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"My new group in memory of my old ones that I missed. This is a group of all of the girls of Nintendo. I hope you feel welcome, so have fun. Remember, this group is not prejudiced. We accept any kind of art, no matter the style. Just express your creativity."

- ninpeachlover, 2015

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Oct 10, 2015


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2,974 Members
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The Ultimate Concert of Light
TUCoL Collab #2: Nate and Rosa by YessieMaltese
Concert of Light: Melody of Magicant (COLLAB) by Animeboyianpower
DJ Toadette by AlcyoneAX
Gloria on Bodhran by Panda-Poodle
Animal Crossing Girls
Peggy by TaliceDA
fa: audie n whitney by pawsinhoney
Flora by Alovexa
Animal Crossing - Margie by artsy-n-smartsy
ARMS Girls
[DailyFanart] 08/06/17: Mechanica by PhiphiAuThon
[DailyFanart] 10/06/17: Twintelle by PhiphiAuThon
Mer-tendo Girls Collab - Lola Pop by BigMarioFan99
Lola Pop AKA The Candy Clown by BigMarioFan99
Art with Male Characters 2
Paper Mario: The Origami King- Classic Style Cover by Fawfulthegreat64
Rouge Sonic movie style by Wizaria
Magic Show by RayDango
PinkSky by cathanupto
Art with Male Characters - FULL
Grand Piano by Max-Black25
Together again by Max-Black25
Street Fighter Heads by edwinhuang
13 Years of Super Paper Mario by Pester-Jester
Casual Bayonetta by Bilcassonato
ZA WARUDO by PhiphiAuThon
Bayonetta by ivanaanemon
Bayonetta by SnipSnipArt
Life Could Have Been So Different by Girutea
Tokkori annoys Everyone by DreamingWizard2000
Disaster Bob ft. Supportive Girlfriend Celeste by LookingForLoo
Bob/Celeste Sketches by LookingForLoo
Cosplay and Crafts
Pharmercy Wedding II by rizzyun
Heroes never die.... for a price by rizzyun
Hey Pharah, check this out by rizzyun
Merry Christmas! by rizzyun
Crossovers 2
Rosalina - Dark Lord by KatLime
Crossovers - FULL
Lana Fishes Up An Egg by DomedVortex
Fire Emblem Girls
Professor's Doujinshi by RayDango
Kid Icarus Girls
Super Smash Styles- 34 Phosphora x Winx Club by xeternalflamebryx
Kirby Girls
Future Smashers #28: Adeleine by GameArtist1993
Mario Girls 2
Aurora Rosalina by eljungdahl
Mario Girls - FULL
Fancy by OrihimeTenjho
Samus Fighting Metroids by silentrebel93
(Comm) Natalia and Team by ipokegear
Other Nintendo Girls
Fiora by chinchongcha
Pokemon Human Girls - NO GIJINKAS PLEASE
Gloria and Marnie - Sword and Shield by Nico--Neko
Splatoon Girls
Happy 5th Anniversary Splatoon by ninpeachlover
Zelda Girls
Laughing Possessed Zelda by LTE-T
3rd Party Characters
ChunLi by I-Do-Sketches
Super Mario Odyssey Yuri Ending 2 by FcoMk513-DA
Secret Santa 2016 - COMPLETE
Snow Fight by DeathWoods
Fire Emblem Heroines Collab - COMPLETE
Fire Emblem Heroines Collaboration (249 entries) by Gemstrike
Halloween Collab 2017 - COMPLETE
Nintendo Girls Halloween Collab by Gemstrike
Secret Santa 2017 - COMPLETE
N-Pop Idol Collab - COMPLETE
N-Pop Idol Collab - Goombella by CutyAries
Mahou Smash Shoujo Collab - COMPLETE
Magical Girl Shokora by Max-Black25
Time Off: A Nintendo Girl's Slice of Life - CLOSED
[ZINE] Party Shenanigans by Azuhreidii
FE Heroines Collab Vol. 2 - COMPLETE
FE Collab2 - Tiki-waifu by KuraiTenshi89
Tokyo 2020 Nintendolympics Collab - SHELVED
Nintendolympics Collab - Ingrid by TheSaiyanSketcher34
Princess Blooms in Moonlight by Hanxulz


Animal Crossing characters as humans pt 2-Astrid by W-R-Draw Animal Crossing characters as humans pt 2-Astrid :iconw-r-draw:W-R-Draw 3 0 Animal Crossing - Agnes as a human (ReUploaded) by W-R-Draw Animal Crossing - Agnes as a human (ReUploaded) :iconw-r-draw:W-R-Draw 1 0 Animal Crossing Characters to humans Pt. 4 - Audie by W-R-Draw Animal Crossing Characters to humans Pt. 4 - Audie :iconw-r-draw:W-R-Draw 5 1 rosalina no luma by iveory rosalina no luma :iconiveory:iveory 23 0 [C] CherriiBi by eleoyasha [C] CherriiBi :iconeleoyasha:eleoyasha 49 1 Sonia and Nessa - Normal by ayyk92 Sonia and Nessa - Normal :iconayyk92:ayyk92 416 9 Twintelle Commission 8 / 2020 by Pokkiu Twintelle Commission 8 / 2020 :iconpokkiu:Pokkiu 91 1 Baroness von bon bon! by demonbp Baroness von bon bon! :icondemonbp:demonbp 107 6 CHild of light by demonbp CHild of light :icondemonbp:demonbp 70 24 ~ King Me ~ by MikeLuckas ~ King Me ~ :iconmikeluckas:MikeLuckas 393 12 Shovel Butt by MikeLuckas Shovel Butt :iconmikeluckas:MikeLuckas 653 18 Chibi Zelda (Botw) by ikadize Chibi Zelda (Botw) :iconikadize:ikadize 28 2 Wings, not Shell by ayyk92 Wings, not Shell :iconayyk92:ayyk92 525 37 Infinity Gauntlet by ayyk92 Infinity Gauntlet :iconayyk92:ayyk92 960 87 Yoshi's Island by ayyk92 Yoshi's Island :iconayyk92:ayyk92 665 71 Fire Emblem: Lucina by Omiza-Zu Fire Emblem: Lucina :iconomiza-zu:Omiza-Zu 476 12

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To confirm your agreement to our rules as members, you are required to post this phrase/password on your join request: peaches and cream.
Also, if you intend to submit Nintendo girl fan art from any other artists, do inform us on your join request.
:nod: What we accept in this group: :nod:

:heart: Any Nintendo girl, 1st party or 2nd

:heart: Any traditional/digital drawings regardless of quality (Just make sure to post each of them in the right folder)

:heart: Romantic couples - Whether female x male (Submit to "Drawings with Male Characters"), or female x female

:heart: Ecchi drawings ONLY if placed in the NSFW folder

:heart: Crossovers - Having discrete property if submitted to the crossover folder, unless they are comics, or NSFW

:heart: Original characters RELATED to the games (And their folders) (Before submitting, please ask us if you're not sure)

:heart: Stamps - Should have effort in them, however

:heart: Photography - Crafts and cosplay, NO GRAPHIC IMAGES

:heart: Literature/stories - If including Nintendo girls

:heart: Positive, SFW clubs as affiliates - As their members can submit art here, but can too join us to submit much more

:heart: 3rd-party characters - As long as their games are on Nintendo consoles

:heart: Love towards the games
princess peach dancing icon by peachfan25 Joining as responsible co-founders/contributors

:police: What we do not accept: :police:

:flame: Stolen art - Including, but not limited to, screenshots, renders, bases, and recolors; art must to be made by you, unless an artist grants you permission to repost commissions

:flame: Excessive violence, blood, and gore

:flame: Lolicon, pedophilia, or sexualization of minors

:flame: Derogatory fetishes - Vore, inflation, feet, quicksand, tickling, bondage, toilet humor, etc.

:flame: Hentai - Including explicit sexual relations, genitals in display, futanari and masturbation

:flame: Genderbends - From boy to girl, or vice versa (We will only accept the official like the Fire Emblem avatars)

:flame: Solo male/Pokémon (gijinkas included) art

:flame: Solo art of non-gaming characters from cartoons, comics, anime, and films (characters of cartoons, anime, and comics licensed by Nintendo are acceptable)

:flame: Hate art - murder, sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.

:nod: Follow the list of rules (Subject to change at any time) and be kind and respectful to all of the members. Moreover, please understand that depending on the severity, any case of offense could result in a warning or a ban. =(

Violations include, but not limited to:
:bulletred: Bashing/Non-constructive criticism
:bulletred: Trolling
:bulletred: Chain messages
:bulletred: Spamming in general
:bulletred: Putting the drawings in the wrong folder repeatedly
:bulletred: Submitting random deviations (Results in instaban)
:bulletred: Breaking the do-nots above

dancing llama badge by CookiemagiKJoin/llama for a llama!
:bulletblue: Be a part of the group, or give a llama, and in return, you will get one from a co-founder!
Comm: Peach and her daughter by ninpeachlover
Now, if you have any questions, feel free to ask us anytime. We won't bite.

Comm: Peach and her daughter - © ninpeachlover

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961 accepted, 25 denied
88 accepted
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UCL by Gemstrike

Hello, everybody! Hopefully, all of you are making the most of things during the pandemic. I sincerely apologize that we had to delay the previous collab for a reason, but hey, what more fun than to start an alternative collab? While we only have so much time before the "cursed eclipse" arrives, let us at least unite for one more time.

This event is music-themed (akin to K-On, BanG Dream, and Trolls World Tour), where Nintendo characters (male and female) play instruments and wear outfits loosely based on the respective genre. It's pretty much like an expansion of the N-pop one, but with J-pop no longer the main focus. Participants would ask for characters, genres, and instruments, in which themes would vary from cute to cool. Like in the Nintendolympics collab, all participants will get to choose male characters in solo, but exclusively in the parallel journal in our sister (or brother) group Smash-New-Universe, where the boys are the main focus. And as expected, the journal here will focus mostly on the girl's team. Regardless, both our twin journals will allow group entries with a male and a female from the same franchise.

Here are the rules (Subject to change):
  • Here is Smash-New-Universe's twin journal (This is where you can ask for male characters in separate): The Ultimate Concert of Light (Boys' Bands) Please refrain from asking for solo male characters in this journal in thenintendogirlsclub.
  • Chose a Nintendo girl you can think of, who will then be added to the list. You must also ask for an instrument and genre.
    • If you want, a male character (PLEASE specify) from the same franchise/universe and playing the same genre may accompany a female.
    • Pokemon characters can be paired with Pokemon, though this is optional.
  • We also accept 3rd-party characters from Octopath Traveller, Shantae, etc., as long as they have appeared in games for Nintendo consoles, or as Spirits from Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • Be creative in making your designs as we want you to put full effort and really have fun working on your entries (And please don't rush your work). Meow :3
  • Currently, each participant can only ask for two entries at a time, until you are finished. This is to reduce the chances of overdue characters. But you can switch your character with a different one if available.
    • However, starting June, this is when you can ask for multiple characters at once.
  • You do not need to have a DA account nor be a member of this club to join as I will be sharing this event on Discord, Twitter, etc. If you're on an outside website, send me a DM there. 
  • If anyone is willing to make a background to fit up to 300 entries (around 8,000 × 4,000 pixels), we would greatly appreciate it.
  • Each character (aside from official/"time skip" doppelgangers) can only be chosen once.
  • Each entry in the list must be separate.
  • Absolutely no NSFW or lewd content. Please keep things rated PG/E10+.
  • Transparent backgrounds are strongly recommended.
  • The art must be colored and full-bodied, nothing less.
  • Shadows and shading must go bottom right, for consistency.
  • No tracing or bases whatsoever.
  • Entries must be 500 x 500 or more.
  • No overly invasive watermarks (like the DA one). Small signatures and such will suffice. 
    • If you prefer to send us the non-watermarked versions privately, that is perfectly fine.
  • No OCs, unless they're real avatars from the Nintendo games.
  • We recommend using Google, Zerochan, Pixiv, etc. to help you work on outfit designs for your characters.
  • We will regularly check on you, to make sure you're on task. Each entry has a due date of one month, but to get an extension, please provide a real-world explanation AND show us a WIP, no exceptions.
  • As I have a life outside the internet, it's probably best to start sketching while you wait for the approval.
  • The deadline for the entire collab will be September 1, 2020.
  • Please spread the word about this collab (On Twitter, Tumblr, Pixiv, etc.) if you can!
Here is the list of franchises:

Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon Animal Crossing:
  1. Isabelle (Pop Rock with keyboard) - angelthewingedcat - Collab: Rocker Isabelle
  2. Villager (Pop with vocals) - jlj16 - Pop Star Villager Girl
  3. Daisy Mae (musical theater with acoustic guitar) - freqrexy (Due May 30th)
Bullet; Yellow Arms:

Tiny Pixel Banana(unpeeled) Donkey Kong:
  1. Tiny Kong (K-pop with mic) - godother - good girl gone bad
  2. Dixie Kong - (Electric keyboard) - HassanLechkar (Due June 9th)
Pastel Blue Bullet Dragalia Lost:
  1. Siren (Pop with vocals) - Xero-J  (Due June 10th)
 :mrsaturn: Earthbound:
  1. Paula (Pop with keyboard) - Iza-the-Artist - Paula with the Keyboard Collab
  2. Ana and Ninten* (Pipe organ and electric guitar) - Animeboyianpower - Concert of Light: PK Performance (COLLAB)
  3. Queen Mary (Pipe organ) - Animeboyianpower - Concert of Light: Melody of Magicant (COLLAB)
  4. Kumatora (Rock with electric guitar) - arclor087 (Due June 19th)
FE Sword Rapier by FE-Resources Fire Emblem:
  1. Tsubasa Oribe (Pop with vocals) - Xero-J (Due June 10th)
  2. Lucina (Classical with violin) - Banan-chan (Due June 21)
Pit laKid Icarus:

KirbyCalm by BubbleKirby77 Kirby:
  1. Ribbon (Techno with otamatone) - Banan-chan - Ribbon playing an Otamatone
 Super Mario Bros.3 Coin Mario:
  1. Daisy (with tambourine) - Azuhreidii (Due May 25th)
  2. Peach (Pop with keytar) - Panda-Poodle - Collab: Rocker Isabelle
  3. Toadette (with DJ controller/mixer) - AlcyoneAX - DJ Toadette
  4. Rosalina (Folk with guitar) - ninpeachlover - UCL Collab-Rosalina
  5. Pauline (Lounge singer on grand piano) - Fallettus (Due May 25th)
  6. Hellen Gravely (Classical with harp) - LuigiKittyKat - Hellen Gravely ~ The Ultimate Concert of Light
Smash Ball Jr by Neslug Other:
  1. Samus (Heavy metal with guitar) - BlazeladyUwU (Due May 25th)
  2. Krystal (jazz with saxophone) - SmashFan1367 (Due June 14th)
Pokeball Pokemon:
  1. Rosa and Nate* (Rock with guitar and vocals) - YessieMaltese - TUCoL Collab #2: Nate and Rosa
  2. Gloria (Classic with bodhran) - Panda-Poodle - Gloria on Bodhran
  3. Serena (Classic with cello) - HAKDurbin - Serena as a Cellist
  4. Marnie (Punk rock with electric guitar) - OPEN
  5. Candice (Classical/indigenous Mexican with violin) - YiguirroRyukyu (Due May 26th)
  6. Leaf (Celtic music with harp) - TienK8 (Due May 28th)
  7. Sonia (Country with guitarist) - HAKDurbin (Due June 24th)
squid green Splatoon:
  1. Marina (Techno with keytar) - ninpeachlover - UCL Collab-Marina
Bullet; Purple Third-Party:
  1. Susie (Deltarune) (Rock with guitar) - Azuhreidii (Due May 25th)
  2. Helen and NiGHTS** (New Age with violin and flute) - RandomLot - A Dreamy Duet
  3. Blaze (Sonic) (Rock with vocals and bass guitar) - BlueHedgehog1997 - Sonic and Blaze: Lavender
  4. Aile, Ashe, and Pandora (Mega Man) (Electronica with a synth, drums, and vocals) - ZeeTheZebra - Aile the Electronica Artist Ashe's Electronica Drum Kit Pandora Sings Electronica
  5. Serena (Dragon Quest) (Classical with harp) - PurpleTurban63 - Serene Harpist - The Ultimate Concert of Light
  6. Amy Rose (Classical with flute) - NikkiCrystal (Due May 27th)
  7. Cadence (Heavy metal with electric/Bass guitar) - AuraGoddess - DONE
  8. Princess Elise (Sonic) (Vocals) - AlliePeachfan - Collab-Princess Elise Vocalist UCOL
  9. Kalinka (ballet), Mega Man* (with balalaika), and Proto Man* (with accordion) - NikGutendorf (Due June 15th)
Super Mario Maker: WarioWario:
  1. Mona and Wario* (Jazz with double bass and trombone) - DreamsOfEther - Wario and Mona's Jazzy Duet
  2. Penny (Pop with vocal) - ninpeachlover - UCL Collab-Penny Crygor

 +LoZ+ Triforce bullet Zelda:
  1. Zelda and Link* (TP) (Rock with guitar and vocals) - Silvaze126 (Due May 25th)
  2. Fi (Pop with singing) - ThePrincessOfGold - DONE
  3. Malon (Alternative rock with electric violin) - iam-octopii (Due May 26th)
  4. Maple (Pop rock with electric guitar) - GoldenMorpho (Due May 29th)
  5. Agatha (Pop with vocal) - RandomLot (Due June 6th)
  6. Saria (Pop with vocals) - YessieMaltese (Due June 25th)
(*) = refers to a male character
(**) = gender is indefinite

Be sure to follow all the rules, stay on track, and have fun!

- Gemstrike
More Journal Entries


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Now that you're here...

If you haven't done so yet, how about joining our group as members, or even better, co-founders/contributors? We can never have too many in our family! Be sure to follow all the rules.
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If your members need an alternative collab since the Nintendolympics one was shelved, our group is having a mermaid-themed one going on right now:  Collab: Mer-tendo GirlsHope you all are welling during these tough times! I'm sure some of you guys are getting a bit stir crazy so I think now would be a good time to start a new collab and with MerMay and summer on the way, I thought a mermaid theme would be a good idea.
The premise is simple: draw a Nintendo Girl as a mermaid any other kind of finned/fish/sea folk like zoras, sirens and selkies. Even characters that are all ready one of these will be allowed in this collab.
Sprite Rip: Starfish by F2U-Sprites Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Sprite Rip: Conch Seashell by F2U-Sprites Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Sprite Rip: Starfish by F2U-Sprites Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Sprite Rip: Conch Seashell by F2U-Sprites Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Sprite Rip: Starfish by F2U-Sprites Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Sprite Rip: Conch Seashell by F2U-Sprites Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Sprite Rip: Starfish by F2U-Sprites Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Sprite Rip: Conch Seashell by F2U-Sprites Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Sprite Rip: Starfish by F2U-Sprites Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Sprite Rip: Conch Seashell by F2U-Sprites Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Sprite Rip: Starfish by F2U-Sprites :thumb48238295
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