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"My new group in memory of my old ones that I missed. This is a group of all of the girls of Nintendo. I hope you feel welcome, so have fun. Remember, this group is not prejudiced. We accept any kind of art, no matter the style. Just express your creativity."

- ninpeachlover, 2015

WARNING: Submitting any random works here is strictly prohibited. There are other clubs allowing this kind of action. Violators will be banned.

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Oct 10, 2015


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3,440 Members
3,905 Watchers
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Xenoscouts - Preparing for Camp by NinGemTitan
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Ruby Chocolate Love
Krystal - Ruby Chocolate by VixDojoFox
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Olivia by DrChrisman
Muffy! by patchworkviolet
Daisy Mae by DinAlexis
Isabelle (ACNH) by SuperChrisPlus
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Cosplay and Crafts
D.Va lewd by VictoriaRusso
Crossovers 4
commission by Sonya100years
Crossovers 3 - FULL
[Commission] That Night We Danced by SupNovaGY
Crossovers 2 - FULL
Peach - Bugs Bunny (Mississippi Hare) by KatLime
Crossovers - FULL
Rosalina - Hell Lady (Wing of Death) by KatLime
Donkey Kong Girls
So They're Finally Here... by NinSegaMMDfangirl98
Fire Emblem Girls
2-4-2023SoleilcolorLaslow by JDandJC
F-Zero Girls
Kate Alen by WendelKrolis
Kid Icarus Girls
Palutena by hybridmink
Kirby Girls
kabula by Sawcraft1
PLMB Ch 1: Gift from the HeartHEAVY EXTREME SPOILERS FOR "I PROMISED" AHEADMario, Luigi, and Peach exited Castle Toadstool, the latter two carrying gift-wrapped boxes.Mario asked the Princess, "So what did you get him?" Peach looked down at her present. "I baked him a big cupcake! I know Bowser will probably have a big cake for him, but I'm sure he'll love having a personalized one from me."Luigi looked at the small box she was holding. "Doesn't look that big to me." He blinked as realization struck him. "Oh wait, I bet you got one of those boxes that shrinks whatever you put inside them, didn't you?"Peach nodded, smiling. "It's much easier to carry this way!" She gestured to the box Luigi was holding. "Is that present going to be from both of you?" she asked.Luigi nodded. "We really had to hunt for it, and it cost a lot of coins.""It's a Lucky Day badge," Mario explained. "We figured we'd do seven years old, lucky seven kind of theme with it."A familiar cackle sounded above the trio as a shadow passed over them. They looked up and saw a very small airship approach, all eight Koopalings on the deck.Bowser Jr. peaked over the bow of the ship. "Well those birthday presents sound just great! But I think I already got the best gift!"Larry jumped down and snatched both gifts. "I'll be taking those!" And he leapt back up to the airship."Oh?" Peach asked. "And what might that gift be?"A large mechanical hand sprouted from one side of the airship. Peach yelped as it grabbed her."A kidnapping!" Junior laughed.Mario scowled. "You've gotta be kidding me!"Roy called down to the Mario Brothers, "Don't worry, we're keepin' this one short!" He lifted his shades and winked. "Just follow us and roll with it!"The Koopalings then flew off to a nearby tower. Mario and Luigi looked at each other. They both rolled their eyes and smirked, and they ran after their godchildren, ready for this short adventure.*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*Bowser ran back and forth on a wide, metal grate high above the Castle Koopa courtyard, wearing a face-splitting grin. "Oh man, this is gonna be perfect!"Kamek flew up on his broom. "The preparations are all complete, Your Giddiness," he reported, also smiling warmly.Bowser pumped his fist. "Yes! Okay, once Mario and Luigi show up, I'll stand in the middle here. Mario will stand on that big red button over there, Luigi will stand on the big green button over there, and the grate will drop out beneath me, giving Junior a front-row seat to see me fall into that giant cake down there." He lay down and peaked through the grate at the cake in question down below. "It'll be hilarious and delicious! Gwahahaha!"Kamek chuckled, "You're so excited, I would think this was your birthday."Bowser laughed back, "Hey, my baby boy is turning seven! I think I'm allowed to be excited!"Kamek sighed, rubbing some moisture building up behind his goggles. "I can't argue with that, Your Highness."Bowser couldn't help but jump with both his fists in the air. "I haven't felt this good in years!" He turned and hugged Kamek, suddenly gentle. "It's Junior's second birthday since he helped defeat Orphan. Over a year without me having to worry about him, without Ludwig thinking he has to hide from him, without me needing to keep the paintings of Clawdia hidden away instead of in the halls for him and everyone else to see!" Bowser took a deep, shuddering breath. "By the Stars, it still doesn't feel real." He pulled away. "But it is! And I'm taking full advantage of it!" He laughed and ran off again.Kamek sighed and shook his head, smiling at his king's energy as the latter stopped and knelt down to examine another part of the contraption. "Just like when he was a kid.""Kamek?" Bowser asked."Yes, Your Childlikeness?"Bowser shifted into a sitting position, breathing shakily. "Get me to the castle infirmary," he answered before collapsing.*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*Mario lobbed a fireball at Larry while ducking one from Bowser Jr."And when you beat us here," Jr. explained as he jumped over Luigi's hammer, "we'll lead you to another tower where I'll fight you with Morton!""So we'll be fighting you each time, but with the next oldest sibling?" Mario asked."Yeah!"Mario smiled warmly. "Fun!"Larry nodded, smiling despite his ash-covered face from Mario's fireball hitting its mark. "It's his birthday present from all seven of us. Just wait til you see what King Dad is doing at the castle!"Peach stood by the main doors, cheering both pairs of brothers on.Suddenly said doors flew open and Ludwig ran in. "Stop the battle!" he yelled.Everyone stopped and turned."But we're not done yet!" Jr. whined and pouted.Ludwig shook his head. "I'm sorry, Bowser, but we're going to have to cut your present far shorter than we wanted. We need to get back to the castle now!"Peach approached. "What's wrong?"Ludwig looked into her eyes. "Father's suffered a heart attack!"*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*While unconscious, Bowser watched through his children's own eyes as they flew their airship at high speed to the castle, their godparents on board."They love me enough to drop everything for me! Isn't that nice?" He turned to his guest and asked cheekily, "Don't you think it's nice?"Orphan sat off to the side with arms crossed and his back turned from Bowser and his children's points of view via the Penumbra. He turned his head to glare shortly at the views, then at Bowser, then back to the nothingness he was occupying himself with. "Don't talk to me," he growled."As long as it keeps pissing you off, I'm gonna talk all I want!" Bowser boasted. "Turnabout's fair play, after all."Orphan could only growl wordlessly, continuing to sulk in the corner.*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*Wendy hugged Bowser. "I'm so glad you're going to be okay, Daddy!""Sorry for giving you that scare, sweetheart." Bowser squeezed a little extra for her and kissed her forehead."I still can't believe you had a heart attack." Wendy turned away and scratched her head. "I always figured just old people got them." Wendy froze, then turned back to Bowser. "I'm too young for you to be old!" she screamed, shaking him.Bowser chuckled sheepishly, "You know, Kammy Koopa said the same thing. It's not as funny coming from you, though." He looked up at Mario, Luigi, and Peach. "You three didn't have to come, you know."Mario shook his head. "Of course we had to come! For you, for the kids, for your minions, and even for ourselves."Peach hugged Bowser Jr. "A heart attack doesn't attack just one heart."Bowser sighed, "Sorry I ruined your birthday, Junior."Bowser Jr. shook his head. "No, Papa, I'm just happy you're okay. There's still lots of birthday left."Ludwig nodded. "The examiners gave you a clear bill of health and say you don't have potential for another one."Iggy flipped through the papers the staff had given him. "They also said the heart attack shouldn't have happened in the first place. Nothing was wrong…" he looked back and forth between pages, brow furrowed.Lemmy snatched them away. "Then don't worry about it for now! Let's get to the courtyard and party!" He stashed the papers in his shell so Iggy couldn't get to them.Everyone filed out of the exam room, thankful that nightmare was short-lived and ready to resume the festivities, and Bowser looking forward to being dropped into the oversized birthday cake.*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*J*While the rest of Castle Koopa celebrated the heir's birthday, three figures met in a small, quiet room far away from anyone else. One of them reached into a bag and pulled out a crystal ball. He set it down and rubbed it. It glowed. All three bowed slightly to it."We've failed you, sir," one apologized. "We followed your instructions and formula exactly, but the concoction didn't work. The king did have a heart attack, but he still lives."A high-pitched laugh resounded from the orb. "Oh, the nonsense you speak gives me chortles! Failure is not being had here. Fawful's concoction was a success!"The three looked at each other."Lord Fawful, you mean to tell us he was supposed to survive that all along?""So what is the next part of the plan? When can we see you again?"That laugh again. "There is much readiness that we do not have for that, loyal minions! Not to be having for a long time! Go party and act like not-traitors. A summoning will come to you when it does."The three shuffled in place and looked at each other again, but nodded and bowed fully."The Elite Trio humbly awaits your next orders, Lord Fawful."
Mario Girls 3
Vivian by RtisticMoulton
Mario Girls 2-FULL
Rokku Gyaru Daisy by NinSegaMMDfangirl98
Mario Girls - FULL
Peach Summer - Commission by GunShad
Zero Suit Samus - Smash Ultimate Collaboration by GameArtist1993
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Pheonix Wings by BluegirlWoomy
OCs 2
hyrule's odd couple by k-keii
The contest-in-laws by NoVaNoah
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Brittany! by patchworkviolet
Pokemon Human Girls 2 - NO GIJINKAS PLEASE
Misty by kuprite
Pokemon Human Girls - FULL
Misty 4 by Neica-92
Splatoon Girls
Squid Sisters (Chocokay) My Style! by TiagoTheMangaka
Star Fox Girls
Lunar Lucy by VixDojoFox
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stylin' mona by bruleebaby
Xenoblade Girls
Nia - Hot Springs by VixDojoFox
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~ Bright as the sun ~ by SilentTeal
3rd Party Characters 3
Marina Liteyears by VGAfanatic
3rd Party Characters 2- FULL
Tifa Purple dress by lAffinityl
3rd Party Characters - FULL
maid_roll by shisui101
3-D 2
Mercy takes a selfie by Kachigachi
(MMD Model) Tawna Bandicoot (Concept Art) DL by SAB64
Nia Scout [Xenoscouts collab] by lonewolf-45
Secret Santa 2016 - COMPLETE
Snow Fight by DeathWoods
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Fire Emblem Heroines Collaboration (249 entries) by NinGemTitan
Halloween Collab 2017 - COMPLETE
Cat Mona - Halloween Collab by local-owlman
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Magical Girl Shokora by Maripolifan
Time Off: A Nintendo Girl's Slice of Life - CLOSED
[ZINE] Party Shenanigans by Azuhreidii
FE Heroines Collab Vol. 2 - COMPLETE
FE Collab2 - Tiki-waifu by KuraiTenshi89
The Ultimate Concert of Light - ENDED
Ultimate Concert of Light: Fi by ThePrincessOfGold
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Christmas at the Observatory by NintendoKiddo64
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Space girl with Galaxy cake by LovelyPrincessN64
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Rainbow Pauline by CristalMomoStar
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Happy Halloween 2021 by GoddessPrincessLulu
Zine - Sakurai's Super Smashing Scoops - DONE
Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet Pyra by strawberrykiwikat
Veiled Valentine
[Veiled Valentine] Let's go for a ride! by GameArtist1993
K-Pop Kraze Challenge
Cheerleader musical by LovelyPrincessN64
Grand Green Grace
Lucky Leaf by LovelyPrincessN64
Flower Fairy Fest
Flower bat redraw by LovelyPrincessN64
All-Star Detective Club
All-Star Detective Club - Ayumi and Protagonist by JorgePrimera2
Travel and Bedazzle
Icy treats by LovelyPrincessN64
The Cat Days of Summer
Cat and cat by BluegirlWoomy
Fruit Frenzy
Gardenia's Carnivine Dish! by GameArtist1993
Mummy Azura(commission) by RayDango
Gumroad : Shamir by Estra1515


Peach, Daisy and Rosalina- Elegant Eveningwear by BBQ-Turtle Peach, Daisy and Rosalina- Elegant Eveningwear :iconbbq-turtle:BBQ-Turtle 97 19 Daisy - Blooming Naranja Student by SugarMasonMearii Daisy - Blooming Naranja Student :iconsugarmasonmearii:SugarMasonMearii 197 11 Pearl and Marina by FafaMeow Pearl and Marina :iconfafameow:FafaMeow 19 1 Sailor Inkling Redesign by FafaMeow Sailor Inkling Redesign :iconfafameow:FafaMeow 77 2 GG Gabriel Gaming fanart by FafaMeow GG Gabriel Gaming fanart :iconfafameow:FafaMeow 18 1 Smash Girl Camping by Pksmashbros Smash Girl Camping :iconpksmashbros:Pksmashbros 45 0 Headless Saiko and Tari by UnknownArtistML Headless Saiko and Tari :iconunknownartistml:UnknownArtistML 192 25 Pink Characters by DariaDoodleArt Pink Characters :icondariadoodleart:DariaDoodleArt 36 0 Ghost Genie by DariaDoodleArt Ghost Genie :icondariadoodleart:DariaDoodleArt 21 0 Fire Emblem -- Monica by MissMoonshadow0501 Fire Emblem -- Monica :iconmissmoonshadow0501:MissMoonshadow0501 16 6 Alex by TonyWelt Alex :icontonywelt:TonyWelt 562 2 Let's settle this! by PokemonNerd98 Let's settle this! :iconpokemonnerd98:PokemonNerd98 208 4 [C] Undyne and Verdana by envandrare [C] Undyne and Verdana :iconenvandrare:envandrare 44 5 Undying by envandrare Undying :iconenvandrare:envandrare 53 1 MC Princess by FafaMeow MC Princess :iconfafameow:FafaMeow 55 0 Team Chicken by FafaMeow Team Chicken :iconfafameow:FafaMeow 14 0

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:heart: Any Nintendo girl, 1st party or 2nd

:heart: Traditional/digital art of any quality or medium

:heart: Romance art - Whether female x male (submit to "Art with Male Characters"), or female x female

:heart: Ecchi drawings ONLY if placed in the NSFW folder

:heart: Crossovers - Combining different IPs (submit to the crossover folder, unless they are comics, or NSFW)

:heart: Nintendo/game-related OCs/FCs

:heart: Stamps - Should have effort in them, however

:heart: Photography - Crafts and cosplay, NO GRAPHIC IMAGES

:heart: Literature/fan fiction - If including Nintendo girls

:heart: Positive, SFW clubs as affiliates

:heart: Art event suggestions - No promises though

:heart: 3rd-party characters - From games for Nintendo consoles

:heart: Love towards the games
princess peach dancing icon by peachfan25 Joining as responsible mods with our approval

:police: What we do not accept: :police:

:flame: Theft - EX: screenshots, renders, tracing, bases, recolors; art must to be made by you, unless an artist grants you permission to repost your commission

:flame: NFTs - They contribute to climate change, theft, and scams

:flame: Excessive violence, blood, and gore

:flame: Incest/pedophilia/lolicon (sexualization of minors)

:flame: Derogatory fetishes - Vore, inflation, feet, quicksand, tickling, bondage, masks, toilet humor, etc.

:flame: Hentai - Including explicit sexual pairings (censored or not), visible genitals, futanari, and masturbation

:flame: Genderbends - From boy to girl, or vice versa (We only allow the official like the Fire Emblem avatars)

:flame: Solo art of males, Pokémon (gijinkas included), or characters not originating from games (females from Nintendo-licensed animation/comics/manga are allowed)

:flame: Hate art - murder, sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.

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:bulletred: Leaving the group right after "joining"

dancing llama badge by CookiemagiKStay for a llama!
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Comm: Peach and her daughter by GoddessPrincessLulu
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Valentine's day is almost coming, and to keep this group alive and kicking, I've decided to host this new art challenge! Guess what it is about...
Kit Kat Ruby
Yep, you guessed it, chocolate. Though it's not just any chocolate, but ruby chocolate, introduced in 2017 (the same year the Switch was released) by Barry Callebaut, thanks to special cocoa beans. It's considered the fourth key type of chocolate after dark, milk, and white. People say it tastes like white chocolate mixed with raspberries; whether one likes that or not is all up to preference.
Sadly, there wasn't room to include this newest candy for the latest Splatfest for Splatoon 3; so, this art challenge is intended to spread awareness, while also serving as a preparation for Valentine's Day. In this challenge, artists will draw characters involved with the theme of ruby chocolate, whether it's outfits, food, or just the color itself.
Here are the rules:
  1. When posting your deviation, please add this hashtag: #rubychocolate
  2. Be creative, as long as the content is clean/SFW. You're more than welcome to include other types of chocolate.
  3. Backgrounds are allowed!
  4. You can submit your entries to the respective folders for thenintendogirlsclub and Smash-New-Universe.
  5. Anyone can do more than one entry, with no need for reservations.
  6. Characters can be chosen by more than one artist.
  7. 3rd-party or multiple characters are allowed.
  8. You don't need to be a member to participate.
  9. Crossovers are more than welcome.
  10. Only handmade drawings, please! Meaning no tracing, bases, AI, etc.
  11. No OCs, with the exception of official avatars like Miis, AC Villagers, Pokemon players, and Sportsmates.
Have fun, and think pink!
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