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I just discovered the safest and effective way to block Yahoo Messenger Ads for ANY VERSION. UPDATE: This still works for version 9.0.02162!

- NO need to edit the registry.
- NO need for EXE Patches that has Trojans.
- ALL YOU NEED is Notepad.

Block Ads By Blocking the Ad Server:

1. Open Notepad.
(In Vista/Win7, Run Notepad as an Administrator)

2. Open the following file:

3. Add the following line at the end of the text file:

What to do if Yahoo Changes Their Ad Server

I tested this since Yahoo Messenger BETA. It worked.

This is because all ads come from "", which is the Ad Server.

Now, when you notice the ads coming back, it means Yahoo changed their Ad Server. To block them again:

1. Explore C:Program FilesYahoo!MessengerCache

2. Open urls.xml

3. Internet Explorer will display the XML file.
From there you can see lines similar to these:

href="…" id="Messenger Ad"
href="…" id="Messenger Idle Ad"

In this case, the Ad Server Address is ""
If it's not, copy the new Ad Server Address,
and update the "hosts" file.

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Works just fine for me. Thanks a bunch for this! I always forget the link and I barely found it this time.
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Hy there, how can I remove The Yahoo Web Search from the bottom !

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Messenger> Show/ Hide > Yahoo Search Bar.
Thanks for posting this. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working for me in Canada. It blocks ads some of the time - alternates between ads and (~30 sec) of white space. Any ideas?
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great job, it worked excellant until very recently, yahoo has found a different way to deliver the ads and your fix doesn't work anymore, Have you seen this? any ideas on this one?
It is still working for me. Maybe something has changed on your system or they have changed the URL for your area. I'm in Ireland and I had to put a "uk." before the URL.
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I am still using Yahoo Messenger
OMG now that you told me they got around my Ad Blocking, I don't want to upgrade XD
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This is really brilliant bro! I'd try your advice and its work. Thanks a lot for your assistance.
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Glad to be of help! Blocking those ads will also improve your Internet connection speed.
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once again..thanks :)
freedom from ads :lol:
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You're welcome. :bow:

Edit for my previous post: while I've written "emoticons", I was actually referring to the _audibles_, not the _emoticons_... :D
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Blocking insider from the hosts file works good, but it blocks the emoticons.

I've tryied another solution (supposing you have NTFS!):
- edit C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Cache\urls.xml to remove only the contents pointing to URLs (i.e. what's between "") for the signature and ads entries; save the changes;
- set the permissions for that file in such a way that it gets read, but not written, by any user [the old approach of setting read-only for the file doesn't work because Yahoo Messenger reverts the attribute].

In this way you have blocked the ads, but not touched the emoticons ;)
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great advice.
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Hey that's way better! Thanks for this one. :)
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