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I'm bored!! I'm gonna give away a couple of core memberships....
Love Bomb Thing? Stolen From @LiveLovely Rules ! ♡ Comment on this status post;  You will get a positive comment from me in return! ♡ Copy this status and post it on your own; Be sure to tell others where you got it from! ♡ And that is it!  This is f...
I judge the length of my phone charger by if I can comfortably read fanfictions at three in the morning.
My boss threatened to write me up for insubordination because I haven't watched an anime he recommended to me.
What a day I can't believe the craziness started at freaking noon.

I so want to do the virgin killer meme

  |  2 votes
  • But I messed up my wrist and I dont want to draw and make worse

Can We all please spread some positivity right now

  |  6 votes
  • Man, I really feel like thats what I need right now. ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

Planing on making Yandere sim Pagedolls, who should I d...

  |  6 votes
  • Redraw of my old Midori pagedoll
  • Senpai
  • Yandere-chan
  • Oka
  • Info-chan
  • Nemesis
  • Fun girl
  • Other? (Comment)


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  • I really wish I could have gotten gifts out this year
  • I was just super busy OTL

Core runs out day after tomorrow, nice knowing you.

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  • oh well