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Prologue !

“Why can’t you listen to me at least once your life?” A squeak from the blue mouse Pokémon as he glanced over to his other half as they ran across the woods  and seen the bored look on his face. “Oh, I don’t know maybe….you take forever!” He yelled back the added with a smirk.” Plus we got what we needed didn’t we?” He said staring at him before looking ahead once more. “That’s not the point! You need to learn how to control yourself before you get us killed!” They quickly slowed to a halt, with a small slide on the dirt ground with their paws, and looked up looking at the Pokémon in front of them. “Crap…” The twins swear under their breath seeing the evil smirks on the other Pokémon’s faces and anger.

“Oh hey guys.” Keth spoke with laughter along with Vic, but Vic was a bit more nervous unlike Keth’s.

“Thought you two vermins can run away, huh, mate?” The Vigoroth said showing his long two claws in front of them, though a bit too close for comfort.

They took a couple of steps back away from them as they began to walk closer to them. “W-what?! Nooo…” Vic said sounding like a nervous wreck and glanced over to Keth with his red eyes. ‘This is your fault! Now we go to die because of you!’ He whispered angrily at him before glancing back at them hearing the other.

The small Minccino giggled and repeated what the leader had said as she squeezed herself passed him to get a closer look at the other two. “Yea! Vermin! ♪”

The sloth Pokémon glared at her and leaned down to her height a bit. “Micc…” He began with a warm smile as the other looked up at him with the same smile. “Yes’ir, Boss? ♪” She charmed with a singing voice.

“Can yer kindly to yer’ow…..LET GO OF ME!!” He barked at the small chinchilla Pokémon who fell back from the startle and quickly nodded. “ Yes’ir! Sorry Boss!” She spoke shakily.

The Absol ears twitched with slight annoyance and spoke. “Francis….”


“One…Don’t yell at me...and two; I hope you know while you were yelling…at this lower lev-“

“Hey!” She pouted.

“They left…” He ended watching the fumes that escaped from the other male.


The twins haughtily laughed as they ran across the grounds and toward higher levels, climbing up trees and hopping on each branch until they finally stopped to take a breather. “RAHHH! I’, GOING TO KILL YOU!” Vic growled as he reached over to choke his half, claw at him, something to just get him back for almost getting them killed by those bandits. “Wha!? W-Wait! I’m sorry, ok!” His brother called out in mercy, half, as he dodged his brother’s rage and spoke again as he tried to keep a laugh in. His small paws held up as he made a motion for him to wait a minute. “I know you're mad an al-“ He began before his interrupted with another growl. “ Mad?! I’m freaking Raichu pissed, no, “ Vic stopped and thought for a quick second and corrected himself as he walked over to him, “-maybe even a Mankey!”

“Alright….alright, I get it!” Keth put his paw on Vic’s face before moving back away from him and sigh and gave a small apologetic smile seeing how mad his brother really was about the issue at hand. Yea he was wrong for what he did and he did apologize...right? He looked around before looking at his upset brother with an idea.

A groan came from Vic seeing his brother face expression changed.

“ Bro, how about I’ll make it up to you after we get this shipped in ‘kay?” Keth said hoping that would make him feel better so he continued smiling in hope. At Vic didn’t say anything and just started at his his twin before finally giving out a sigh. “Fine…come on let’s get this over with before they find us again.” He said adjusting the bag as he put it over his shoulder and walked pass him and toward where they needed to go.

[ Thirty or so minutes later…… ]

The twins slow their steps as they called out to the client they was helping when they didn’t see her. “Hmm that’s weird where did they go?” Vic glanced around with a raised brow as Keth walked passed him to look around more. “Maybe we’re early.” He chuckled then stopped as well as his brother, their ears perked up as they heard a ruffle noise nearby with a cry. Vic dropped the bag and ran to the back with Keth.

A dark laugh emerges from the floating ghost Pokémon as the monkey boxer Pokémon screeched. “Let’s just take this little punk!!” He said with a snort as they came closer to her, a red smack mark on his cheek.

“Hey!” A deep growl came from the small red plus marked mouse Pokémon; he stood on all fours as he stood there in beside his brother, a blue marked Pokémon as well baring his fangs like the other. “Stay away from that Jigglypuff!” They spoke in unison at the intruders who stared at them in surprise before smirks grew on their faces darkly. “Ah, Keth ! Vic! “ The Jigglypuff called out in fear. “Hahaha!” The Primeape began with a laugh and walked halfway to them. “What you two little never evolving ranks going to do, huh?” He snorted. “What are you going to use, huh? Swift? Charm?” The Ghastly laugh with his naturally ghostly smirk, they joked about the cute moves that are mostly seen for cute little Pokémon.

Hearing this Keth growled more and stood up and with a rolled up fist he puffed his cheeks, electricity sparked from them and through his fur, soon an Electric Ball from in his hands. The two stopped and looked, but before they could do anything he punched the Primeape that forcefully fell back on the Ghastly and they slid back a couple of inches from them on the ground that was followed by dirt and dust. Quickly the Jigglypuff moved out the way as the two robbers hit the tree. The Primeape soon recovered himself as well the Ghastly, though about time they did, the other was in the air and spun a 180, Vic’s minus shape tail was bright in iron as he came down on them with Iron Tail attack.

Smoke spared from the ground and into the air, leaving them dizzy from the attacks.

“You ok Wishies?” Vic asked worried for her safety that was soon joined by his brother who brought the bag to her, who nodded with a smile. “A little shaken, but I’m fine.” She said with a smile before looking over at bag in front of her. “Ah! Thank you! With this they would be better in no time!” She cheered grabbing the back from them two, well tried to. “Here let us help.” Vic said grabbing the bag with Keth’s help.

Soon they were following with the happy Jigglypuff toward a small opening of a flower bed that was covered by trees and a glittering sleeping lake behind it. They stared in awe of the view until they seen a hunt in the middle of it, they went inside seeing Butterfrees, Burmies, Mothim, and some others, but not many, a good small hand full. The twins’ ears twitched as they listen to the Pokémon coughed it smelled of poison in there, making Vic cover his nose as well as Keth’s. “Thank you for you guy’s help now with these medicines and food they should get better in no time!” She said showing them where the nurse Chansey stood; who was giving the Wurmple some soup that was cooked with her egg with help of the Charmander. “Hey Chansey.” The twins said after Wishies, they gave the bag to her after she greeted them with a smile. “ Oh thank you, this well help a lot.” She smiled as she opened the bag full of berries, roots, and meat. “No problem, glad that we could help out.” Keth said with a small smile along with Vic’s.

Soon they began to help the small group out, with feeding, and bringing them back to health the rest of the day that soon turned into night. The twins were sitting next to the Chansey and Jigglypuff as they spoke about while the sick and most of the helpers were sleeping. “You two should really join the Guild.” The Jigglypuff said with a smile after she took a small piece of her sweet puffin. “ You two have such talent! You should.” Chansey smiled as she said along with Wishies. Though the twins only looked at them and shook their hands.

“No…I-I don’t think it would be a good idea guys.”

“And why not Vic? You both help Pokemon just like the Guild does!”

“Yea, but remember Fluff Cakes that’s not what they going to see when they find out who we are, just like everyone else.” Keth put his drink down as he said this.

Vic nodded at this at his brother and spoke adding to what he said. “We are considered Bandits as well in outsiders’ eyes if they haven’t hired us like you two and some others.” They both looked at the females for a bit hoping that was enough to answer their question until Chansey spoke that surprised them. “What happened if they think differently?” She said glancing at them both. The boys didn’t think about it like that, but they have stolen a lot of things in their lives, causing trouble and such so would think twice before letting them in. Though the thought of maybe they wouldn’t care and see the good that they have did in the progress…hmmm.

The twins looked at each other before Keth spoke. “We’ll think about it ok.” He said patting the Jigglypuff’s head and looks back at his brother who was still unsure about this then sighs. “Fine, we’ll think about it. It might be fun.”
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