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Armory Article: Terran Legions
Mighty, courageous, and loyal to the core, The Terran Imperial Legions fight in the name of The Empire and The Aspects against all their foes.
Origins: The first Terran Legion was founded back in the First Dynasty, in the year 51, directly after The First Archaic Incursion. The Demonic assault took a major toll on the current Primus Militum, and the current Emperor, Marius, was killed, and The Empire was left without a ruler. As Marius's son, Cyrus, was too young to rule, as such, he gave control of the young empire to his closest friend, and military advisor, General Leous.
With the power of an emperor at his disposal, he made all the effort he could to repair the damages caused by the demons. Most noticeable of which, he created the standard structure of The Terran Legions, and dubbed himself The Grand Marshal of The Terran Military.  From his experience in fighting against the forces of demons, he knew that The Empire needed to move from the small, Manipal formations used by th
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Crusibel of The Depth Pt.2
The screens of my mech slowly came back online, bringing the dark interior of the ship into view. We were packed loosely in the Ipabog, which was clearly made to carry far more mechs than our current squad had. Never did the hull of a transport feel so empty. We were suspended just a few centimeters above the floor by deployment harnesses that connected to our mech’s shoulders and upper torsos. They did little to keep us stable. They were in storage mode to conserve space, but they didn’t need to be. Their weapons were folded tightly to their mechanical arm assemblies. Their bird-like legs were collapsed in on themselves, giving them a blocky pod shape. Our mechs still rocked slightly in their suspensions, as the inertia dampeners hadn’t even been turned on.
I took a moment to look over my mechs HUD one more time. The screen showed a real-time display of the outside world. The camera could see in an eighty-degree range, for fifteen hundred meters; three thousand meter
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Trials of Geia: Salvation Chapter 10
Leofflæd quietly strolled down the dimly lit hallway near the rear of The Capital Palace. With every step she took, her body tensed up for a moment, then relaxed only slightly. She hadn’t been to this part of the castle in Aspects-know how long. She would ask for directions, if only there where someone to ask who wasn’t dressed in the garb of the Praetorians.
Every time she looked to one of them, she felt uneasy. They were covered from head to toe in regal segmented Plate-mail. Beneath, they wore robes in the silvery violet of the Royal Court. They carried small shields and Gladii for use in close quarters combat. However, their most striking feature was their helmets. They wore a normal helm, with a mask resembling a snarling wolf affixed to their faces.
She knew that her just being in this area without permission could get her thrown back in the serf quarters. Even then, everyone was still suspicious of her after she poisoned Geuos, so they might even go so far as to
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Crucible in the Depths: Part 1
I jolted awake, a fearful shout escaping my lips. My body was dripping with sweat, tracing cold streams down my breasts and back. My hands were bleeding, and my brain throbbed painfully. I held my blanket tighter, chewing on the edge to stop myself from crying.
These nightmares had been happening for the past three weeks. Ever since we came to this accursed planet. My name is Aya Vdokhnov, Psy-Sargent of the Nova Riga 3rd Amphibious Armor Core. Me and my recon squad have been posted to the oceanic moon of Tallinn VI for the past four weeks. We have been suppressing the dangerous native tribes to make way for a Republic mining colony.
We have been fighting these abominable aliens called The Gorgons. From what we can tell, they appear to be of a psychically connected hive-mind. They are highly aggressive and use devastating hit and run tactics to devastate our army. I have witnessed what they can do to a recon unit first hand. The sights still haunt me.  
Amidst my sobbing, I felt s
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Trials of Geia: Salvation Chapter 9
Theresa, Canius, and Thaddeus all entered the war room, a wave of curiosity flooding across them. The cold stone walls were bathed in the warm light of a golden chandelier above the main table in the center of the large rectangular hall. Surrounding the Tactical Sanctum were four stone pillars, each had several sheaths attached, large enough to fit a Mithra blade. Beneath the sheaths were small tables to leave weapons. It was a strict tradition that no one bring weapons to the Tactical Sanctum; this was a place of strategy, not bloodshed. The table itself was rounded, almost 3 meters in diameter. There where no chairs. It was considered disgraceful amongst the Generals and Legoti to sit casually when discussing war. Nearly all of the table was taken up by a crystal lens, radiating with Celestial energy.
Geuos stood opposite the three generals, dressed in garb similar to that he wore at his coronation the previous day. A navy-blue great coat, proudly adorned with service metals. Along w
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Map of Geia by TheNovelLance13 Map of Geia :iconthenovellance13:TheNovelLance13 5 0
Trials of Geia: Salvation Chapter 8
Suddenly, Geuos regained consciousness. He was laying on a roughly constructed cot without his armor in one of the abandoned stores of Primus Street. To his left, sat a woman in the garb of a battlefield medic. To his right was Theresa, with a slightly relived look on her face.
She sighed. “Oh, thank Geia and her Aspects you’re well.” She said; Geuos could sense a wave of relief washing over her.
Geuos let out a tired moan as he propped himself up on his elbows.
“By Volarn’s virility.” He tiredly swore. “What happened? Why am I here?”
“I brought you to this field hospital.” She said plainly.
“After you brought down the Demon Lord, you nearly passed out from over exertion.”
Geuos slowly stretched his stiff joints, and rose from the thin straw cot. The shop appeared to be a general store before it was hastily converted into a field hospital. Geuos suspected the floorplan was about 10 by 15 meters. The door was seemin
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Thunder Lions: Initiation Part 2
The Chimera stopped gently in front of the downward slope that lead to the Underhive. As the exit ramp hissed open, the scouts stood and formed up on Brother Nostramus. They exited the transport tank, and gazed down into the dark slum.
They knew well what they had to do. A week ago, word from the local Adeptus Arbites reported seeing signs of Xenos infestation. Scout marines where called from the 6th company to purge Balguar III’s streets of this taint. Even as the galaxy tears itself apart, and the Despoiler assaults Cadia, The Thunder Lions answer the call of their people.
Nostramus pulled back the firing pin on his Storm Bolter. “Alright lads,” he called grimly. “Onward.”
Axton was the first to descend the slope, followed by Aron and Essex, forming a spear head in front of Nostramus. Joël and Wilhelm brought up the rear, ready to provide overwatch.
The Underhive was like an urban mausoleum. Rubbish and cracked concrete littered the dark streets. Th
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Trials Of Geia: Salvation Chapter 7
Geuos risked a glance up at the new foe that slowly emerged from the fog. The glow of its eyes began to dim as it breached the thick Miasma. It was clear from the size difference alone that this demon was an important figure; potentially the Demon Lord of this invasion. Its upper torso was like that of a man, with a layer of reptilian scales, and bat like wings poised behind its shoulders. Its head was vaguely human, with large ram horns curved above its brow. It strode onto the battlefield on reptilian legs, towering above the lesser demons that scurried around it.
Geuos looked away for but a second, when he saw a Gladius rushing towards him in his peripheral vison. With snake-like reflexes, he brought up his Parma and blocked the undead warriors strike, and countered. The Sol Blade cleaved through the man’s arm like a hot knife through ice. The blade passed through the unarmored flesh, vaporizing the blood and tissue on contact. With the sickening snap of breaking bone and burn
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Geian Crux: Basic by TheNovelLance13 Geian Crux: Basic :iconthenovellance13:TheNovelLance13 1 0
Legends of Geia: Albus the White
Many centuries ago, when the Second Dynasty still ruled the Holy Terran Empire, when the Empire still lacked claim to the Meridian Dutchy. When the people held an interest in advancement, it occurred to few that the Great Northern Expanse was still mostly unexplored. Few, except a young explorer named Albus.
Albus was a young mercenary. Formerly a scout in the 11th Legion, he was seeking a new thrill after his military service. He lived in Undil, a city just beneath the Volarn Mountain range, North of Terra.  Very little was known what lied beyond the mountains, only the first few miles where mapped. All the stories of the explorers who came back told tales of horrifying beasts that stalked the land, and giant men with skin of leather who killed all that entered their territory.
However, Albus was not scared by these stories. In fact, he took it as a challenge. He thought he could finish mapping the Great Northern Expanse, and he would go down in history as a hero. “A champi
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Trials Of Geia: Salvation Chapter 6
 The scourge of the Dark God rained down from the twilight sky. Bolts of archaic energy lanced out from the Miasma storm, blasting apart the forward most barricades set up by the Urbanae Vigils. The watchmen were used to dealing with petty criminals and rioters, not the spiteful onslaught of the demonic. The fortifications were disintegrated in an instant. Some of the watchmen were vaporized along with their protection, though most were able to fall back just in time.
 The demons seemed to be reluctant when it came to using mass destruction spells on mortals. Some theories that spells like these not only destroy the target, but the targets soul as well. Considering that demons need to corrupt mortal souls to enter the Giea, it stands to reason that they would like to preserve as many souls as possible. However, no living mortal can say for certain.
 Once the cloud passed the wall, long tethers stretched down to the street; like the talons of Arkail himself digging into h
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Thunder Lions: Initiation Part 1
A familiar force shook the Thunderhawk as it descended through the atmosphere. The five figures where jostled hectically in their harnesses. Each did their best to maintain composure, the shock of reentry was the least of their worries.
“Landing pad in sight.” A deep, somber voice called over the intercom. “ETA five minutes, Clean slates.” The intercom buzzed off, replaced by the whistle of wind rushing past the gunship. “Clean slates.” Muttered one of the figures. “Was it so necessary he call us that.” One of the other figures turned his head toward the speaker. “If you haven’t noticed, Joël, we are still Neophytes.” Joël looked back at the fellow Neophyte. “True, Brother.” He said in clear annoyance. “I merely wish we were shown a tad bit of respect before a mission.”
The tallest of the five figures turned his head to face Joël. “Brother Nostramus owes us no respect, Scout J
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Trials Of Geia: Salvation Chapter 5
 Those last few hours before a battle are always the most critical. Geuos had collected his armor from his family’s shrine at their house, and put it on in record time. Over his new tunic, he affixed his half-plate Segmentata, Leofflæd assisted in attaching the individual segment around his waist and stomach. Upon his chest was affixed a steel breast plate, a proud status symbol in the Terran military. Having a breast plate to a Terran meant that you where deemed important enough to be worthy giving the best protection the blacksmiths had to offer. Just beneath the last segment, Geuos clicked shut the buckle on his balteus, with the baltea straps falling into place. He strapped on his boots, and finally, donned his helm.
 At his left hip, he wore The Sol Blade, his trusty and noble gladious. The sheath is all that contained the roaring enchanted flames of the blade. Geuos could sense them; the sword thirsted for demon Ichor. On his right hip, was his Mithra; A sacr
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Trials Of Geia: Salvation Chapter 4
 The light began to dissipate before Geuose’s eyes, being replaced by a new light. Rather than the bright, blinding, radiance; this light seemed more warm and familiar. His eyes began to adjust, seeing himself surrounded by this new orange light. He looked up, seeing a large mass of thick darkness hanging above him.
 His other senses began to come back to him slowly. He felt the familiar rough bark of wood beneath his naked body. He heard the familiar crackle and pop of flames burning. The distinct smell of smoke flood his nostrils, and he could taste something bitter in his mouth; funerary vinegar. Geuos could not believe where he was, he was in his own funerary pyre!
 Geuos quickly looked around. He was surrounded by the roaring flames; yet the strange thing was, he felt no pain. He moved his arm, his stiff elbow protesting against him with awkward rigidness. Even at a quick glance, he could see the flames were clinging to his flesh, yet he didn’t feel the
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Colonial Thanks
The blue sun hung low in the western horizon. It has been nearly two years since this new planet had been colonized. There were originally high tensions between the humans and this new alien species, however, the native people had finally accepted the presence of human colonists. Through skilled diplomacy and careful study of the native culture, the colonists managed to form a fair compact with the native government, allowing the colonist’s land to thrive, and to keep the peace with the aliens.
Today is the first-year anniversary of the signing of the treaty between the humans and the natives of this world, Siy-Clo. A great feast is to be held in its honor. Already, the kings of the main continent have been invited for this historic occasion. The city has spent the past three days, preparing the festivities and food for this magnificent event. Even you, an average, every day, colonist, are doing your part to prepare for the arrival of your alien benefactors.
You approach the town
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Mighty, courageous, and loyal to the core, The Terran Imperial Legions fight in the name of The Empire and The Aspects against all their foes.

Origins: The first Terran Legion was founded back in the First Dynasty, in the year 51, directly after The First Archaic Incursion. The Demonic assault took a major toll on the current Primus Militum, and the current Emperor, Marius, was killed, and The Empire was left without a ruler. As Marius's son, Cyrus, was too young to rule, as such, he gave control of the young empire to his closest friend, and military advisor, General Leous.
With the power of an emperor at his disposal, he made all the effort he could to repair the damages caused by the demons. Most noticeable of which, he created the standard structure of The Terran Legions, and dubbed himself The Grand Marshal of The Terran Military.  From his experience in fighting against the forces of demons, he knew that The Empire needed to move from the small, Manipal formations used by the current Primus Militum, to a larger, professional force with better training and more flexible tactics. As such, the first Legion was born.
Organization: Different Legions will have different standards for how their units are formed, since a Legion is defined as an empire-funded army under the command of a Legatos. However, this is the most general formation of the units.
A Contubernium is the smallest unit in a Legion. A Contubernium is made up of 10 Legionaries, with 2 noncombatant Serfs who assist the Contubernium with logistical and maintenance needs. These 10 soldiers act together as a squad and often develop deep bonds of brotherhood and comradery. It is also up to the Contubernium to elect their leader, the Contubernium's Decanus.
Above the Contubernium is the Company. A Company is the loosest term used amongst The Legions. A company can range anywhere from 20-60 men. Typically, this is a modular formation, with all members being of a similar specialization, for example, Cavalry or Siege Works. It can also refer to a non-combatant unit attached to a larger unit, like a Logistical or Medical Company.
A Centuria is the next unit up. It is made up of 10 Contubernia, making it 100 men strong, along with a Logistical Company, made up of the combined 20 serfs. A Centuria is typically a uniform unit, with all combatants being of the same specialty. For example, heavy infantry, cavalry, or archers. When Contubernia come together to form a Centuria, the Decani will vote amongst themselves who will be the Centurion, leader of the Centuria. When one is selected, he will appoint his Tesserarius, who serves as the Watch Captain, Drill Instructor, and the Centurion's second in command.  
When 6 Centuria join together, along with a Centuria of serfs and a Company of war-mages, they form a Cohort. A Cohort is designed to be a self-sufficient unit, with it being able to handle most scenarios. A typical Cohort will mostly be made up of line infantry, either light footmen, or heavy infantry. The rest of the combatants are ranged support, either light archers or heavy crossbowmen. The ratio of the unit is generally 1 ranged infantry for every 5 melee infantry. The infantry is further supported with a Company of 50 War-Mages. These mystic warriors use their power over the elements and powerful illusions to crush enemy forces, physical and spiritually. They also have a Logistical Centuria of 100 Serfs. Each Cohort will also have its own specialist roles. For example, each Cohort has its own Chaplin, a warrior priest, who oversees the spiritual well-being of the unit. Each Cohort also has its own standard, carried by the unit's Aquillifer. The Cohort is led by a joint oligarchy of the 6 Centurions, with one being voted to be the over-ruling Cohort Prefect.
When 10 Cohorts join together, they form the pride of the Terran military, a Legion. The Cohorts will be organized based on the battlefield experience of the Cohort Prefect. For some of the older Legions, the first Cohort will be a unique formation, with 5 of the 6 Centuria being of double strength, making it 1,100 legionnaires strong.  However, in most Legions, it will only be the first Centuria that is double strength, giving it 700 soldiers. Altogether, a Legion stands 6,100 Legionnaires, with 500 War-Mages, and a full Cohort of Serfs and Logistical Officers. The Legion is run by the Centurions in the First Cohort, with the most experienced becoming The Legatos of the Legion. However, most of the time, the rank of Legatos is hereditary, with the previous Legatos passing it down personally to his successor. The other Centurions act as his personal advisors, Quarter-Masters, and commander to the other Cohorts.
In very rare occasions, a General will be appointed to a Legion. Typically, this only occurs when the Legion is posted in an area, or on a crusade with other Terran military forces, or even other Legions. The General is put in place to act, often by The Grand Marshal himself, as the central authority of all forces in the area.

Equipment and Training: Typically, new recruits will be required to provide their own equipment. As such, many join light infantry units, as armor and weapons for them are more affordable than any other profession. Usually, a new recruit will be equipped with gambeson or chainmail, along with a spear and shield. However, since military service in the Militum Auxilia is required for citizenship, most recruits have basic military training. Most of their training involves basic formation combat, using spears, swords, and longbows. They are also trained as scouts and skirmishers.  
After serving for a year, a recruit will be promoted to the rank of Legionnaire. Upon their acceptation into the Legion, they will receive a post in a specialist unit. They will receive a boost in pay, as well as gear suited to his place in the Legion. Steel Segmentata and armor are provided to these soldiers, along with a Mithra, a ceremonial dagger which symbolizes the Legionaries faith in the Aspects.
Along with that, the heavy infantry is given new steel weapons, as opposed to the simple iron or bronze weapons of the light infantry. These are often heavy javelins, Tower shields, Gladii, or their devastating heavy crossbows. They are taught the signature wall formations and defensive tactics the Legion is famous for. Those who join a siege works team are given extensive training in how to operate and maintain the powerful weapons they handle, like ballistas and catapults. However, soldiers looking to join the Cavalry are required to provide their own horses, as the individual legionnaire is often paid enough to buy his own, taught the Legion still provides care for the horses in its cavalry unit. In cavalry units, legionnaires are tough how to scout in rough terrain, as well as the lightning fast raiding tactics and flanking maneuvers they are famous for.

Recruitment: Many men and women are drawn to serve in the Legion for many reasons. Some see it as a devotion to Empire and Aspects. Other see it as a way to ensure their place in society, as service in a Legion is often more influential than most diplomas or membership in most guilds. Whatever the reason, the Legions have their own qualifications they abide by.
Recruits can begin training from as young as 16 years old, though they must have completed their mandatory service in the Auxilia before signing up. However, recruits won’t see live combat until at minimum of 19 years of age.
The recruit can be either of Human or Elven origin, though Halfling Slaves are also used in the Legion, they are restricted to logistical units. Many units also require recruits to follow The Geian Faith, and heavily discriminate against agnostics.

The Terran Legions stood as the pinnacle of The Holy Terran Empire’s military forces. Their flexibility and overwhelming power in battle are rivaled by few on the continent of Geia. Woe be to those who stand against the Empires mighty Crusaders.
Armory Article: Terran Legions
"Die lupis des Imperatoris praesto." The Wolves of The Marshal stand ready.
- battle cry of the Terran Legions.

This is a descriptive article to help give fans of Trial of Geia a better understanding of The Terran Legions. I hope this clears up any questions you guys had about the pride of The Empires Army. 
Hello, my readers. To make up for the lack of uploads for the past few months, I have decided to dedicate the month of August to three short pieces I've had on the back burner for a while now. The first to be released will be a more of an informative piece, called Armory Article. This document seeks to explain the logistical and tactical information behind a military organization in one of my stories, in this case, The Terran Imperial Legions. The second will also be an Armory Article, although this one is going to be on another military organization of my creation. The Dominion Guard, from my upcoming setting "Nebula in Chaos." (The same setting from Colonial Thanks.) The final piece will be a short, one-off story dedicated to one of my favorites pieces of war gear in military fiction, Power-Armor.
The first piece should be posted on the 11'th, with the next being on the 18'th. The final story will take a little longer to iron out, so it should be ready by the 25'th, if not, then I will try to have it posted it by 31'st. 
I hope this goes well, and that you all enjoy.  
The screens of my mech slowly came back online, bringing the dark interior of the ship into view. We were packed loosely in the Ipabog, which was clearly made to carry far more mechs than our current squad had. Never did the hull of a transport feel so empty. We were suspended just a few centimeters above the floor by deployment harnesses that connected to our mech’s shoulders and upper torsos. They did little to keep us stable. They were in storage mode to conserve space, but they didn’t need to be. Their weapons were folded tightly to their mechanical arm assemblies. Their bird-like legs were collapsed in on themselves, giving them a blocky pod shape. Our mechs still rocked slightly in their suspensions, as the inertia dampeners hadn’t even been turned on.
I took a moment to look over my mechs HUD one more time. The screen showed a real-time display of the outside world. The camera could see in an eighty-degree range, for fifteen hundred meters; three thousand meters with the extended scope. On my left, was a grid display of my mech, showing its current state. It was currently operating at 95% efficiency. Beneath that was a set of applications built into the mechs computer. There were the options to open the com-links, adjust the sight overlays, there was even a built-in music app; though there were only five songs available, and they were state-sponsored propaganda. In the bottom corner, the armor's current charge life was shown. These scout mechs weren’t big enough to use the nuclear or hydrogen powerplants that the heavy mechs could carry. The charge was at 99%, with a charge life of forty-eight hours.  The right side was mostly barren, except for the bottom corner. It would normally display a count of the ammunition for my weapons. Instead, my mech displayed an energy level of how much energy I was using for one of my powers. It had slowed down since we first entered the transport, however, I was understandably still on edge.
“Attention.” The transport captains voice called over the squad inter-com. “We are approaching the deployment site. Prepare to disembark.”
My heart skipped a beat as a loud ‘Clunk’ filled the hold. I looked down to see the floor beneath us slowly opening. The glinting greenish-blue ocean slowly replaced the shadow cast steel of the ship's floor. Once the door was fully opened, my mind began to warp my perception again. Making the open hatch appear like the maw of a monster. I shook myself back to reality. I would not give in to these illusions, no matter how real they felt.
My attention was drawn to the sounds of the engines. Its gentle hum had changed to a constant low drone as is entered a slow hover over the deployment area. He hadn’t completely stopped, but we were moving just slow enough for an accurate drop.
A sharp hiss suddenly filled my speakers. It was coming from Jax’s mech, towards the front left of the hold. His harness was coming undone. The metal struts attached to his mechs shoulders unscrewed with a hiss of pressurized steam; followed by the ones attached to the top of the torso. Finally, the cables wedged under his mechs arms disconnected, sending him and his armor plummeting into the water below. I saw him fall the fifteen-meter drop, and land with a loud splash.
This process continued quickly, each of us dropping in short order. Sek was the next to drop, followed by Manon then Silvia. They all disappeared beneath the seemingly calm ocean.
Finally, it was my turn. I gripped the arms of my chair as tightly as I could and swallowed hard. I heard the familiar hiss of the struts detaching directly beside me. My armored cage jostling as the shoulder came free. The struts directly above me came undone a fraction of a second later, making me think of teeth letting go of a particularly tough piece of meat. Finally, I was only being sustained by a tight jumble of cords wedged into the underarms of my mech. The feeling of just hanging there was awkward, to say the least. Like I was floating above a gate to hell. I tightened my safety belt, shut my eyes, and accepted the inevitable. The cords came undone, and I fell from the safety of the ship.
During my free-fall, my body began to tingle with anxiety. I took a quick peek at the outside world. For that brief moment, it felt like time stood still. I could see the starry sky of Tallinn VI, with Tallinn Prime just coming over the horizon. The shadowy gas giant loomed over ocean moon, keeping it just warm enough so it didn’t freeze like it did millions of years ago. Time went back to normal, and I hit the water hard.
I was shaken violently in my seat on impact. My war machine easily broke the water’s surface tension and started sinking. I quickly opened my mech’s position app to see how deep I was going. Within those few seconds, I was already 5 meters down and falling fast.
Seconds passed like hours as I waited to reach the floor of this damnable ocean. On the way down, I did my best to take in every sound and movement in my range. I constantly checked my flank cameras, sent out pings on my sonar, and kept a sharp ear out for any signs of the enemy. It was a bit hard, as the light of the stars slowly faded away.  Occasionally, my mind would start playing tricks on me, mostly by showing me things that weren’t really there. A shadow off in the distance, blurs appearing out of the corner of my vision, and other such illusions. It wasn’t anything I wasn’t used to at this point, but they still gave me a jump.
Finally, after what felt like an hour, I could see my squad, their floodlights glowing like a beacon of hope in the dark depths. Due to the weak currents in this part of the ocean, the ground was mostly rock, with small patches of algae stitched around. My squad had gathered around Sek, seemingly awaiting my arrival. I checked my positioning app again. We were a little more than a kilometer down.  
My mech crashed to the ground with a dull ‘Thud’. I quickly typed in my mechs unlock code, initiating its transformation. The thighs quickly slid forward and snapped into place, as the leg assembly unfolded like a roosting bird of prey. I rose to the same high as the rest of my squad, towering above the ground. My mechs arms unfolded as well. They almost looked like they were stretching after a long sleep as the claws extended and fell at my mechs side. With that, my mech was fully operational.
“Nice of you to join us, Aya.” Jax said playfully over the com.
I did my best not to snap at him in anger. I knew he was just being friendly, and I could appreciate that. However, my mind was more focused on the task at hand.
“Nice to see you too, Jax.” I said, join the formation.
“Alright team.” Sek said, immediately drawing our attention with her commanding and charismatic voice. “Form up on me. Jax, Silvia, you’re on forward patrol. Manon, you’re on flank protection. Aya, You’re on fire support.”
Without hesitation, we all moved into the familiar formation. Jax and Silvia moved fifty meters in front of us, scanning the area for enemies. I moved my mech a few meters behind Sek, ready to provide fire support in any direction. Finally, Manon moved her mech thirty meters behind our formation. When she reached her position, her mech’s torso spun on its waist gyro, covering our rear flank.
“Alright!” Sek said congratulatory. “Now, everyone, open your maps.”
We did as she said, finding that we were in the lowlands of a small mountain range not far from our position. The area beyond it was blacked out, showing it hadn’t been mapped yet. A small green trail appeared on the map, showing our scouting path. The mountain range was around six kilometers from our current position.
“Alright, everyone, follow the path, and stay on high alert.”
Sek was really trying to emphasize the high alert part. After the losses we’ve taken over these past four weeks, we could take no chances.
"Tamshi Ealaa!" She shouted, and our squad sprang to life, moving to the highlighted path.
We quickly marched through the lowland plain, the smooth rock surface not slowing us in the slightest. After the quick hike through the plains, we found ourselves at the base of a small mountain range. The base was reasonably angled, allowing us to scale it easily. The taloned feet of our mechs gave them unparalleled mobility over rough terrain, including climbing mountains. However, at the eighty-meter mark, it continued up too steeply for us to just walk up. At that point, we began to walk around the mountain, trying to see if we could get a good vantage point.
We eventually found a thin shelf that continued around the mountain. However, it was incredibly thin, making it so that we all had to cross in tight formation.
"It's too good of a vantage point to give up." Sek said, with a hint of hesitance in her voice.
We all knew that going down that path would leave us immensely exposed, but it would be a lot faster than going around the base of the mountain. With heavy hearts, we followed Sek's orders. Jax and Manon were the first down the path, followed by Sek, then me, and Silvia bringing up the rear. We kept the standard ten-meter clearance between us, but it wasn't easy. We heard the stone crack with every step we took. Bits of the rock on the edge of the shelf broke off and slowly sank to the bottom. We knew that one wrong move would send us falling into the depths.
After a few minutes of carefully placed foot-falls, Jax told us he had a visual on the other side. We all connected to Jax's camera and were floored by what we saw.
Just behind the mountain range, was a valley that stretched for about half a kilometer, before dropping into a massive chasm. Zooming in on the visible wall of the chasm, there were multiple tunnels and pockets that appeared to be covered in some sort of alien webbing. We had stumble across a Gorgon Hive, and we were in deep.  
"Alqar!" Sek quietly swore, which was her way of saying "holy shit".
"Manon, send a message to base. Tell them..." She ordered, however before she could finish, she was interrupted by the familiar low growl of an all to the familiar threat.
Out from the ether, came a massive, bestial form. It writhed through the water like a serpent out of ancient legends. Its tail split into three whipping tentacles as long as a Bogatyr super-heavy walker. It's head was like that of a massive goblin shark, its long, sword-like snout easily cutting through the water as it went. There was no question. It was a D'yavol-akula, one of the most fearsome predators on this planet.
“Everyone, freeze!” Sek commanded.
Our entire squad froze in place. We know well what a D'yavol could do. They hunted primarily by sensing movements through the water, its large snout acting like a motion detector. The range of its senses was immense. They seemed able to sense things from hundreds of meters away.
Jax stopped his mech dead in its tracks. His camera was still locked on the behemoth swimming through the chasm. It slowly came closer, revealing more of its monstrous form. It was roughly thirty five-meters in length, with black and dark yellow markings to show that it was a full-grown female. It lacked any eyes, sight being unnecessary in a low light environment. It had two small fins on the side of its shark-like torso, along with a pair of small, primitive claws. Its mouth hung open slightly, reviling it's sharp tungsten-tipped teeth, each the size of an old greatsword. Along with its immense bite force, its jaws could easily tear through a scout mechs armor.
Just then, we saw something quickly dart across Jax screen.
"You see that?" he asked, clearly scared for his life.
Before any of us could answer, something slammed into his mech. In a flash, Jax's camera was taken up by the twisted and disgusting face of a Gorgon. Its gaunt features and skeletal grimace gave it the look of death incarnate. It's four, small, red eyes glaring at Jax, with what could only be described as unbridled hatred. It's bestial maw snapped open, it's lower jaw splaying apart like that of a snake. In the back of the monster's throat, where a humans tonsils would be, sat two small glands, with modified veins to act as spray nozzles. The Gorgon let out a hiss, before spraying a jet of Sulfuric Acid directly into Jax's main camera. The screen when to static almost immediately.
I heard Jax scream in terror over the comm. I immediately tapped into Manon's cam to see what was happening. He began flailing his mech's arm, trying to knock the Gorgon off his armor. It had a long, flexible, shark-like tail, that made it almost as long as the mech's torso and gave it unparalleled maneuverability underwater. It only vaguely resembled the human form from the waist up. It had four limbs, the bottom two where small underdeveloped arms, the upper two were massive raptorials, like those of a mantis. It had those raptorials latched behind the mech's shoulders, putting it in a veritable stranglehold.
Manon took a quick stride forward closing the distance between her and Jax in one short dash. She raised her mech's fist, extending the Thermal Blade attached to the forearm. With one slash, the burning-hot blade cleaved the Gorgon in half. The creature hissed in pain but maintained its death grip on Jax. Manon quickly grabbed the alien and attempted to tear it from Jax. However, it was too late. Jax's screams suddenly went quiet, as a blast of air bubbles erupted from the hole the Gorgon had burned in Jax's armor.    
The machine stood motionless as Manon tore the alien from it.
"Jax!" she screamed, as she tossed aside the corpse.
Before she could do anything, our attention was immediately drawn to the roar of the D’yavol.
"Look out!" Sek shouted. "More Gorgons. Three o'clock!"
I turned my armor on its waist to see a swarm of Gorgons, descending at us from the mountains like a hail of arrows. Most of them were unarmed, but some of them carried primitive harpoon guns. Normally a harpoon wouldn’t do much more than scratch the paint on one of our mechs. However, their harpoons where tipped with an unstable psychic reactive crystal, that effectively turned it into a low yield torpedo.
We immediately opened fire upon them. Sek, Manon, and Silvia all fired their Laser Carbines into the descending swarm. Several of the monsters were killed instantly from the superheated shots. Others continued their charge with massive chunks of their flesh blasted off.  I focused my psychic energy into my hands. I focused on my anger and negativity and projected it on the oncoming aliens. Bolts of plasma began to form around my mech's hands and I fired them into the fray. I saw a handful of Gorgons get fried or explode from my attack. However, many more of them evaded my attack with little effort.
One of the Harpoon carriers closed in and fired at the shelf we were standing on. There was a massive explosion beneath us. The rock quaked and crumbled away, sending us falling to the ground.
I recoiled in terror as the ground beneath me gave way. I caught myself, using my power to keep my mech upright. I knew that If my mech fell over, it would be a death sentence. The rest of my squad used there armor's jump-jets to keep themselves upright.
The Gorgons swarmed around us as we fell. They streamed past us, carving deep fissures in our armor with their acid and trying to knock us off balance. However, we continued to fire back, with laser bolts and slashes from our Thermal Blades.
We finally crashed to the ground. My armor had sustained some damage, but I was relatively fine compared to the rest of my squad. Silvia had suffered damage all across her armor, but her weapons were still usable.  Sek had lost the hydraulics in her Thermal Blade, bleeding clouds of yellow chemicals into the water. Manon was by far the worst. She had lost her mech's left leg, leaving her immobilized.
“Everyone, fighting retreat! Run for the opening passage! Double time!” Sek commanded frantically.
As much as it pained me, we had to leave Manon behind. There was nothing we could do to help her. We also stood no chance against a D’yavol, or a swarm of Gorgons. The best chance we had to survive, was to outrun them.
We quickly turned ourselves around and ran to the opening pass of the mountain.
I risked a glance in my rear-view camera. I saw at least Twenty Gorgons swarm over Manon, her screams for help ringing out over the comm. I couldn't listen. I fought back tears as I muted her comm.
I felt like I was about to vomit. Images of them flashed before my eyes. They were such pleasant and loyal teammates. I almost admired Jax's optimistic outlook on life. Yet all he earned for his dedication and loyalty to us, was a shallow grave in the depths of this hell-scape.
“Aya, quick, snap out of it.” Sek shouted over the com. “Their coming!”

I came back to reality, setting my armor to top speed. As we raced out of the pass, I risked a look in my flank camera. I saw the disgusting forms of the Gorgons swarming behind us, their shrieks ringing through my speakers. However, the horror that drew my attention the greatest, was the knife-like head of the D’yavol bearing down on me.  
It roared at me, it's mouth gaping open, ready to rip open my armor. I turned my armor on its waist, ready for what I thought would be my final struggle. Suddenly, one of Silvia’s torpedo slammed into it's pointed nose, blasting off a large chunk of it's flesh. It pulled out of it's dive, it's motion senses scrambled by the sudden explosion.
As my mech ran, I saw Silvia, and Sek firing into the swarm as they ran. Bolts of infrared radiation rapidly firing from their Photon-Carbines. The bolts left a handful of the aliens charred on impact. Much more where impaled by the blazing hot laser blasts, searing them from the inside.
However, it didn’t take long for the hive-mind to adapt. Within seconds, the Gorgons used their superior maneuverability to scatter and make them harder to hit.
I looked away from the D’yavol and returned my attention to the Gorgons, spinning around on my mech’s waist gyro. I saw three Gorgons charging me directly, with two trying to flank me to my right. I began to slow down and focused on my negativity. My anger at my superiors, my hatred for these aliens, and my sadness at the death of Jax and Manon. I extend my arms, the crystals in my mechs wrists glowing a dark red. With a quick snap of the wrist, two dark red plasma beams fire from my mech’s palms.
The super-heated plasma lanced down range. Searing through two of the approaching Gorgons. I quickly curved my mechs arms, scissoring the third one in half.
"Aya, behind you!" Sek shouted over the comm.
I quickly turned to my right, facing two Gorgons that where flanking me. They charged me, too quickly for me to fire another Plasma Lance. One of them fired a harpoon at me. I brought up my armor's hand, summoning a wall of psychic plasma. The harpoon collided with the wall, exploding in a shower of crystallized salt molecules, knocking me back a step. In my opposite arm, I formed an energy blade. With a quick pivot of my waist, I cleaved them both in half.
I took off running again, trying to catch up with what was left of my unit. The Gorgons were surrounding them, swarming them from all sides. They continued running, rapidly firing into the horde in hopes to deter the aliens.
I ran towards them, charging another Plasma Lance. As I joined the formation, I fired into the horde, vaporizing two Gorgons instantly.
“Aya, shield!” Sek shouted.
I did as she ordered. I raised both of my mech’s hands, focusing on my want to protect my squad. With these thoughts, I formed a small energy bubble around us, that we could fire out off, but the Gorgons couldn’t get in. They formed up around me, firing out into the swarm. The Gorgons pelted our shield with harpoons and acid spray, but I did all I could to keep the shield up.
"Firebase Pervyy!" Sek shouted. "This is Lieutenant Sek-Mah, of the First Recon Squad. We have come under assault by several dozen hostile aliens. Requesting immediate evac!"
Before she could receive a response, the D’yavol let out another roar. I looked up to see it coming back around for a second attack. The Gorgons scattered as the massive leviathan descended at us, it's maw gaping opening.
Silvia fired another torpedo at the beast. It collided with its upper torso, however, this time it was not deterred.
“Scatter!” Sek command.
I quickly dispersed the shield and dashed out of the D’yavol’s path. Sek did the same, however, it was too late for Silvia. She tried to fire off another missile, however, before she could fire it a Gorgon fired a harpoon at it. The resulting explosion threw off her aim, sending the torpedo screaming off into the distance. With her one defense against the monster rendered moot, the D'yavol sank its teeth into the mechs hull.
However, I had no time to worry about Silvia, as I quickly found myself surrounded by Gorgons. I counted at least a dozen of the shark like monstrosities. They circled around me like birds of prey.
I had no time to think. My fight or flight instincts immediately kicked in right as they began to close in. I formed energy blades around both my mechs hands and gave in to my rage.
I slashed wildly at the onrushing tide of serpentoid abominations, using my psychic power quicken my armor's movement. I slashed through the first one, splitting it from head to belly as it tried to grab me with its raptorials. I saw another coming at me in my rear camera. I spun on my armors waist and stabbed it through its head. It's skull splattered apart, splashing my main camera with its dark green viscera, rendering me blind to everything in front of me. Thankfully, I was so filled with adrenaline that my battle-scene had kicked into overdrive. I could sense where the next one would attack.
Another came from my right, while another struck from above. I made a wide arching swing. Cleaving the Gorgon above me in half, and forcing the other to dodge. With my other hand, I pinned it to the rocky ground with a plasma lance, then split it with an upward slash through its spine. I refused to let up. I slashed and stabbed wildly at my assailants, not missing a beat with my flurry of attacks.      
This fight dragged out for what felt like hours until there was a brief lull in the fighting. I used those precious seconds to clean the gore splatter from my main camera. For a moment the oceanic hellscape came back into view, before being eclipsed by a shadowy form. I saw a Gorgon, that must have been the same size as my mech. It glared at me, lunging forth with one of its raptorials.  In a split second reaction, I ignited another blade and burned it in the monster's chest. I shut my eyes in revulsion, as it hissed out a dying shriek. However, as it died, I noticed something strange in its voice. As it's alien wailes trail off, I noticed a slight familiarity to them. The death cry of a woman.
My stomach sank as I slowly lifted my eyes to see the source of the cry. The form of the Gorgon slowly warped away, reviling its true form, a Cossack-class light mech, with the symbol of the New Soviet Union on its right sholder, and my fist was buried up to the forearm in its cockpit.
I drew my fist from the mech's chassis, pulling along circuity and debris with it. I held back vomit as I saw the single thing that I never wanted to see in all my years of exiting, Sek's corpse, floating lifelessly in the water. My vision clouded with tears as all my most precious memories of her and I flashed before me. Every order she gave me that lead to victory, every word of positivity she told me, every kiss we shared and every night of long passionate loving. All of it was shattered before my eyes.
I extended my mechs hand, pulling her body closer. My body felt hollow and soulless as I saw her mech collapse to the ground. It felt like something inside me died along with her. I clasped her silver body with both hands, holding her protectively to my armors chassis. The silence of my world was suddenly broken by the distorted clicking communications of the Gorgons, a chorus of mocking cackles.
I felt disconnected from this world, my heart and mind filling with pure, unbridled despair. I felt it bubble up in the back of my throat, like the acid of the alien filth, who drove me to kill the only one I ever truly loved. The vile scum of this cruel universe who tortured me and my corp for weeks on end. This burning hate and sorrow erupted out of my mouth in the form of a psychically amplified roar. The powerful shockwaves rang out across through the ocean, shaking and cracking the very ground beneath me. My mech could barely contain my cries. My screens cracked, and my armor began to buckle and bend from the force of my roar.
I had no more restraints, nothing holding my psychic might in check, nothing binding me to this world anymore. Now I could cut loose and use my full power. I no longer cared about my own safety. All that mattered to me at that point was destroying every last alien in my sight.
I looked at my surroundings. Many Gorgons floated motionless in the water, either stunned or killed outright by the force of the blast. The D’yavol, hung around the mountains, chewing what remained of Silvia. However, my attention was drawn to Silvia's Torpedo gun, laying in a pile of scraped remains about a hundred meters from me.
I clutched Sek's body in my fist and made a dash for the rail-gun. In a few quick strides, it was within reach. With a heavy heart, I laid Sek down on the ground and picked up the rail-gun. Thankfully, the module joint was mostly undamaged. I quickly typed in the arm module access code. With that, I gave the order to detach the left arm. I felt a sudden jolt of pain in my arm, then it went numb as I heard the mech's arm fall to the ground. I strained myself trying to use my Telekinesis to haul the launcher into place. My head throbbed painfully before I heard a click, and the computer beeping as it accepted the new weapon system.
I turned to face the D’yavol, seeing that I had attracted its attention. It was charging me, its teeth bared at me. I rested my armor's right hand on the barrel of the rail-gun. I focused my wrath and negativity, channeling it into the round loaded in the chamber.
"Burn eļļā!"  I screamed as I took aim, and fired.
The rail-gun kicked heavily as it launched its payload. The torpedo was writhed in a deep crimson energy and bolted out the barrel like a bullet. It sailed into the monster's mouth and detonated in the back of its throat. The back of its head erupted in a bright, burning, red flash. Viscera went flying everywhere as the vile abomination let out a roar of pure agony. It slammed to the ground before me, just barely hanging on to life.
However, my bloodlust was still not sated. I grabbed hold of its long snout and sent pulses of concentrated psychic energy across every nerve it could still feel, keeping its brain alive while causing it immense pain. I wanted this evil alien to act as my connection to the Gorgon Hive-Mind. I wanted them all to feel even the slightest fraction of the pain and suffering they caused me and my team. I took a quick peek at my flank camera. I saw the few remaining Gorgons, writhing in pain as D’yavol was still alive to transfer it to them.
For the first time in weeks, I cracked an actual smile. My rage and sorrow became mixed with a sense of sadism and damn-near Schadenfreude. I even began to laugh, growing from a low chuckle of the mad cackle of a woman who had clearly lost her mind. This was just the beginning. I forced more energy into the D'yavol, more hate, more misery, more pain.
"This is for Jax!" I shouted, as I charged up a massive pulse of energy, and released it into the creature.
It's body spasmed and released a muted roar from what remained of its throat.
"And this is for Manon!" I shouted as I released another pulse. "And Silvia!" I cried, letting another wave tear across its nerves. "And Sek!" I roared, letting one last pulse violently flash across its body.
I let go of the alien, taking a brief second to look over it. The D'yavol was barely clinging to life. It's gills flapped slowly, it's moaning was barely audible, and it has visible scorch marks all across its head and torso, from my torture.
I clenched my armors fist tightly, forming an energy blade. Walked over to the crown of the monsters head.
"And this is for everyone else your god damned kind have killed!" I screamed as I plunged the blade directly into the alien's brain.
My blade easily seared through the flesh and bone and jammed directly into the brain-matter. As soon as I felt I had pierced the brain, I flooded its cranium with psychic plasma, slowly vaporizing its brain, slaughtering it like the sub-human beast it was.
I stepped back, finally able to take in my surroundings. The bodies of Gorgons littered the ground and water. Clouds of green blood slinked across the ground like miniature thunderstorms. Bits of stone and metal debris hung in the water like asteroids. It looked like some sort of underwater tornado had just hit.
Just then, I remembered that the hive was still intact. Meaning, that there were potentially Gorgon eggs and resources that I couldn't let them recover. I took off running as fast as I could, through the mountain pass, and directly to the hive opening.
I looked down into the abyss, seeing the worker Gorgons and their pack-animals scurrying to gather their resources and clean up the victims of my psychic torture. I could even see the queen of this hive. I could tell it apart from the rest by its disgustingly bloated tail, filled to the brim with unfertilized eggs. It was only able to move thanks to the two massive membranous fins on its back. I knew I couldn't let any of them leave this place.
I lowered my rail-gun, took aim, and fired. The torpedo screamed down the crevice and collided directly with the queen, detonating in a radiant explosion of psychic energy. The ground quaked and the walls of the fissure cracked as the queen and many other of her workers where painfully vaporized by the blast. Before the first blast could clear, I fired again, raining death from above like an angel of vengeance. All the while, screaming the most vulgar obscenity I could think of.
As I fired, large chunks of the canyon walls collapsed, burring Gorgons beneath several tons of stone, and caving in the tunnels. I saw a group of Gorgons trying to escape on the other side of the canyon. I raised my other hand and fired a plasma lance at them. The leader was vaporized in an instant, halting the rest long enough to for me to fire a round at them. The explosion annihilated them in outright and collapsed a massive shelf on the right side of the canyon.
Within half a minute, the entire hive had been leveled, and every disgusting alien obliterated. I looked around at the destruction I had wrote. Much of the floor was buried beneath what must have been a few kilotons of rock and alien gore. Small clouds of stone and blood drifted across the scene. As far as I knew, none of the Gorgons had managed to escape, leaving my mission complete. Yet, I still felt so empty. My entire squad laid dead, along with my girlfriend.
I laid back, resting my head on my chair. My mind began to wonder, as I thought about Sek. I began to wonder where she was now. I was never a religious person, but I knew Sek was. I began to think of the stories she told me about the Bal-lio faith, namely their idea of heaven. They believed only great leaders and their followers would go to heaven and live in luxury and pleasure forever.
I was certain Sek fit into the standards of a great leader, and my squadmates were her followers. If they were up there with her, I knew they were in good hands.
"Sargent Vdokhnov." a voice crackled over my comm. "This is Zubr 6. We have found your signature. Requesting you move to embark. ETA: five minutes."
I shivered. I would rather die than go back and serve under their command again. I had no one left in this world, nor any desire to continue living, might as well get it over with. I lowered the rail-gun. Prepared to destroy the ground beneath me, sending me and my armor plummeting into the abyss.
I was just about to pull the trigger when suddenly, I felt a presence in my cockpit. It was a warm and powerful presence. I felt it touch my hand, stopping me from pulling the trigger. Then a thought came to my mind. My mission was not yet complete. If I wanted to avenge my comrades, there was still more to do. As long as The Gorgons still tormented my fellow soldier, I owed it to them to cleanse this world of this menace.
With a heavy heart, I turned and made my way to the Transport. Leaving the ruins of my past behind me.
Crusibel of The Depth Pt.2
(Warning: This story contains themes of depression, PTSD, Sadism, Genocide, and thoughts of suicide. Reader discretion is advised.)

As Aya's squad descend into the alien battlefield, they find themselves fighting a greater threat than they where prepared for. Who will survive against this swarm? Let's find out.

Finally, after three months of reworking, Crucible of the Depths Pt.2 is finally ready for a second try. I kept most of the beginning the same, but the entire battle and ending has been reworked to keep with what I originally wanted it to be. The reason the first one turned out as such a mess, was I rushed it out after deciding not to keep in the more Grim-dark elements of my original idea. With them back in, I feel it has improved significantly enough to where I feel comfortable posting it.

My thanks go to Writerscifi65 for his criticisms of the original piece, which drove me to want to improve my craft. 
Hey, guys. So I apear to have hit a snag with finishing Crusible of the Depths. So, since I graduated Saterday, June 16'th, my family is taking a week long vacation across The American North East, leading up to Niagra falls. 
Unfortunatly, I am currently unable to access the file for the story from my Ipad. If I am able to in the future, I will continue to finish the story, but, as it stands, Crusible of the Depths will not be done until sometime after the 27'th.
I will inform you that it is almost done, and I am noticeably more confident in it's presentation. I am sorry for the inconvenience, and hope it will be worth the wait.
Hey guys. Alright, I just need to come clean with you all. I need to tell you where I've been for the past month and a half and announce a change coming to this page.
Alright, so where have I been for the past month and a half. That mainly comes down to school and my job. At school, we're preparing for the SOL's and my graduations. With this, came a mass of brain-frying work. Needless to say, this has taken priority over my writing. Along with that, for as much as I love my job at Ripley's, I can't deny how much it cuts into my writing time.
Now, aside from that, I have a few things I need to say. One is that you might have noticed that I took down Part 2 and the Epilog for Crucible of The Depths. After looking back at it with a critical eye, I took my friends advice and took it down to iron out the major flaws. I should have it reposed sometime in June. 
I also have an announcement about my upload schedule. I recently spoke with my friend Writerscifi65, and he brought something interesting to my attention. He said that I needed to loosen up on my upload schedule and spend more time editing my work. Looking back on my work, I can definitely see where he's coming from. However, there are few things that annoy me more than an inconsistent upload schedule, and I didn't want to fall into that trap. As such, I will be going back to my old biweekly upload schedule.
Anyway, thank you for reading this journal entry, and I do hope that my next story will make up for this absence. 
Hello, my readers. To make up for the lack of uploads for the past few months, I have decided to dedicate the month of August to three short pieces I've had on the back burner for a while now. The first to be released will be a more of an informative piece, called Armory Article. This document seeks to explain the logistical and tactical information behind a military organization in one of my stories, in this case, The Terran Imperial Legions. The second will also be an Armory Article, although this one is going to be on another military organization of my creation. The Dominion Guard, from my upcoming setting "Nebula in Chaos." (The same setting from Colonial Thanks.) The final piece will be a short, one-off story dedicated to one of my favorites pieces of war gear in military fiction, Power-Armor.
The first piece should be posted on the 11'th, with the next being on the 18'th. The final story will take a little longer to iron out, so it should be ready by the 25'th, if not, then I will try to have it posted it by 31'st. 
I hope this goes well, and that you all enjoy.  


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