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If you're looking for Schadenfreude,

you can find the paperback here:

and digital here:…

Accepting ask-me-anything questions, including anonymously on Tumblr.

Removed Paypal donation because FUCK PAYPAL.

Current Residence: Southern US
Favourite genre of music: goth/industrial

Favourite Visual Artist
Goya, D'agoty, da Vinci, Van Gogh, Dali, Bouguereau, Alex Gray, James O'Barr, H.R. Giger, Iscariotic, IncompleteMe, BLU, Banksy, Gunther von Hagens, Mark Powell, Patricia Piccinini, Wayne Barlowe
Favourite Movies
Lo, The Mist, The Crow, The Butterfly Effect, Otto the Zombie, Dahmer, Murder-Set-Pieces, Let The Right One In, Splice, The Boondock Saints, Hellraiser, Saw, Begotten, Pig, Cannibal, Velvet Goldmine, Quills, Total Eclipse, Autopsy, Evil Dead, 7 jours
Favourite TV Shows
Farscape, Dexter, ST: TOS and TNG, Beauty and the Beast (not the atrocious faux reboot), Invader Zim, Queer as Folk, Spartacus, Game of Thrones, Metalocalypse, Moral Orel, Wonder Showzen, Aeon Flux
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Christian Death (Rozz), Marilyn Manson, The Sisters of Mercy, Rosetta Stone, The Virgin Prunes, HexRx, Alien Sex Fiend, Mindless Self Indulgence, Inkkubus Sukkubus, Ohgr, Rammstein, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Dalbello, Coil, Ministry, David Bowie,
Favourite Books
Grendel, Dune, The Wild Boys, Crash, Insomnia, The Neverending Story, Flatland, An Arrow's Flight, The Lazarus Heart, Exquisite Corpse. Ancient Evenings, Aztec, Zombie (JC Oates), Lots of nonfiction...
Favourite Writers
Clive Barker, John Gardner, Dennis Cooper, Bret Easton Ellis, J.G. Ballard, William Burroughs, Stephen King, Storm Constantine, Jim Butcher, Frank Herbert, Andrew Vachss, Lovecraft, Norman Mailer, Gary Jennings, Roald Dahl, Sagan, Michael Ende, Hawking
Favourite Games
Eternal Darkness, FFVII, recovering SL addict, Tetris, Postal 2. Not much of a gamer.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
OpenOffice, a green bowl, and a redlit keyboard.
Other Interests
horror, science fiction, yaoi, guro, history, mythology, astronomy, psychonautics, pointy things
Erik's Twitter. Hell help y'all. The Kingdom of Heaven is finally both digital and paperback. And incidentally, if you want some really rare and strange and obscure and magnificent Darkish music, like demos and other (cough) interesting material, check out Dark Circle Room.  Scroll down and look right and you will find the unbelievable list of bands. I hope you're all having wonderful surprises, dears.
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Hello, dears. I realized while slogging through the Hero's Torch edit that The Kingdom of Heaven was pretty much ready to publish, and it was kind of ridiculous of me not to do so.  I could not resist Easter being on 4/20 (Stoner Day, Columbine Day, and Hitler's birthday, as well as Jesus' traditionally accepted...deathday?) So the digital version went live today: Kindle Currently set at 2.99, but I'm fighting with them to drop it to 0.99 as soon as possible. Smashwords (Here you can set your own price, including for free) Paperback coming in a week or two.  I'm hoping for Walpurgisnacht, with my weird fixation on significant dates, bu
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Today I saw a monster. I'm driving to the grocery store at midnight, migraine-crippled with nothing in the house to take for it. Six hours of unwanted nap did not deter this bastard headache, so I'm driving with it, because living with it is not a fucking option. And then I see it.   Grayblack, lithe and graceful and as tall as a house with many long gorgeous limbs and massive yellow eyes, loping along to my right on the side of the road. It's looking in at me, curiously, keeping pace with me at forty-five miles an hour without even trying. I slam on the brakes and I'm thinking FINALLY and Molly from The Last Unicorn is in my throat, Where
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I'd like to donate too, but I'm not sure how to. Maybe I'm missing the button because I'm on my phone? I'd love to contribute to the book effort, though. :heart:
I took the donation button down because I'm completely, and at this point violently anti-Paypal.   But if you want to contribute, buy an ebook and write a review here:…

The review in particular would be very helpful.   And thank you, dear.
Oh, I see. I'll try my best to write a review!

:heart: It's no problem at all.
Those are VERY very important at this early stage of what I hope becomes a firefight.    I refuse to set up fake identities and leave them myself.  Once again, I won't cheat y'all in any way, or permit anyone else to do so.   It doesn't have to be an AP essay, just honest, and yes, if it's not five stars, that's okay too, just honest.    What you liked, what you didn't, why you think someone else might like to read it.    

On Amazon in particular---the more and better reviews, the more they will promote me without my having to PAY anything, and they will also discount the book WITHOUT it cutting into my royalties---meaning, they'll take the hit, not me.

I still really don't do this for money, but if one day I could manage the trifling money I make working fulltime at a job I loathe, I could STOP that, and make evil for y'all so much faster. 
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Promised I would donate, and I did! Thought thirty dollars wont quite show you the appreciation I have for your work. I still remember when I stumbled on it years ago, and will never read anything quite like it again. I don't think I've thanked you for sharing, so it's my thanks in it's entirety.
Thank you, dear (hug) It's definitely very helpful.

At the moment I'm making life changes while waiting for beta readers to do what beta readers do. I'm tired of not writing, and the backlog in my head is getting excruciating.
I know how that is, in a way.
Kind of like drinking too much and wanting to write,
and yet everything you write is terrible.
Okay. Maybe not entirely alike, haha.