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FOTD Prologue 17


If anyone is actually surprised by this turn of events, then...well, I'd be surprised.:D

Now if anyone thought the vampire was Dr. that'd be kind of awesome. XD

The REAL shocking part of this is the fact that I drew, inked, colored and posted this ALL IN LESS THAN A WEEK. And the art is better than any of the previous pages in my humble opinion.

Hmm. Maybe that's telling me something.

(of course, perhaps I just couldn't wait to draw a vampire.)
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How much time story-wise passed between Vlad was put to bed and now?
Master-of-the-Boot's avatar
Those eyes are amazing.
Drakhonasu's avatar
The glowy eyes!

Love what you did with the drapes in the first panel too. And poor random victim...
moony-thewerewolf's avatar
i luv your are such a good artist cant wait to see the next one!!
Ripje-Van-Winkle's avatar
it's getting better and better ^^
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OH YEA! on another note~ I really love what you do with the colors here! With the cool tones and the warm tones.. etc. etc. :D And the fact that you did this friggin' fast IS pretty amazing! I applaud you! :clap:
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WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I wasn't expecting him to be sucking on someone ALREADY~ But damn, "I didn't see that comin'" HURR


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We all were waiting for the vampire :D
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Your being more productive than even me!

Did you figure out the staircase thingy just in case you hafta draw another one sometime soon?
thenumber42's avatar
Kinda. I already have sketchup installed on my computer, I just need to remember where it is. XD
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I didn't invite you in---oh wait wrong series
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I really like the vampire's eyes, all bloodshot and glowey. "Back off b****, he's my dinner! Go find your own!"

Uhhhh who's he eating? Cuz it almost looks like he's eating himself.....
thenumber42's avatar
just some random guy. The door was open.
greengirl21's avatar
Oohhh ok. Poor "Bob".
soul-alive's avatar
I can totally see the gears jamming in vanHelsing's head... ^^

Nice drama to the page. And I envy you your updates... *tries not to look at her own poor neglected comic, dusty in the corner*
thenumber42's avatar
Don't neglect it! It's a sign of bad parenting!
dbx-1138's avatar
duuuuude man I've been not getting pages here >.> stupid DA *punts it*

awesomeness and @_@ scaryyy! Poor guy walking in on that
Sahkmet's avatar
I love the espression on his face. :XD:

Helsing: What...the...fuc...king...hell...:omg:
EiceartInbheLadarna's avatar
OH SNAP! RUN! (not that it would help against Vlad really)
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