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Forests, paths, trees, magic

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 11, 2014, 4:49 AM

Here goes my first feature ... with a favorite topic of mine ever since i know myself. Enjoy these beauties and make sure to check out the galleries of the photographers

* * * * *

Carnival of light by grindz0ne     Elfen Ode by LG77     Wake-up Light by ildiko-neer     -Mesmerizing poetry of autumn- by Janek-Sedlar     Umbrella by ildiko-neer     The colors of Autumn - Part VIII by myINQI     Red Evening by r-maric     Ver by Nelleke     E S C A P E by A2Matos     Drowning Softly by Nelleke     <da:bigthumb id="329752098"/>     Autumn Mantra by Oer-Wout     <da:bigthumb id="326987551"/>     Sunday by Northstar76     Dark Shadows by Nelleke     Doodstil by Oer-Wout     <da:bigthumb id="299234901"/>     The Oath by Nelleke     The world is non-existent by baroquedoll     <da:bigthumb id="282998885"/>     Fairfax Bolinas Road by JasonTheStranger     <da:bigthumb id="283179212"/>     Walk through the Dark Forest by Annetjeehh     Autumn by Nelleke     Whispers from the Woods by Oer-Wout    <da:bigthumb id="491385087"/>     Forest of Miracles 3 by Mountainslynx     Goldener Herbst by Noirerora    <da:bigthumb id="491209333"/>    <da:bigthumb id="492918419"/>     Sitting down for a chat with the devil by aw-landscapes     Smoky Autumn by ildiko-neer     Chronicles Of Halloween by tvurk     Miles Away by tvurk     The Memory of Trees by werol     A Secret Life Of Ghost Trees.. by DavidCraigEllis     Trees ... by MOSREDNA     Under the Trees by woopidoo2    <da:bigthumb id="347014811"/>    <da:bigthumb id="107848429"/>

* * * * *

I wish I was able to visit all these places...
And here is a shameless self feature of my latest deviation :)

Mother of Drops by thenSir

Hi everybody...
I got bored and decided to create a FB fan page :) right now has 0 likes, so pls do your thing, here's the link:
Thank you all for +watching me, and by the way I'm finishing up my last manip :) prepare your eyez :P