh.)
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Finally a new page...was getting worried you died over there.
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No, but Disney owns my soul now.
VentalSycant's avatar
That sorry.
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Guh! This is still looking great! I love the different angles! Nice! :heart:
coloring looks pro status! what app did you use?
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Wow, thank you! I used photoshop 7.
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jOyousJoy!!!! Haha I've been waiting for this.
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FINALLY!!!! Mwahahahaha!!!!

Man, this has been an awesome day.

I get to watch Kings, and then you update FotD! Yay!
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:dance: Glad to have contributed to the awesomeness of your day.
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Wewt new page.
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Draccie ain't got no place to sleep...:(
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Maybe some NyQuil will help. Course, he'd have to drink it secondhand...
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:XD: That was witty, my friend!
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I love the third panel, it looks all epic. :3
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You have no idea how much that panel was pissing me off haha. Turns out that the FANTASTIC SOLUTION was to simply make him face the other direction :lol:

Earlier on I was planning on drawing some Christianized alchemy symbol under him a la Fullmetal Alchemist, but that seemed a bit much. Glad it turned out epic anyways! :D
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simplicity is better sometimes. :3
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