'16 Secret Santa! (PHASE 3: THE TRADE)

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UPDATE: SS complete.

Now, I'm pretty sure some of us remember the last time we had a Christmas contest, right? Sadly, that didn't end well, due to the lack of participation. Cry forever But hopefully, things are going to be different, especially considering how I will be changing things up a bit. ;) (Wink) 

So instead of creating the best Christmas-themed art, participants will be secretly making art for each other! Meow :3 Sounds like a pretty feasible way to get free stuff for free stuff, right? :D Of course, there will be no judgment on quality or creativity, the drawings just need to be drawn after this journal I post, mention the name of this group, and have a Nintendo girl:bademoticon:somewhere. ;) Oh, and any requests need to be sent via notes. In other words, you will send us admins a note on what you want drawn for the holidays, and then we'll assign you a request that one of the other volunteers want for Christmas. And if very necessary, we can negotiate.

  1. LuigiKartDS - AT: Christmas Concert by LuigiKartDS
  2. AM05 - AT Sheik by AM05
  3. FaithCreates - <da:thumb id="652857186"/>
  4. Ideya-Freak - <da:thumb id="652764577"/>
  5. Sweet-Sharotto (One of our contributors) - Smash Girls Dinner Party (Secret Santa) by Sweet-Sharotto
  6. D-GrayHearts - Secret Santa: Nintendo Girls by D-GrayHearts
  7. Me, D4Gr8M8 ('Cause why not?) - Secret Santa 2016: Peach and Rosalina by Enlightened-Titan
  8. Fario-P - (AT) Luigi's Christmas by Fario-P
  9. ninpeachlover (Our beloved founder) - AT- Power Suit Samus christmas by ninpeachlover
  10. Little-Miss-Oshawott (One of our contributors) - Thenintendogirlsclub SS-Fario-P by strawberrykiwikat
  11. Stolen-Dreamer - Secret Santa:  TheDiscoTurkey by Stolen-Dreamer
  12. TheDiscoTurkey -
  13. Physco-Player101 -  Secret Santa: Why Won't You Go by Miss-Psyson
  14. CatrinSara - Secret Santa: Sumia by CatrinSara
  15. Jasmine-Lotus -
  16. DestinySpider - COMM Stolen-Dreamer: Pebcak - Daisy ...snowballing by DestinySpider
  17. dcb2art -  Secret Santa Request: Christmas Zelda by dcb2art
  18. KatLime (One of our contributors) - Secret Santa 2016 - Princess Blake by KatLime
  19. Black--Wave - Christmas Zelda by Black--Wave
    Honorable mentions:

TheTacoGirl -  Merry Christmas by ChibiTacoLord
    DeathWoods -   Snow Fight by DeathWoods

Remember, it's not about what you recieve, it's about what you give!

Merry christmas everybody

- Kevin
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Enlightened-Titan's avatar
DestinySpider's avatar
8 is a bit much for two days :panic: :nuu: 
ChibiTacoLord's avatar
I guess I can sign up...
Enlightened-Titan's avatar
Sign-ups are already closed, but would you still like do a Christmas art trade with DeathWoods? He/she asked late, too, so this AT may be perfect for both of you.
ChibiTacoLord's avatar
sure, what does DeathWoods want?
Enlightened-Titan's avatar
We will note you soon.
Miss-Psyson's avatar
Mine is complete and I've submitted it in the Secret Santa folder. :3
Stolen-Dreamer's avatar
Mine is complete; I submitted it to the Secret Santa folder :)
DeathWoods's avatar
can i still join ?
Enlightened-Titan's avatar
Well, sign-ups are technically closed. But one of us admins might do a personal art trade with you, if you want.
DeathWoods's avatar
Yeah, dont mind.
Enlightened-Titan's avatar
With that said, what would you want her to draw?
Enlightened-Titan's avatar
Actually, you can do an AT with TheTacoGirl, as she has asked late as well.
DeathWoods's avatar
Ok, but here applies the same rules of the trades ?
Enlightened-Titan's avatar
Please send a note to submit your request.
DestinySpider's avatar
I have a scetch of the commision up. Could you like, show it and ask if it is okay? :3
DestinySpider's avatar
So when it's fully finished, I'll just submit it again?
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