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Patreon Reward: Cover Art

Cover art for :iconbaryonsweep:'s and his mlp fanfic~
I won't give anything away but the first few chapters are amazing and a definite read :3 

As always humans are a struggle for me but I am really happy how he turned out ^-^


If you interested in in receiving monthly rewards such as this go check out my Patreon :D (Big Grin)

Every little bit helps me in a big way~ <3 
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I think they died, Ive been looking all over for them and they dropped off the face of the earth months ago...
hunterN05's avatar
Ahhh this story caught my attention... and you got a watcher! :D
TheNornOnTheGo's avatar
Oh wow 030 Thank you! Glad you like it!
hunterN05's avatar
Welcome! :dummy:
Its an epic pic, you deserve it friend ^^
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Is Celestia in cage?
TheNornOnTheGo's avatar
No~ The human is. Tia does have a magical barrier around her tho. 
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
I see. Seemed more logical to me. :-)
ManWithTheMetalArm's avatar
"Well, look who it is. Haven't seen you in while, Princess. So, tell me, what information may I provide you with in exchange for a promise I know you're not going to keep."
Siiver7's avatar
I always thought of this character like a black, shadowy being, no face, no mouth...
TheNornOnTheGo's avatar
I got the description from the author so that is what I rolled with.

Before I was given a detailed description I pictured him in his 40s, scruffy looking, longer hair, kind burnt out/ tired, but still cynical~ 

I really like the idea of him being 'young' though~ 
BaryonSweep's avatar
Just look at that Snark, all grinnin and smug.  Hehehehm love it
TheNornOnTheGo's avatar
:hug: if you love it then I have done my job! 
Can't wait to read more! 
BaryonSweep's avatar
My readers love it too, ^^
TheNornOnTheGo's avatar
o////o Yay~ I'm so happy it is an success! 
3vilpyro's avatar
Really gorgeous work on this piece!
TheNornOnTheGo's avatar
Thank you Vilpyro :3 I tried real hard >3< 
oewd's avatar
I don't often see things that mix ponies with humans without a jarring clash in one way or another, but this really works; they actually look like they belong in the same world together.  Nice!
TheNornOnTheGo's avatar
o/////o Thank you for saying so!!! 
mortalshinobi's avatar
beautiful colors. love how you did celestia here
TheNornOnTheGo's avatar
Thank you 030

Her mane took me awhile~
mortalshinobi's avatar
heh, i can imagine but she came out well. :)
lupie1324's avatar
i love this picture it looks better then the picture i did of Tobius but still soooo awesome!!!
TheNornOnTheGo's avatar
Oh heck no! I just ran over to your gallery to see how you drew him and I LOVE IT! He looks amazing 030
I love how you drew his clothes and tattoos :3 And those eyes are stunning~ Great work!
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