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FOTD Prologue 16

Ahahahaha I kept to my schedule, ~VentalSycant! It's a good thing we both live in the same timezone!

Suspense: when nothing at all happens yet the audience is supposed to just accept it.

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Why is that soup woman so freakin happy?? She creeps me out...

And for some unknown reason I really like that clock you made.
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:rofl: but stairs are FUNNNNNNN hahahhaha

Oh man the suspense is killing me!!! :noes:
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I should send you my cheat references for drawing perspectives...cauz we both know in your world there are a lot of staircases.

When you run into the other nemesis (vegetation) you know where I can be found, and know i have become all to familiar with drawing that vile stuff.
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Yes I would like cheat references very much please :D
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I'll email out the render model and a link to a program that uses it. That way you can change the camera position...the plants involve photos and three Landscape Graphic books but ya those are easy enough to get to you.

Also the boys thought the Zim cards were a hoot! I've got a random idea to use them with but ill clear that with you later after i finish with all the text.
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Ah Van Helsing. He really does care... I'm just worried about what he sees when he opens that door!
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"Ka-chick" how awesomely mysterious X3
what will ever happen Next??!! :D
Suspense O_O
(as to not throwing myself of a cliff, i avoid Stairs,feet, and trees at all cost, Nice job on it, I'm sure my would come out like sideways)
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