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Cover Art: Stay

:iconkitsuneko1313: was the 1st place winner of my latest contest which won him a commission from me. He asked that I draw him a cover piece for one of his fan-fictions~

Here we have Pinkie Pie and his OC, Merry Mint, chilling together after a long day of fun and excitement :D 

Thank you so much for your amazing entry Kit!
If anyone is interested in reading his winning entry you can find it here:
Of Heat and HealingThough it isn’t common knowledge, there is a tradition amongst the weather ponies of Ponyville.  Once or twice every year, in the lovely month of June, the pegasi would conspire together to create the most dreadful, most positively unbearable weather imaginable for the sole purpose of tormenting the populace.  Removing every cloud from the sky that might offer shelter from the sweltering heat that relentlessly beat upon the backs of the ponies below, they reveled in the work of their wings, laughing from on high as the unicorns and earth ponies plodded along, helpless before the solar onslaught.  Or, at least, that was how Maple Blush felt during the few days when the weather team decided to let summer have its way, and so it was with great dismay that she opened her fridge to find her supply lacking anything even remotely edible.
“So much for avoiding the heat wave,” the mare mumbled, pouting as she let her head fall against the fridge with a soft thud


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You're like, the master of expressions. Really!
TheNornOnTheGo's avatar
o/////o Thank you~ 
I try my best! 
Riptide-FX's avatar
Pfft, you're holding back your skills. You know our eyes will pop if you use all of it. >: I
kitsuneko1313's avatar
This is absolutely everything that I was hoping for, and more, even!  The character expressions, the lighting, the scene... completely on point.  Thank you so much, Norn!  It's fantastic! <3
TheNornOnTheGo's avatar
I am very glad you like it :D 
and it turned out so wonderful thanks to your guidance and input ;3   
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Eeyup! So excited to see it completely complete! Thank you for being so patient with changes and stuff. I'm sure Ceru will be encouraged in writing even more, now that the cover-art is done! Speaking of, I have two chapters I need to proof... Derp!
TheNornOnTheGo's avatar
Kit was very easy to work with and really enjoyed working on this ^-^ 
Glad you like it too!

Now go get that proof reading done!

Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2] 
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XD Okay, okay! You DO realise you have, like, five or six stories to read if you want to be caught up for "Stay" though, right? X3
TheNornOnTheGo's avatar
Yesh XD I'm excited to have so much fan-fic to read :3 
MagicaITrevor's avatar
Well, just a fair warning, his first couple are a LOT less... good than his contest entry. XD The grammar should get better in the second story or so, since that's about where I joined on, and that's also about when Ceru hit his stride and really grew as a writer quickly, IMO.
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quite the cute look here. nicely done
SARAH082's avatar
awwwwwwwwe its so cute I love it
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