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"My new group in memory of my old ones that I missed. This is a group of all of girls of Nintendo. I hope you are welcome, so have fun. Remember, this group is not prejudiced. We accept any kind of art, no matter if they are ugly or not. Just express your creativity."

- ninpeachlover, 2015
Founded 4 Years ago
Oct 10, 2015


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2,437 Members
2,454 Watchers
155,223 Pageviews
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690 accepted, 37 denied
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[Pokemon Sword and Shield] Sonia by Teakyuun
10 years of Ninpeachlover by ninpeachlover
Rosalina lumakini by ninpeachlover
Make it happen! by Max-Black25
I don't look where I submit
Zine: Time Off: A Nintendo Girl's Slice of Life
Zelda - Time Off Zine by YuiHoshi
Tea Time by rezs1245
[ZINE] tea time by pastellene
[Zine] Gardening Day by Mizuki-Yorudan
Animal Crossing Girls
Peaceful Fishing by luminaura
Isabelle said gay rights by maskarie
Animal Crossing- Peace Valley- Issy and Mally by FloofPuppy
Fuschia by FluffyMaiden
Arms Girls
Ribbanica by RosalinasSoulmate
ARMS gals by rrydawg
Twintelle by JaysonBlade
Arms: Dr. Coyle by PsySon
Bayonetta by BlueHedgehog1997
Bayonetta by Blackmoonrose13
Bayonetta by NeoArtCorE
63. Bayonetta by YoshiUnity
Corrin and Kana plays Smash by RayDango
SPPO p.33 by GeekytheMariotaku
Too Slow by RayDango
Impressions by pastellene
Cosplay and Crafts
Princess Peach Plush Doll by dollphinwing
Chompette by rocknroler
AC: Flurry Plush (Commission) by CraftyKenzie
Link and Zelda cosplays (Breath of the Wild, BOTW) by Morgawze
Crossovers - FULL
Peach - Princess Melody Pinklight by KatLime
Peach - Princess Violet Starlight by KatLime
Daisy - Princess Sophie McBlue by KatLime
Daisy - Princess Beauty Wilson by KatLime
Crossovers 2 - FULL
Pauline - Butterflix by KatLime
Pauline - Bloomix by KatLime
Pauline - Believix by KatLime
Peach - Tennyo Masaki by KatLime
Crossovers 3
2D Heroes by JaysonBlade
Drawings with Male Characters - FULL
skyward sword -- zelink by onisuu
Drawings with Male Characters 2 - FULL
The Colors Of The Rainbow Shine So Bright by HG-The-Hamster
Drawings with Male Characters 3
Father's Day Gift by Xero-J
Fire Emblem Girls
Azura - Flow of Life by Gofelem
Kid Icarus Girls
Casual Palutena by hynorin
Mario Girls - FULL
Super Peach by Kantuspaintsinsanity
Mario Girls 2
Mayor Pauline - NDC Festival by Sirena-Voyager
Zero Suit Samus by UlgradArt
Other Nintendo Girls
Tracy Concept Art (Earthbound Succession) by Zheyno
Pokemon Human Girls - NO GIJINKAS PLEASE - FULL
Pokemon: Dawn (Diamond/Pearl) Pixel Bust by AsterianMonarch
Pokemon Human Girls 2 - NO GIJINKAS PLEASE
Pokemon Sword Shield Nessa by jazzjack-KHT
Splatoon Girls
Without Pineapple Whoopin (June 2019 Results) by EndangeredCDs
Zelda Girls - FULL
Dragonite Zelda (Alternate version) by Boschian-Fantasies
Zelda Girls 2
Zelda by Yuki--chi
3rd Party Characters
Athena Cykes Full (Ace Attorney) by chachaXevaXjeffrey
Smile! by pastellene
Secret Santa 2016 - CLOSED
Fire Emblem Heroines Collab - CLOSED
FE Heroines Collab: Jemmie by vatimortis
Halloween Collab 2017 - CLOSED
Collab: Twintelle's Halloween Costume by PsySon
Secret Santa 2017 - CLOSED
[SECRET SANTA 2017] Micaiah by CraftCest
N-Pop Idol Collab - CLOSED
Lute by Metanaito-kyou
Mahou Smash Shoujo Collab - CLOSED
Magical Clair by Kippette
Blazbunny 3: Tsubaki by ArtistOtaku91

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Now that you're here...

If you haven't done so yet, how about joining our group as members, or even better, co-founders/contributors? We can never have too many in our family! Be sure to follow all the rules.
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:nod: What we accept in this group: :nod:

:heart: Any Nintendo girl, 1st party or 2nd

:heart: Any traditional/digital drawings regardless of quality
(Just make sure to post each of them in the right folder)

:heart: Romantic couples
- Whether female x male (Submit to "Drawings with Male Characters"), or female x female

:heart: Ecchi drawings ONLY if placed in the NSFW folder

:heart: Crossovers
- Having discrete property if submitted to the crossover folder, unless they are comics, or NSFW

:heart: Original characters RELATED to the games
(And their folders) (Before submitting, please ask us if you're not sure)

:heart: Stamps
- Should have effort in them, however

:heart: Photography
- Crafts and cosplay, NO GRAPHIC IMAGES

:heart: Literature/stories
- If including Nintendo girls

:heart: Positive, SFW clubs as affiliates
- As their members can submit art here, but can too join us to submit much more

:heart: 3rd-party characters are now allowed in the group as long as their games are on Nintendo consoles

:heart: Love towards the games
princess peach dancing icon by peachfan25Joining our group as co-founders/contributors
:police: What we do not accept: :police:

:flame: Stolen art
- Including, but not limited to screenshots, renders, bases, and recolors; art must to be made by you

:flame: Excessive violence, blood, and gore

:flame: Art with lolicon or pedophilia
- If unclear, read these here, with caution: Lolicon Pedophilia

:flame: Derogatory fetishes
- Vore, inflation, feet, quicksand, tickling, bondages, scatological/flatulence themes, etc. (More examples are found here: Fetishes)

:flame: Hentai
- Explicit sexual relations, genitals in display, futanari and masturbation

:flame: Genderbends
- From boy to girl, or vice versa (Ex:…); The female avatars from the FE series are allowed, however

:flame: Solo male/Pokémon
(gijinkas included) art

:flame: Hate art
- murder, sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.

:P She-Mask or fusion drawings
(Due to personal experience)
:nod: Follow the list of rules (Subject to change at any time) and be kind and respectful to all of the members. Moreover, please understand that depending on the severity, any case of offense could result in a warning or a ban. =(

Violations include:

:bulletred: Bashing/Non-constructive criticism
:bulletred: Trolling
:bulletred: Chain messages
:bulletred: Spamming in general
:bulletred: Putting the drawings in the wrong folder repeatedly
:bulletred: Breaking the do-nots above
dancing llama badge by CookiemagiKJoin/llama for a llama!
:bulletblue: Be a part of the group, or give a llama, and in return, you will get one from a co-founder!

Now, if you have any questions, feel free to ask us anytime. We won't bite.

Comm: Peach and her daughter - © ninpeachlover
Previously, I expressed my doubts about hosting any more collabs due to college, but since I want to keep the club as active as possible, I've decided to take a different approach and host a zine, or a fan magazine with one entry per page. The theme will be Nintendo girls wearing casual outfits and doing peaceful/fun everyday hobbies. Sometimes, they have lives; all need a break from fighting enemies or getting kidnapped by creeps. So what's more fun than getting away from it all? Eat dessert, go to an amusement park, read books, write, cook, dance, go shopping, the sky's the limit!
Here are all the rules (Subject to change):
  1. Chose any Nintendo girls you can think of, who will then be added to the list.
  2. Each character can now be chosen a few times from different artists, but please consider diversity as there are so many characters to choose from.
  3. Multiple girls can be in one single artwork this time. Pokemon are also allowed.
  4. Participants can do more than one page, but we prefer to give many other artists a chance if possible.
  5. Any dialogue may be added. We would love a story behind the picture.
  6. If you want, a male character (PLEASE specify when joining the event) may accompany a female or more.
  7. Sceneries are now required. Backgrounds can include the park, beach, mall, cafe, etc.
    • Feel free to describe what the characters would do before drawing.
  8. If anyone is willing to make a title cover, table of contents, page borders and/or back cover, we would greatly appreciate it. EDIT: The artists who offered to volunteer are:
    1. YuiHoshi (Title cover) - Cover
    2. RattleAndBolt (Page borders)
    3. ClaireCherry (Table of contents)
    4. shrakeake808 (Back cover)
  9. Pages will be vertical, 8.5 x 11 in.
  10. No NSFW or lewd content (including profanity and raunchy swimsuits, sorry). Please try to keep things rated PG/E10+.
  11. The art must be colored.
  12. No tracing or bases whatsoever.
  13. No overly invasive watermarks (like the DA one). Small signatures and such will suffice. That said, since this is a zine, simple watermarks are still allowed, but they must be placed to the bottom or near an edge/corner, and not the center.
    • If you wish to send us the non-watermarked versions privately, that is fine.
  14. We recommend using Google, Zerochan, Pixiv, etc. to help you work on modern outfit designs for your characters.
  15. Crossover cameos (such as posters or merchandise) may be welcome, but no 3rd-party characters that never appeared in Nintendo consoles (aside from outfits).
  16. As I have a life outside the internet, if I'm not here, another admin should approve your choice(s).
  17. Be creative in making your art as we want you to put full effort and really have fun working on your entries (And please don't rush your work).
  18. We will regularly check on you, to make sure you're on task. There will be no individual deadlines as quality is the top priority.
  19. Once the zine is finished, it will be a digital print (PDF) that's free of charge. However, a charity fundraiser is under consideration.
  20. Please spread the word about this zine if you can! Also, feel free to provide feedback for improvement.
  21. I can't believe what just happened recently, but when we accept your entry(s) and fave it/them, please be thankful and don't expect lengthy comments regardless of your art style. We ourselves decide on those even though we do not intend to hurt anyone. I know almost all of you have common sense, so remain respectful to all admins and members. (NEW)
The entries will be put in chapters:
  1. Animal Crossing Animal Crossing Leaf mini icon
    1. Millymew - Isabelle
    2. CraftCest - Villagers
    3. CraftyKenzie - Blanka
    4. hmvw1996 - Ankha - Paper-making at Ankha's
    5. Following-The-Rabbit - Isabelle
  2. Arms ARMS - Spring Man Icon
    1. the-slinky-kid - Twintelle and Ribbon Girl - Twintelle and Ribbon Girl Movie Night
    2. yekaterina-velikaya - Min Min
    3. hmvw1996 - Mechanica - Bead Creation Master [COLLAB]
  3. Donkey Kong Tiny Pixel Banana(unpeeled)
    1. sJibbi - Tiny Kong
  4. Dragalia Lost

  5. Earthbound :mrsaturn:
    1. CloudRainDrops - Kumatora - Water From Where? [COLLAB]
    2. LuigiKittyKat - Paula, Ness*, Jeff*, and Poo* - Paula~Nintendo Girls Zine
    3. CloudRainDrops - Ana and Ninten* - Kite Flying~ [COLLAB]
    4. Animeboyianpower - Ninten,* Ana, George* and Maria - Concert in the Afternoon Sun [COLLAB]
    5. dxcamatic - Paula and the Earthbound Kids* - [ZINE] Summer in Summers
  6. Fire Emblem FE Sword Rapier by FE-Resources
    1. SuperMLbros  - Camilla and Sakura
    2. strawberrykiwikat - Askr trio (Alfonse, Sharena, Anna) and Eir
    3. M-D-47 - Corrin - Dragons Day Off(Zine)
    4. princess--magician - Sumia, Cordelia, Cynthia
    5. YuiHoshi - Lucina
    6. KuraiTenshi89 - Nowi, Tiki, Fae and Myrrh
    7. Victoriathekitty - Mist and Ike* (along with Greil mercenaries*)
    8. BlizzardCaster - Maria
    9. Art-By-Ethera - Azura and Corrin
    10. CaliMarina - Corrin
  7. Kid IcarusPit la by mookeybrain
    1. Azuhreidii - Viridi, Palutena, Dark Pit*, and Pit*
    2. SeerOfBlood  - Viridi, Phosphora, Arlon the Serene* and Dark Pit*
    3. ValePeach - Amazon Pandora
  8. KirbyKirby Running GIF Animation
    1. freqrexy - Adeleine
    2. bubblymaika - Susie and Paintra  
    3. novadreamer648 - Adeline and Ribbon
    4. InkelyTheHedeling13 - Claycia - Kirby: Claycia having a normal day
  9. Mario Super mario mushroom 
    1. HG-The-Hamster - Toadette and Wendy Koopa
    2. Millymew - Pauline
    3. IceCreamLink - Peach and Daisy
    4. ChocoBanano - Rosalina
    5. ElectricShan - Merlee (or Merluvlee) - Merluvlee and Merlee - Shopping
    6. Max-Black25 - Princess Shroob?
    7. Palkachu - Flurrie, Goombella, Vivian, and Sushie
    8. Vini310 - Toadette
    9. valcleria - Peach - Princess Peach
    10. novadreamer648 - Toad and Toadette
    11. ninpeachlover - Peach, Toadette, and Daisy - Peach, Daisy and Toadette at the coffee shop
    12. LuigiKittyKat - Daisy and Pauline - Daisy and Pauline~They're working on a song
    13. Hanxulz - Peach, Rosalina, Pauline, and Rosalina - Selfie Time Girls!!
    14. ninpeachlover - Peach and Rosalina - First cherry blossoms of the spring
    15. hmvw1996 - Peachette
    16. Following-The-Rabbit - Peach
    17. Following-The-Rabbit - Bowsette
  10. Other Smash Ball Jr by Neslug
    1. AForestForSam - Lip from Panel De Pon
    2. BLTofDEATH - Samus
    3. CraftCest - Nana (IC) - [Time Off!] Summer Shopping
    4. FlareVortex - Wonder-Pink
    5. Nikkilove025 - Mii Fighters
    6. anonymousyoshi - Alexandra Roxias - Smashing Another Day
    7. MoeAlmighty - Samus and the Baby Metroid
    8. novadreamer648 - The Ice Climbers*
    9. martinATHF - Nikky - Nikky eat in the
    10. godother - Coraline
  11. Pokemon Pokeball
    1. Mystar21 - Kamitsure/Elesa - Selfie at Nimbasa City
    2. RattleAndBolt  - Cynthia
    3. StaciNadia - Touko/Hilda and Oshawott 
    4. anonymousyoshi - Kris and Togepi - Kris and Togepi go to a Chigakai
    5. TienK8 - May, Flareon, and Leafeon - Ferris Wheel At Dusk - Pokemon Fanart
    6. RockmanGurl - Misty - By the Sea
    7. ClaireCherry - Serena and friends*
    8. novadreamer648 - Red*, Leaf, and Blue*
  12. Rhythm Heaven Music Note Bullet (Red) - F2U 
    1. mallowkey - Cheer Readers
    2. hmvw1996 - MC Adore and the Tambourine Monkey - Forest Bathing [COLLAB]
    3. Josefa1000 - Miss Ribbon
    4. hmvw1996 - Ann Glerr - Ann Glerr's Reading Time [Collab]
  13. Splatoon squid green 
    1. CristalMomoStar - Callie and Marie - A Fresh Vacation
    2. CatrinSara - Pearl and Marina - Picnic on Mount Nantai
    3. ninpeachlover - Inkling girl - Orange shopping day
    4. xOctober-Rain - Octoling girl
    5. hmvw1996 -  Annie & Moe* and Flo & Craymond*
    6. Fracta-T - Inkling and Octoling OCs
    7. hmvw1996 - Agents 3, 4, and 8 - They're Making A Movie! [COLLAB]
  14. Star Fox Reflector/Shine 
    1. anonymousyoshi - Miyu and Madeline Bergman (Metroid) - Can't Stay in Sci-Fi Garb Forever
  15. Third-Party
    1. buzzthebatgirl - Rachel and Silvia - Zine - Time Off! Girl's Slice of Life
    2. shrakeake808 - Bayonetta and Jeanne - gal pals [zine]
    3. godother - Cooking Mama
    4. Mizuki-Yorudan - Espella and Eve - [Zine] Gardening Day
    5. rezs1245 - Bayonetta - Tea Time
  16. Wario Super Mario Maker: Wario
    1. CinSensura - Mona and Ashley
    2. hmvw1996 - Penny - Drawing and Music 001
    3. hmvw1996 - Kat and Ana - Kat and Ana's First Sunrise [COLLAB]
  17. Xenoblade:monado:
    1. DollyDeathany - Fiora and Sharla
    2. FlareVortex - Mythra and Brighid
    3. ClaireCherry - Melia - On break for once
    4. vatimortis - Lora and Haze
    5. ValePeach - Elma
  18. Zelda +LoZ+ Triforce bullet
    1. YuiHoshi - Zelda (BOTW) - Zelda
    2. Z-Raid - Fi - Fi's Time Off
    3. RareCandyCollector - Malon - [Collab] A Stroll Around Castle Town
    4. RandomLot - Midna (Imp) - The Day Spa (Nintendo Girls Zine)
    5. Silvaze126 - Zelda (TP) and Link* .:Collab:. Twilight Zine
    6. Yseulta - Zelda (OoT) - [ZINE] - Hiding in the Library
    7. pastellene - Lana and Cia - [ZINE] tea time
    8. Rublitz-Art - Mipha, Urbosa, Revali*, Daruk*, and Link*
    9. Chihuahuat0by - Zelda and Link* (SS) - {collab} A walk down the street
    10. dxcamatic - Hilda and Ravio* - [ZINE] Lorule's Fall Carnival
    11. novadreamer648 - Linkle
    12. Kina-Maria - Din, Nayru and Farore
    13. RandomLot - Medli and Komali* - Breakfast At Medli's (Nintendo Girls Zine)
    14. CristalMomoStar - Midna (Human) - A Night in the Spa
    15. Maiilinn - Zelda (SSBU) - Casual Zelda | Zine
    16. hmvw1996 - Navi - Moonbathing [Collab]
    17. DorkLink - Tetra and Link*
(*) = refers to a male character

The new deadline will be July 31, 2019! Be sure to follow all the rules, stay on track, and have fun!

- Kevin
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Members from one of these clubs can submit up to 10 artworks in total per day, but as members of our club, it's up to 10 for EACH folder!
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