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WARNING: Submitting any random works here is strictly prohibited. There are other clubs allowing this kind of action. Violators will be banned.

"My new group in memory of my old ones that I missed. This is a group of all of the girls of Nintendo. I hope you feel welcome, so have fun. Remember, this group is not prejudiced. We accept any kind of art, no matter the style. Just express your creativity."

- ninpeachlover, 2015

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Gallery Folders

Rosalina Golf 2 by PlayfulPossum
Smash mermay completed mural by ninpeachlover
Smash Mermay logo by ninpeachlover
Commission: Pneuma Soccer by Enlightened-Titan
I don't look where I submit
MerSwitch Chan by LovelyPrincessN64
Tokyo 2020 Nintendolympics Collab - OPEN
Chun Li - Nintendolympics by GameArtist1993
Dark Samus - Nintendolympics by GameArtist1993
NC-Mythra athletics by ninpeachlover
Nintendolympics Collab: Penny doing Gymnastics by Octowoman2419
Animal Crossing Girls
..+Too Cold+.. by Coco-Praline
Summer Isabelle  by t00n-bb
Isabelle ((acrylic keychain design)) by xxMiniPandaxx
Tea time by MonochromeCosmo
ARMS Girls
Origa-Min Min by SomeFoolFP
Min Min super smash bros ultimate/Arms Wallpaper by antonyg726
Min min Arms/super smash bros ultimate by antonyg726
Min Min Arms/super smash bros ultimate by antonyg726
Art with Male Characters 2
Romantic boat ride by LovelyPrincessN64
Poke circus by LovelyPrincessN64
Amy And Shadow by DarkrexS
Free Time by DarkrexS
Art with Male Characters - FULL
ZeLink Week Day 1 - Promise by FoxBluereaver
Hyrule Warriors - Favorite skins by FoxBluereaver
Dark ZeLink - Into the Mirror by FoxBluereaver
Link and Sheik - So here you are... by FoxBluereaver
Bayonetta pixel art sprite by Daelyth
Bayonetta Line Art by Daelyth
Bayonetta fan art by Daelyth
30s Bayonetta by LovelyPrincessN64
YufCent by FlyingPrincess
Kazuya Raising Hell In Nintendo by Air-City
FAN COMIC Powser The Candle Page 130 by KichiMiangra
V-Ball in Her Court by RosalinasSoulmate
Cosplay and Crafts
Cindy and Prompto VI - FFXV Cosplay by rizzyun
Bombing Mission Meeting by DragomiraDream
Aerith by DragomiraDream
Young Impa by LayzeMichelle
Crossovers 3
Reunited Roster | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by Mugen-SenseiStudios
Crossovers 2 - FULL
Peach - Yusei Fudo by KatLime
Crossovers - FULL
Rivals of Mario by WhiteRose1994
Donkey Kong Girls
Chibi Dixie Kong by Orangesyum88
Fire Emblem Girls
Marianne by DarkrexS
F-Zero Girls
Jody Summer by Machateo
Kid Icarus Girls
Bride Palutena (kid icarus) by cutesexyrobutts
Kirby Girls
Susie Kirby Gijinka New Draw by alexmauricio407
Smash Doodle (Part-4)[The Smash logo transition to Min Min and Capt. Falcon in their fighting clothes in a field with tall bushes]Min Min: Where could she possibly be?Capt. Falcon: Maybe she’s in that poorly drawn condo.Min Min: Come on, let’s go![The Captain hides in the bush.]Capt. Falcon: I’m not going in there.[Min Min also hides.]Min Min: Come on, Douglas I’m right behind you. Baby steps. Almost there..[DoodleMin draws a hole. They fall into it]Capt. Falcon: What just happen?DoodleMin: *speaking nonsense* Meahoy, memoyay? Meyoyyoy, ladyonmamoy!Min Min: Come on, Douglas. Give me a boost-up!Capt. Falcon: Can’t we just stay down here where it’s safe?Min Min: No way. I created this monster and I’ve got to stop her.[A giant wrench falls and hits the Captain on the head.]Min Min: See what did I mean, Douglas?Capt. Falcon: *dizzily* Where’s the leak, ma'am?[DoodleMin draws a bowling ball and rolls it. The Captain’s helmet turns into a bowling pin in surprise.]Capt. Falcon: Yurrgh![Hits the Captain and some red bowling pins and a “strike” symbol appears. Another “strike” symbol then appears after the bowling ball falls into the hole.]Min Min: You ok, Douglas?Capt. Falcon: FINLAND!DoodleMin: *speaking nonsense and more nonsense* Meyaiovah! Mee hoy minoy! Meah froyay![She runs off in the distance, the smash logo transition to a rock wall and a field.]Min Min: There she is.Capt. Falcon: She’s hideous. She makes me sick, just looking at her. Those spiral-looking eyes, that goofy-looking arms, those dumb mask, and that stupid hat![Min Min looks down at her own clothes.]Min Min: Ahem!Capt. Falcon: *Blushes* Oh… but it looks good on you, Min Min! Heh heh.Min Min: She’s putting down the pencil! This is our chance. On the count of three, we’ll jump out and surprise her!Capt. Falcon: Oh, boy, a surprise party! Is it her birthday?[DoodleMin breaks through the rock wall that Min Min and Capt. Falcon is hiding behind.]DoodleMin:*nonsense* Bawahh bwah bwah wahh! [DoodleMin grabs Min Min.]Min Min: Douglas! Douglas! Do something!Capt. Falcon: Happy Birthday![DoodleMin throws Min Min, who screams and lands with a thud in the distance.]Capt. Falcon: *Gives DoodleMin a rock* Here’s your present.*DoodleMin bashes it on his head* You’re welcome.DoodleMin: *nonsense* Dewaaagheaugaaagh![DoodleMin is about to run for her life until Min Min stops her whilst holding the pencil in her face.]Min Min: Hold it right there, Doodle. I brought you into this world and now I’m gonna take you out. Any last words?DoodleMin: *speaking nonsense fast* Bee ha, bala hala ba ba!Min Min: I’m sorry, what was that?DoodleMin: *Slowing gibberish down* Bee ha, bala hala ba ba.[DoodleMin starts to shout more gibberish while Min Min erases her face. DoodleMin mutters, then she hits a rock.]Min Min: Hold still, Doodle. This is for your own good. *Begins to erase DoodleMin to oblivion.* Take that and this and this and that and this that… *She screams in victory* I am Min Min, destroyer of evil!Capt. Falcon: Take it easy. It just a drawing.Min Min: *calmly* Well, that takes care of that, eh, Douglas?Capt. Falcon: Done and Done.[When Min Min and Capt. Falcon goes home, it is soon revealed that one of DoodleMin’s arms is still alive. It creeps out from under the rock.]...
Mario Girls 2
Toadette by BlueSpeedsFan92
Mario Girls - FULL
Finally by amaitsuno
Metroid Dread by Tomycase
Mother + Earthbound Girls
.: Kumatora:. In my style by Giihzinha
[Commission] Female Corrin by DarkrexS
Other Nintendo Girls
Advance Wars - Nell by Jmanvelez
Pokemon Human Girls - NO GIJINKAS PLEASE
A Great Fishing by DarkrexS
Splatoon Girls
Agent 8 by OPojitibu
Star Fox Girls
Krystal The Fox (Comm Reupload) by TheLeonardFr33m4n
Wario Girls
Kat and Ana +COMMISH+ by luthien-black
Xenoblade Girls
shining ray o' light by bandbullets
Zelda Girls
AT: Spirit Tracks Zelda by shnoogums5060
3rd Party Characters 2
Cheese, get 'em! by WhiteRose1994
3rd Party Characters - FULL
Boundless Freedom by Glandal
Discovering The Forest Temple by FlyingPrincess
Secret Santa 2016 - COMPLETE
Snow Fight by DeathWoods
Fire Emblem Heroines Collab - COMPLETE
Fire Emblem Heroines Collaboration (249 entries) by Enlightened-Titan
Halloween Collab 2017 - COMPLETE
Cat Mona - Halloween Collab by local-owlman
Secret Santa 2017 - COMPLETE
N-Pop Idol Collab - COMPLETE
N-Pop Idol Collab - Goombella by CutyAries
Mahou Smash Shoujo Collab - COMPLETE
Magical Girl Shokora by Maripolifan
Time Off: A Nintendo Girl's Slice of Life - CLOSED
[ZINE] Party Shenanigans by Azuhreidii
FE Heroines Collab Vol. 2 - COMPLETE
FE Collab2 - Tiki-waifu by KuraiTenshi89
The Ultimate Concert of Light - ENDED
UCL Collab-SS Zelda by ninpeachlover
Secret Santa 2020 - COMPLETE
Christmas at the Observatory by NintendoKiddo64

Mature Content

Grumpy by Tiger1001
Elora 1000! by Aurasamurai

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:iconkawaii-animal-cute: Kawaii-Animal-Cute :iconbowserxrosalina: BowserXRosalina Because they are adorable :iconpixel-quilt: Pixel-Quilt ʕ•ᴥ•? :iconart4coding-official: Art4Coding-Official Art, Code, Sleep Repeat.. :iconfedefenseforce: FEDefenseForce FE Defense Force Assemble! :iconaceattorneyclub: AceAttorneyClub #AceAttorney #GyakutenSaiban :iconcommunity-planet: Community-Planet Mingle and Share! :iconthe-lookouts: The-Lookouts :iconalways--in--control: Always--in--Control A group for Gamers :iconfansoffantasygirls: FansOfFantasyGirls We love fantasy girls! :iconbeautymikanclub: BeautyMikanClub Love for Olivine Gym Leader :iconanimeartistsamongus: AnimeArtistsAmongUs :iconanimalcrossingisland: AnimalCrossingIsland New things are on the horizon! :iconpalace-of-twilight: Palace-of-Twilight Twili OCs Welcome! :iconpot-of-gold: Pot-Of-Gold Find us at the end of a rainbow!


To confirm your agreement to our rules as members, you are required to post this phrase/password on your join request: peaches and cream.
Also, if you intend to submit Nintendo girl fan art from any other artists, do inform us on your join request.
:nod: What we accept in this group: :nod:

:heart: Any Nintendo girl, 1st party or 2nd

:heart: Any traditional/digital drawings regardless of quality (Just make sure to post each of them in the right folder)

:heart: Romantic couples - Whether female x male (Submit to "Drawings with Male Characters"), or female x female

:heart: Ecchi drawings ONLY if placed in the NSFW folder

:heart: Crossovers - Having discrete property if submitted to the crossover folder, unless they are comics, or NSFW

:heart: Original characters RELATED to the games (And their folders) (Before submitting, please ask us if you're not sure)

:heart: Stamps - Should have effort in them, however

:heart: Photography - Crafts and cosplay, NO GRAPHIC IMAGES

:heart: Literature/stories - If including Nintendo girls

:heart: Positive, SFW clubs as affiliates - As their members can submit art here, but can too join us to submit much more

:heart: 3rd-party characters - As long as their games are on Nintendo consoles

:heart: Love towards the games
princess peach dancing icon by peachfan25 Joining as responsible co-founders/contributors

:police: What we do not accept: :police:

:flame: Stolen art - Including, but not limited to, screenshots, renders, bases, and recolors; art must to be made by you, unless an artist grants you permission to repost a commission

:flame: Excessive violence, blood, and gore

:flame: Lolicon, pedophilia, or sexualization of minors

:flame: Derogatory fetishes - Vore, inflation, feet, quicksand, tickling, bondage, masks, toilet humor, etc.

:flame: Hentai - Including explicit sexual relations, genitals in display, futanari and masturbation

:flame: Genderbends - From boy to girl, or vice versa (We will only accept the official like the Fire Emblem avatars)

:flame: Solo male/Pokémon (gijinkas included) art

:flame: Solo art of non-gaming characters from cartoons, comics, anime, and films (canon foreigners, or characters from Nintendo-licensed cartoons, anime, or comics are OK)

:flame: Hate art - murder, sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.

:nod: Follow the list of rules (Subject to change at any time) and be kind and respectful to all of the members. Moreover, please understand that depending on the severity, any case of offense could result in a warning or a ban. =(

Violations include, but not limited to:
:bulletred: Bashing/Non-constructive criticism
:bulletred: Trolling
:bulletred: Chain messages
:bulletred: Spamming in general
:bulletred: Putting the drawings in the wrong folder repeatedly
:bulletred: Submitting random deviations (Results in instaban)
:bulletred: Breaking the do-nots above

dancing llama badge by CookiemagiKJoin for a llama!
:bulletblue: Be a part of the group, and in return, you will get a llama badge from a co-founder!
Comm: Peach and her daughter by ninpeachlover
Now, if you have any questions, feel free to ask us anytime. We won't bite.

Comm: Peach and her daughter - © ninpeachlover
The featured Nintendo Girl of the Month for June 2021 and potential return engagement is...
(Drum-roll please.)

Samus Aran as seen in Metroid: Dread!

May these artworks do justice to the galactic bounty hunter extraordinaire...
Metroid Dread
Metroid's Samus Aran Render! [Blender]
Samus 2 Copys
Metroid Dread_Samus Aran
Planetary Hunter
Goddess Suit Samus ready for action
Samus Aran
Metroid DREAD Response Pic
Samus Aran
Samus - Metroid
SAMUS! : YouTube!
Samus Zero
Samus Aran
Zero Suit
Samus Aran
Samus Tribute
Last Energy Tank
And this is just a small sampling of what lies in store for @thenintendogirlsclub and the Metroid gallery for Samus Aran. Don't forget to check it out
More Journal Entries


Cammy by bowalia Cammy :iconbowalia:bowalia 633 12 Chun-li by bowalia Chun-li :iconbowalia:bowalia 722 15 Shop: Assorted Stickers by Southrobin Shop: Assorted Stickers :iconsouthrobin:Southrobin 67 1 Shogoku's Personal Gaming Storage Room by shnoogums5060 Shogoku's Personal Gaming Storage Room :iconshnoogums5060:shnoogums5060 10 0 ZeLink.  by LunMermaid ZeLink. :iconlunmermaid:LunMermaid 36 4 Riju - Zelda Breath of the wild by LunMermaid Riju - Zelda Breath of the wild :iconlunmermaid:LunMermaid 21 0 Amy Rose with Rose on the hair.  by LunMermaid Amy Rose with Rose on the hair. :iconlunmermaid:LunMermaid 38 0 Cindy's Personal Arcade Office Room by shnoogums5060 Cindy's Personal Arcade Office Room :iconshnoogums5060:shnoogums5060 12 0 SMTV by Omiza-Zu SMTV :iconomiza-zu:Omiza-Zu 228 7 Friend Alts by Pksmashbros Friend Alts :iconpksmashbros:Pksmashbros 24 3 Metroid Dread by Tomycase Metroid Dread :icontomycase:Tomycase 448 14 Kirb Sixty-Firb by SomeFoolFP Kirb Sixty-Firb :iconsomefoolfp:SomeFoolFP 56 2 Vividria by SomeFoolFP Vividria :iconsomefoolfp:SomeFoolFP 24 0 Adeleine and Ribbon by SomeFoolFP Adeleine and Ribbon :iconsomefoolfp:SomeFoolFP 29 0 Origami (Frog) - World Paper Month by SomeFoolFP Origami (Frog) - World Paper Month :iconsomefoolfp:SomeFoolFP 62 4 Ace Attorney Susato by NovemberElevenn Ace Attorney Susato :iconnovemberelevenn:NovemberElevenn 6 0

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