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Friends of the Dead 1-1

Well, if that isn't something straight out of left field :lol:

Coming right after I make that journal entry about men objectifying women. I'm aware of the irony.

Yes, that's Vlad. lol hai thar vlad

Textures: [link] , [link]

EDIT: tweaked the color some.
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Turnabout is fair play. ;)
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Don't mind if i save this, i'm suspense, as always a great effort :D
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Thank you for using my stock! Have a nice day!
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around the net fangirls fell out of their chairs
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Yeah, all six of them.
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hey they're people even most shun me...
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*jumps up and down* Another PAGE!!!

Would of been kinda cool if all the fabric was died with blood...but then again it would be a little darker and not so vibrant...but there's my brain going again.
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Dang, that's a lot of red! :-O Haha glad you figured out how to draw him without proper reference ;) He looks very comfortable.
thenumber42's avatar
Noooooo! Not the reeeeeeeeeed! XD

So I had improper reference, did I? :XD:
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Unless you were able to find some buff guy outside your who was nice enough to pose in a robe for you hehe.

*clutching as many green objects to me as possible while viewing this picture*

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Oh there's going to be quite a bit of hissing in the next page XD
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^^; Sorry...

To another chapter! :ahoy: With Vlad and the gang and little bats! :D
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I love this red atmosphere
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This looks like it was fun to draw.
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Actually, no, it was a pain in the butt. *not sarcastic*
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*convulses* ZOMG I can't waiiiiiiiiit /squee!
thenumber42's avatar
Yay at least someone is! XD
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This got a good chuckle out of me, especially since I'm reading Sunshine by Robin McKinley right now.

Awesome, congrats conquering your prologue, and here's to the new chapter. ^_^
thenumber42's avatar

Oh, gee, I'm going to have to read that book now. XD I'm on a DEFINITE vampire kick now. Let's see...reading Dark Ivory, Children of the Night, watching Count von Count from Sesame Street on Youtube, all in in conjunction with a vampire webcomic.
soul-alive's avatar

I'm not much into vampire literature (and am rather avoiding Twilight as long as humanly possible), but I love Robin McKinley's work, and Sunshine is no exception.
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Wahaha, I am avoiding Twilight myself. I borrowed it for a friend and flipped through some of it...four paragraphs to describe the main character waking up, going downstairs, getting something to eat, going back up the stairs and turning on her computer. And purple prose.
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The "Vampires don't burn in the sun, they sparkle," is what got me. :(
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That too. I don't see how anyone can take that seriously.

And if it's something in their skin, why don't they sparkle in moonlight? Or strong indoor lighting? And why the heck is an 80 year old vampire attending high school? :crying:
soul-alive's avatar
I kind of gag every time I hear that tagline.

But hey, I read books just as bad by Christopher Pike and that lot back in middle school myself, so I can't say much, since they are geared for that age/mindset. Which just goes to show that popular books for preteens/teens aren't necessarily good books.
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