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Friends of the Dead 1-11


Okay, in the novel, Dracula hires a bunch of Gypsies to dig up a bunch of his grave-earth for his trip to England. That's all the pit is. Told you it wasn't exciting.

And as for that, uh...

Hey! It's Van Helsing! 8D

I do not know if crumbled Eucharist works as well as whole wafers, but I sure hope it does, and besides, it looks cool.

ALSO! I'm a terrible procrastinator! I could have finished and posted this page last week but I didn't because I was lazy! If you want more FOTD, ANNOY ME! IRRITATE ME! I COMMAND YOU! Help me get rid of the lazy bug!

thx :)

*Edited VH's caption boxes.
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"Eucharist: is the holy sacrament.

I think the word you're looking for is "host".
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WOA. Love that last panel there!
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Dead amicable f[r]iends?

MORE, please.


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Sorry meant wafers. ^^;;
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Holy wafters eh?
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This is your universe, if you say Eucharist crumblies work, then they do. :D I shouldn't think there would be a problem. But then, I grew up Methodist, and we only had doughy bread baked by the elderly church ladies, and not those nifty cracker things. :XD:

I have to say, nice page - I like the atmosphere change in the last two panels, and the hand in the final one looks great.

Hey, I'll bug you if you bug me. I haven't done a new page on my comic since last summer, and I really have no good reason as to why, either. :D :D
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Then I'll have to *BOTHER* you a la Potter Puppet Pals. XD

I never had the Eucharist either...we had packaged matzo bread (which was essentially cracker that tasted more like paper). At least we had a thimblefull of grape juice to wash it down! :XD:

Anyway this page is the result of me coming up with the visuals/drawing the page first and consulting the source material after.
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:D *bothabothabotha* Oh, and now I'm going to have 'snape, snape, severus snape / harrypotter harrypotter/ dumbledore!' stuck in my head all night, too... :D

Yup, that came in those nifty little glasses.

That's cool. It's nice to be able to have some sort of a resource, ne?
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*To the tune of "Lollypop"* Voldemort, Voldemort! Voldy Voldy Voldemort :D

I wouldn't consider the novel as a "resource" more like "canon." It establishes the rules but it doesn't tell me a darn thing about Romania/castle construction/comparisons of religion/what kinds of houses people lived in. XD
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I feel your pain. Every time I need to find something out about ancient Rome, I can't, and end up attempting to make an educated guess. Only to find a week later a source that proves I'm an idiot at guessing, lolol. And good luck finding existing structures. *eyeroll*

Best of luck! If you need any resources, feel free to harass me. Being an architecture major lets me into strange, underground places of good resource materials... And I have lots of photos from Europe, if you need good reference (I took around 20 gigs of photos during my trip, lol). Photosoph's already nabbed some of them, so feel free to see if I might have something you could use.
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Ooh! Thanks! I'll definitely hit you up soon for those XD And also :iconanimetedskier:, since he somehow neglected to show me his slew of vacation photos.
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I have the first 2/3 of my trip up on my travel blog, [link] , if you spot something you'd like in a higher res, send me a link, and I should be able to find it pretty quickly. I do have photos from Italy and Austria as well that aren't up yet... :D
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Ooh, I'll definitely need some of Italy. If you've been in Rome that is. :D
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Well you did ask. :) Please please please keep up with pages! I don't always get to comment but I love seeing the story continued. The writing is brilliant and I love the pacing!
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(the artwork is great too, but that goes without saying :aww: ).
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Yay another page! Maybe a brown or dull color would work for Vh's dialog boxes. :3
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Yeah, I'll try muddying/desaturating the blue a bit.
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He seems like a dull color kind of guy, Dracula looks good with the green. :3
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The idea was to differentiate each character's inner monologue (if supplied) with their eye color :shrug: Fortunately my main characters all have different eye colors.
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Thats a cool idea, perhaps a duller blue would work for Vh. :3
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MORE FOTD!!!!!!!!!! NO PROCRASTINATING!!!!! heehee
Um, yeah I think the crumbled Eucharist would the book doesn't he make a protective circle around Mina that way? erg...I can't remember.
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