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FOTD Prologue 18

So the prologue, is like, over.

Boy, that was predictable, wasn't it? :lol:

Not much to say on this page...simply notice that Vlad no longer has nasty wounds on his neck in the first panel. That's, like, important, ya know. not really

My Dracula fanfic original webcomic will continue next week!
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Horray! Vampire on the loose! And I didn't have a clue what he was gonna do because I have never read "Dracula".

Awww poor Hellsing, his buddy just ate Bob and ran off without saying goodbye.

And I like your chimneys.
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This whole prologue takes place wayyy before the novel. The story itself takes place much closer to the end of Dracula. But it's not important to read the novel in order to understand this comic.

I'd suggest actually *not* reading the novel, because I have effectively ruined the character of Dracula for the sake of shits and giggles.
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Oh ok, I guess that's good then haha.
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I want moar! x3
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Just the prologue! I'm going to work on chapter 1 soon! D:
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It's all blue!!!!

I think the worst part about this process is you mentioned little things here and there in class...and i remember them...and I'm waiting to see how the hell the fit in.

PS. I love panel 4
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Now I'm trying to remember what the hell I said in class...XD Thanks.
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Oh, just some of the images you mentioned having to later draw...and how you were not sure how to "draw" some stuff. I don't want to spoil things for other people but the biggest stuff was about certain currently unseen character(s)...and details about said charecters.

That and there was the day you were storyboarding while we were supposed to be listening to Kramer...not that i was being much better scribbling in my notebook like crazy.
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Wahahaha characters-to-be-revealed way-way-way later seeing how slowly I update this thing.
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...Kinda like my books?

It took you less than a year to finish the first took me 5 to write the first book and it's still not technically finished. I got faster since I'm on the last chapter of book 2 and i started this entire project in...ugh...2001.
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Yes, I would say predictable. But I look forward to it anyhow.
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Thanks for your honesty. :D
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OH MAN! Actually, it wasn't predictable at all, but it certainly had a lot of us on the edge of our seats! :D

Great job! :D Can't wait to see what happens next!
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:hug: You. Are awesome. Thanks!
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You are awesomeness! :D :hug::glomp:
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