Fix Firefox 3 Choppy Scrolling Via UserContent.css

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I just found a workaround that absolutely makes Firefox 3 Smooth Scrolling very very smooth and even better than Firefox 2!

- No need to install add-ons.
- No need to wait long for a fix from Mozilla.
- ALL YOU NEED is Notepad.

Fix Smooth Scrolling By Editing UserContent.css:

1. Go to your Firefox 3 profilechrome folder.

2. You should see a file "userContent-example.css".
Copy this file and rename it to  "userContent.css".

3. Open "userContent.css" in Notepad.

4. Paste the following code at the end of the file:

/* Smooth Scrolling Workaround: Disable Fixed Background Images on Pages */
body {
  background-attachment: scroll !important;

5. Save the file.

What to do if Mozilla Patches this Bug

After I made the changes, I restarted Firefox,
and tested scrolling on and
They are not scrolling choppy anymore!

But sooner or later, Mozilla will patch this Firefox bug,
and we want to restore the ability for Firefox
to scroll with fixed background images.

All you have to do is:

1. Open "userContent.css" in Notepad.

2. Remove the code we pasted in Step 4.

3. Save the file and close it.

But wait, there's more!

If you want a faster and smoother Firefox 3 browser:

1. Try Reinstalling Flash. Go to Mozilla Support page, and follow the instructions in the 4th Post by Bo.

2. Install the AdBlock Plus Add-On. Not only will you scroll faster, but your pages will load faster without the ads.

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I love you... This is still a valid option since the issue STILL hasn't been fixed. :frustrated: