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I'm part of Patreon, an awesome site dedicated to helping fans support and connect with their favorite artists!  You can pledge a small amount per month to help pay for the various costs of making the comic, and get some bonuses along the way!

Here's a video to explain more:

Convinced yet?  Come on in and help out! :)

 Hey all you Instagram-ers!  Lily (a.k.a. Allure of the Night Surfers) just got an Instagram, so you should follow her to see what she takes pics of when she's not busy fighting Sandrones!

Her username is "Lily_is_Alluring," and she'll try to update when she can, but saving the world does tend to get in the way...

Her updates are gonna play catch-up for a while, but the goal is to eventually have them coincide with the timeline of the currently uploaded comic!
For those of you trying to access, I was trying to upgrade it and deleted it instead. =(  Give it a few days to get back up.

It's back up and better than ever!
So I'm finally ready to start uploading Issue 3 to DA and!

Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, I've decided to go to black and white for the inside pages of the comic, in order to give me more time to actually finish the dang thing, haha.
Hey there surfers!

Welcome to the DA page for The Night Surfers.  This is a sister page to the Night Surfers Official Website.  The complete versions of the comics will always be on the site, but this will be home to teasers as well as bonus art like posters and other fun stuff!