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Legendary By Yamashta-daok46p by Ulfrheim

(Mo active) (MO dominant)

Legendaryb By Yamashta-daok46o by Ulfrheim Mosaic - A legendary marking, Mosaic covers at least 60% of a Felvargs body in a shade of black. At least 10% of the markings and base underneath must be visible, but Mosaic itself cannot have holes, presenting in up to two solid areas over the coat with hard, rounded edges. Felvargs with the Mosaic marking may have blue chow.

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THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Mosaic must cover at least 60% of your Felvarg (Maximum 90%)

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Mosaic must be chosen from the provided swatch below.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Mosaic creates an effect similar to that of Pinto, except it turns the coat a shade of black.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Mosaic can only be present as a solid marking with up to two patches total. The marking cannot have holes in it or otherwise create small ticks outside of its marking, however there can be other areas outside the initial break that reveal the base coat so long as they don't appear as holes.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim There should be no holes present on the areas such as legs, tail tips, ears, muzzle, and there similar. Obvious holes will have edits requested.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Mosaic present will allow for the Felvarg to have blue chow flesh and automatically allows for an eye mutation (Optional), should you choose to add blue chow it will then be hereditary to all direct offspring.

Soft Edges: No by TheNook  Sharp Edges: Yes by TheNook  Holes: No by TheNook  Breaks: Yes by TheNook


:bulletblue: -Mosaic can appear anywhere on a Felvarg.

Mosaic by TheNook

Mosaic can cause blue chow which can be passed down to direct offspring, which must be chosen from the swatch below:

Blue Chow Swatch by TheNook

Here is a small guide to help clarify the marking mosaic. We highly suggest giving it a good read: Understanding Mosaic



Mosaic should never cover more than 90% of a Felvarg.

Mosaic by TheNook

Examples of mosaic with other markings - Examples of mosaic in use:

Raven 2446 by Ulfrheim  Ladybug 2432 by Ulfrheim  Maize 2793 by Ulfrheim  Ofolr 2571 by Ulfrheim

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It says that Mosaic enables an eye mutation but I didn't see anything in the Mutations section about eyes. Does this just mean the eyes can be an abnormal color?