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Welcome to Felvargs' official design resource guide. This guide will work as a home hub for all things design related. Please be mindful that these resources were created for official members of Felvargs, please respect our species and community. These resources are not free and cannot be used outside of their official purposes.

T H E  N O O K

Important things to note before getting started:

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Every design being submitted to the group must have a completed Information Template Form filled out entirely and visible within the completed designs stash file details. Designs submitted to The Nook will be sent to corrections without a form present.
Information Template Form

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Check out our Nook guide that includes general design rules and an FAQ section: 
The Nook Guide: FAQ and Rules

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Question about saturation and marking color choice? Look no further!: 
Guide: Saturation and Natural Colors



Template Download: Standard Build (GOOGLE DRIVE) by TheNook Template Download: Titan Build (GOOGLE DRIVE) by TheNook Template Download: Brute Build (GOOGLE DRIVE) by TheNook Template Download - Dwarf by TheNook

Physical mutations are also provided in the above google drive hubs!

There are currently sixteen (16) coats variations available in-game. 
You may view all of the available coat styles by clicking on any of the buttons below. 

© 2018 - 2021 TheNook
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Who do i contact about judging my design to get approved?

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Once designed you will want to post here with the form filled out! We will judge it and get back to you with accepting it or asking for corrections within a week, most of the time less :heart:

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You’re welcome!

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Edit: found it! Nvm
What does “tipped” mean?
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Hi! I’m really sorry, but I cannot download the template for my standard Felvarg. My drive says the image is too large and I cannot view it because of that reason. So sorry! Do you know how you can help?
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Hello there! I apologize for the late response; I hope we can still be of help. When you are trying to download the file, does it attempt to scan for viruses before stopping all together? It may be stopping the download because pop-up blocker is enabled, thus preventing it from downloading properly. Let me know if this helped!
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Hang on- it did download eventually, but when i import it in, it says that it exceeds this device’s capabilities. Do you know how you can help? Sorry if I am asking too much of you, I feel so bad!
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I don't know what that means, it would be best if you looked it up through dA or google itself :heart: Also, in the future, we have a question channel here! It would be best to leave your questions in this thread, as comments here can easily be missed as we don't look here for comments:…
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oh, thank you so much! You lot are really helpful. Sorry for disturbing you!
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Thank you so much for responding, I am trying to download it by clicking download anyway but it is just taking forever to load. You were right about the virus thing, though. Thanks heaps for that! It says it is too large to scan for viruses, and it can’t seem to load into my drive.
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