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Guide: Physical Mutations

Wed Nov 15, 2017, 4:02 PM


Physical Mutations are mutations that affect the look of your Felvarg. From enlarged fangs to longer leg fur, there are several physical mutations that can be seen. They are broken into two categories, curses and blessings.

Below are some guides to help better understand some of the physical mutations:

What is a Curse or a Blessing?

A curse is seen as a 'gift' from Loki. They include the physical mutations Claws, Fangs, and Bobtail
Standard Claws by TheNookTitan Fangs by TheNookDwarf Bobtail by TheNook

A blessing is seen as a gift from Freyja. They include the physical mutations Silken Cheeks, Feathered Legs, and Flopped Ears.
Standard Cheeks by TheNookTitan Feathered Legs by TheNookBrute Flopped Ears by TheNook

New Physical Mutations

These physical mutations include Curled tail, Silken rump, Beard,  Mohawk, and Horns (WIP). Unlike the previous mutations, they are not classified as being curses or blessings. 
Standard Curledtail by tulua  Titan Curledrump by tulua  Brute Beard by tulua  Dwarf Mohawk by tulua
You can view these mutations on the builds below:

How do I obtain a physical mutation?

Physical mutations can be passed down in breeding, as all physical mutations are hereditary. You can also place a randomly rolled curse or blessing on an unused Felvarg geno by finding a shrine, a rare mountaineering item. This item may also appear as a bonus or reward through the group. Remember that this is a completely random roll, if you roll something that you do not like or do not wish to use, you don't need to add the physical mutation to your Felvarg. However, this nullifies the mutation, meaning it will not be hereditary or appear on the Felvarg anywhere.

Where are physical mutation files located?

All the mutation files are in the main download hub of the imports. They are on every coat to date. Or you can find them in their own drive file here!

What are Submissive Lines?

Submissive lines are a free, non hereditary, and completely optional physical mutation. These can be applied at any time during a Felvarg's life, through the nook during approval, or after upload in physical item applications in the monthly Village Cache journal. These are on all builds and all coats, again in their respective folders.

Do I have to use the provided lineart for the physical mutations?

No. These edits, however, will require the usage of accessories. Provided that your custom lineart follows along the general placement of the provided lineart, and follows the same concept, you may alter them to fit your needs. This means you can extend say Silken Cheeks, to allow the cheeks to drag on the ground, or alter Feathered Legs to be more suitable for your Felvarg's coat type. Likewise, you may edit one aspect of the submissive lines, being either the tail or the ears. So, as an example, you could make the ears stand up while keeping the tail tucked.  

Can I make the physical mutation shorter than the default lines?

In general, physical mutations should not be shorter than their default lines. The only exception for this rule are feathered legs, and the mohawk & beard on the short or rex coat. With feathered legs, they may be shortened, but a portion of it must be longer than the defaults. When mohawk or beard is present on the short or rex coat, then it may be half the typical height/length of the defaults.

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