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If you bother to come on here, which you probably don't, you'll know that I've not been here in a while. To cut to the chase, I've pretty much just moved all operations over to my Tumblr account, which can be found here: . As the title may suggest, it is primarily a fandom blog, and from there primarily a Doctor Who blog, though it does feature Supernatural, Sherlock, Homestuck, and anime occasionally. (Mostly Neon Genesis Evangelion- It's really grown on me.)

It's also where I'll be posting all or most of my art in the future, which can be seen, if you actually want to see it I guess, under the tag "My Art" (Or "Nmeb's Art" for some of the older stuff, before I changed my URL.)

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I guess it's about time I updated my journal. I mean, the last entry was me complaining about stuff that probably happened about a month ago. I have sooo much to talk about.

One, Yume Nikki: Continuing from my last entry, I was able to finish it. (With a little help; Goddamnshit, Hell Maze.) All I can say is.. WHAT. THE. FUCK. WHY. WHY. WHYYYYY.

Two, for another kind of diary, Mirai Nikki: Oh my god, Akise is the most badass ever. Ever. There really isn't anything else to say on the matter. Yuno is still my favorite, (Loves me my Yandere.) but walking around towards the person you love with your head nearly cut off so you can deliver an important message that you typed on your phone while you were bleeding to death because your throat was too maimed to speak out of? Bad. Fucking. Ass.

Three, Sherlock: I've actually been meaning to post about this for a long time, but never got the chance. I haven't watched the last episode yet, (But knowing what story it is based off of, I can hazard a guess as to what happens. TT_TT) so I must give my comments only about the five other episodes. Those comments? Hell yes. Pretty much just.. Yeah. Watch it. There are really no words for describing how utterly amazing it is and how much I'm fangirling over it. Also, subtext, subtext everywhere. If you haven't watched it yet.. Do it.

Four, Durarara!!: Which, despite having made much fanart of, I only just finished today. It's also in the realm of "Completely amazing and subtexty." I am somewhat ashamed to say that now that I've finished it, I'm going to be looking up.. Specific varieties of porn of it. *CoughShizayaincaseIwasalittletoosubtleCough*

And that's pretty much all there is to say on the matter.
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Bluh. I've ben feeling really sick again. Stomach aches, cramps, all that shit. If I'm right, I'm developing an allergy to blueberries, which would suck ass. :/

I really don't have much to say, due to feeling like someone ripped out of Gyo, but I will make one note:

Yume Nikki. How about it, people?

I've been looking for it forever, and I finally found a Mac port. (Yay!) When people said that Madosuki had the freakiest dreams ever, they weren't joking. O_O (I haven't finished yet, but it's still really creepy.)

And also, the Hypocritical Quote of the Day™!:

"Close your mouths!"- Says the woman who's yelling at the top of her lungs at us. (Which is, by the way, louder than all of us combined.)
One, Mirai Nikki. I have to post it somewhere; I finally got around to watching this week's episode, aaand...

YET. O:<

On a totally unrelated subjoh what am I saying they both have stalkers of course it's related.. Perfect Blue!

Someone wrote this.

I really fear for the mental stability of someone who creates a movie where the words "screwdriver," "pizza delivery," and "crotch shot" can be used in the same sentence. *Shudder* It was good though, if a little Mindscrewy.

Soo, as of now, the only two anime movies I've ever watched are End of Evangelion and Perfect Blue. Well then.
Just returned from watching Doctor Who with my dad. We don't have a regular schedule, so I'm a good deal behind, in the middle of the fourth season. SOOO, at nearly 8 o'clock at night, we're watching "Silence in the Library." :iconohshitplz:

To compose a list of irrational fears Steven Moffat has given me: Gasmasks, statues, flickering lights, librarians, astronauts. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go huddle up in a brightly lit corner and read Yotsubato. >_<
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It was not good. *twitch*

First off, I go with my family up to my mother's friend's house in Boston. We're going to visit, maybe check out the Harvard and MIT campuses while we're there. Sounds like fun, right?

Wellllll, first off, this family friend has two small children, one who's probably five, and the other who's maybe two and a half. I don't like small children. I have never liked small children, and these two are not helping me. At. All. The five year old absolutely MUST be the center of attention at all time, and will get that attention through the most annoying ways possible. (Such as going "CHOOO CHOOOOOOO" as loudly as possible while being strollered along the Infinite Corridor, and saying every single moronic, inane thing that's on her mind as if it's absolutely imperative that EVERYONE has to hear it.) The two and a half year old cries at ridiculous things, (Even for a 2 1/2 Y/O.) had a double ear infection, and thought for some goddamn reason that it was okay to chase me around the house with his hands covered in snot.

Not to mention that I came down with some goddamn stupid useless virus thing that caused me to have horrible stomach/large intestine cramps and awful gas for the entire weekend (Think a little man in your stomach stabbing the inside of it and then inflating it to maximum capacity.) before cumulating, a bottle of Tums and nearly 10 Gas-X later, with me vomiting up the entire contents of my stomach, and then some.

Finally, I was sent home, still somewhat queasy after that, on a four hour car ride. I got home at around five o'clock, and being the idiot I am, still had homework to finish due to forgetting to bring a vital part of it with me over the weekend to do. Joy.

*Sighs, takes a happy pill.*

Okay, to balance out that wangst, now I need something peppy, good natured, and cheerful. Sooooo, here's something that's nearly two months overdue... Sherlock! :D

Yes, they translated all that British a while ago, (-.-) and now it's available on Netflix for me and my family to watch. We just watched "A Scandal in Belgravia" tonight. AWESOME. I'M TOTALLY FANGASMING ALL OVER THIS RIGHT NOW. XD (No, srsly.)

As a shipper, I just know the Kink Memes are having a field day with this one. (Yes I know they exist, no, I've never visited them.) After all, before Irene Adler showed up, it was just slash, slash everywhere.* Not that I'm complaining. :iconpervplz: Now to add a female to their cast of pretty boys, they also have a sexy dominatrix.** Hey, I would totally hire her. She's goood~.***

(*Unless you count Molly, and no one counts Molly, do they? Poor Molly. :/)
(**So totally called that one, by the way.)
(***Sherlock/John is still better though. :iconpervplz:)****
(****No matter how much they deny it, they're only fueling the passions on the fangirls! >: D)*****
(*****That being said, I feel a sudden urge to write Benedict Cumberbatch/Robert Downey Jr. slash fic and label it as selfcest. XD)

Aaand, in a final note.. HOMESTUCK. MTG. OHH MAH GAWD. \OoO/ HUSSSSIEEEEEEEE! :rage:
Does anyone know how to get different fonts on your writing? If you do, please tell me. I really want to know, because it would be a lot better to actually use italics than to have a marking like -this- when I'm trying to be serious and get my point across. Thanks~!
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So I started watching Mirai Nikki over my winter break. I had heard it was really good, dark, violent, with bonus homoerotic subtext. (Thank you, Akise. :3) So as soon as I could find the episodes on my iPad, I started watching...I finished all 12 episodes that were out in one day. It was that enjoyable.

So since then, I've been keeping up with it weekly, and just thought I should submit a few thoughts.

1, Yuno is the queen of Yandere.

2, Eigth is hella creepy, and will henceforth be known as "Muffin Lady."

3, I have no idea why Yuno is staying with Yukki. He is such a chump.

... Yuno, will you please be MY girlfriend?

:iconyunogasaiplz: :iconenterplz::iconthenicelookinghat::iconexitplz:

... No? Okay then.. :( *Corpse is mutilated*

:iconyunogasaiplz: :iconsaysplz: That'll learn ya.
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Hah. The last time I wrote a journal it was a nonsensical rambling about a Studio Gainax anime, wasn't it? Yes. Yes it was. Here. Have more rant, with a side order of many swears. If you're under 18 and haven't heard the word "fuck" before, you're gonna hear it a lot in the next 3 minutes.

But first, I'd like to say something: I decided to not record my logs the first time I watched "Evangelion." I couldn't enjoy the show too much if every 5 second I was stopping to write something down. So I watched the whole thing, and took just a few notes for each episode, which I will eventually expand on. The following two paragraphs will be appearing in my logs at the end when I finally bother to make them. Enjoy your sneak preview.

What. Nani. Quell. Que. Ehh. Huh.

What the hell. What the actual hell? What. The. Fucking. Hell?! What just happened? What the hell just fucking happened?! What was that? What the fuck? What the actual fuck? What in the name of all that is goddamn holy and decent, and all the other stuff just fucking happened?! WHAT. WHAT? WHAT?! WHAAT?!!!!

No. Fuck no. Fuck this, I'm out of here. This is too fucking much. Fuck fuck, fuckity fuck fuck MOTHERFUCK. FUCK. FUCKING MAILBOXES. SHIT BASKETS. MOTHERFUCKING TINCANS. ASS HELL. Fuck you, Gainax. Fuck you. Fuck you for mindraping me in a way that would be amusing to anyone other than me. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fucking penguins and dead people. Fuck dead people! Dead people fucking penguins! Fuck this, I'm leaving. For real this time. Fuck fuck fuck.

First 24 1/2 episodes: Awesome! Angst, but mostly awesome! Adorawimps! Ayanami! Asuka! A bunch of other things that start with "A"!


Anno-san, you are a better troll than Izaya. Congratu-fucking-lations! (Oh great, now I'm doing it to. Fuck it all.)
GAAAAAAANIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX!!!!!!!!!!! *Melts into a puddle of incomprehensible blubbering*

... Yeah. Well, I finished this one about a week ago on my vacation, but I figured I might as well write something on it. That ending.. Fuck. Jesus. God. Damn. The hell, Ganiax? I've heard of plot twists, but the last 20 seconds.. Why, Stocking, whyyy? WHYY?!

... Also, do we get a sequel?
Dayum, it's good to be back!

A week of being away at my future stepmother's house was more than enough, thank you. >_< It's not that I don't like her, I just really want to be in my own home again, and to be at my computer, etc. Etc. And now I am! Christmakwanzahanahramadanakah was really fun, and I got some phat loot. :D
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Okay, now that I have a much firmer grasp on sanity..

I would like to apologize for my lengthy rant yesterday. I meant every thing that I said, and I don't particularly regret it, but I would still like to apologize in case any particularly sensitive people passed through last night. I was most definitely in a bad mood, and really needed to get some stuff off my chest. c-\\\
First off, if you like to have your clothing folded just so, and you know I suck at folding clothing completely, DON'T ASK ME TO DO IT! It's not fucking rocket science! And after I predictably fuck up, don't give me that condescending look, then UNFOLD THE WHOLE FUCKING LOAD. It can't POSSIBLY be that fucking important to you that you have to waste BOTH of our times with this goddamn chore more than once! Have you ever heard of the phrase "If you want something done right, do it yourself?" If you wanted your laundry folded the same god damn exact fucking way for each piece, do it your fucking self next time your highness.

Also, if I'm trying to not blow my fucking top at how fucking retarded you're being, and you actually want me to possibly CONSIDER the fact that you don't belong in a fucking special ed course, maybe you want to adopt some other fucking argument tactic besides interrupting me every. Fucking. Time I try to talk? It's stupid, you're stupid, come back when you have two brain cells to rub together, bitch.

As long as I'm on the subject of ranting, the only thing I can think of that tops the retardedness of someone who's only argument is to interrupt you constantly and never let you get a fucking word out is the dumbass shows Disney is cranking out like it's fucking Christmas. Oh wait, it IS Christmas, but still, these shows are basically like what Santa gives to kids that are too bad for coal. At least you can sell coal, you can't do shit with the crap Disney pumps out. Twenty -three minutes of toilet humor assisted by the laugh track is NOT. FUCKING. FUNNY. Go back to clown college, morons.

I understand that Disney created Phineas and Ferb, and for that, I will cut them a little slack. But that slack is seriously reduced when they come out with new episodes of the crown jewel of their mountain of egregiously horsehitty shows, a particularly retarded piece of crap that is probably responsible in an I.Q. loss in anyone who watches, writes, acts in, or is even related to any of those people: A.N.T. Farm.

I knew from the fucking promos that this was going to be a particularly nasty flaming pile of shit. This is not a show. It is an insult to the audience who Disney thought they could force-feed just one more shitty "Popstar" to. In fact, I think you could most definitely remove both the "Advanced" and "Talent" parts from the title, and probably the "Natural" part too, because China McLain is already showing the signs of being a fucking whore, and in three years she'll probably be 90% plastic. If the non-retarded people in the audience haven't realized how fucking much she fucking sucks by that fucking point, they will then, and then she'll be forced to sell her body on the fucking street. Cheaply, too, because no one wants the body of a washed out popstar who was never good in the first place.

Let's face it, half the popstars nowadays have no talent in the first place. They're selected because they're within the spectrum of a very liberal definition of "hot," and because they're willing to dress like a fucking slut on camera. Case in point, Ke$ha, who is going to end up dead in a gutter one day with untreated alcohol poisoning, and no one is going to be any fucking degree of surprised.

The only good thing about pop music is that even if it sucks more than the only prostitute in the busiest brothel in town, after a month, unless the person who wrote it comes out with something new, or fucks up and embarrasses themselves in another completely unsurprising way, (Á la Britney Spears) no one will fucking remember them. Thank. Fucking. God. Every time I hear "We r who we r," I want to punch the nearest person I see as hard as I fucking can, and use their unconscious body to turn the speakers into fucking dust.

Thanks for listening! :D
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... Okay, now that that's out of my system.. I'M SO GODDAMN HAPPY. :D

Two uberepicawesome things happened today- I won first place in a cookie baking contest, (For looks.) And I acquired the part I desired  in my upcoming school spring production!!! And, it's Friday! SQUEEEEEEEE~
So, only two things this time.

1, I need to rant a little. My computer is fucking up now because I'm trying to install Left 4 Dead, and it's both taking a ridiculously long time and a ridiculous amount of space. And this is -after- I had to go through this ridiculous phase of troubleshooting because it said I had about half the space on my computer (And it still does, just half by less.) that I actually do, and I couldn't even -try- to download it. Damnit. :/

2, On a less ranty note, I finished No. 6. Pretty good for an eleven-episode anime I watched in three days. Beautiful backgrounds. :P And like I mentioned in my last journal entry, enough subtext (Pretty much just "text" by the finale.) to power a small city. There are probably shows with -more- but Are there any that could condense so much into such a short amount of time? (And I heard that in the original novels, there was even -more-. Jegus. O_O)

So that's all for now, I guess. Merry Christmakah.
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So my last journal entry was looking a bit stale, so I thought I'd put this in. Got a few things to say, I guess.

1. Chobits. I finished reading the manga yesterday, and now have two omnibus tomes on my bookshelf. TvTropes summed it up best: "Boy falls in love with a girl who's artificial body and overprotective sister ensures that they can never have sex." It was indeed better than it sounded. ^^ Also, all the full color spreads of Chi lounging about in Meido outfits, pearls, lace, and about every other thing you can possibly include in gothic lolita costume porn made me want to draw some Gothloli, which I (Mostly) failed miserably at. :/

2. Brownies. I made some. They tasted better uncooked. :( Oh well.

3. No. 6. I'm watching it now, and OH GOD THE GAY. I'm four episodes in, and already there's been enough subtext to power a small village. Not that there's anything wrong with that. :D
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So 7oday, I was 7rea7ed 7o a hellish combina7ion of 7he soreness and headaches of 7he onse7 of s7rep 7hroa7, exhaus7ion from no7 being able 7o fall asleep un7ill af7er midnight las7 nigh7, and cramps from it being 7ha7 7ime of 7he mon7h again. >_< No7 having 7he bes7 day.

However, jus7 a li77le while ago, I wa7ched 7he finale of "Angel Beats!" 7he overuse of my 7ear glands very easily 7ook my mind off 7he pain. T_T (I7's really good, 7hough. Go wa7ch i7. Naaao~ )
It's the first Magical Girl anime I've ever watched. No joke.

Those poor, poor girls. But it was SO EPIC. Those poor, poor girls were such badasses! I spent half of the series crying, and the other half "HELLZ YEAH"-ing. Yay for being bipolar! / /(o ‿‿ o)\ \

My nickname for Kyuubey is now "Miracle Squirrel." He's adorable... But, y'know, evilish. (From a certain point of view.) Also, this series has made me over the past couple of days have a slight obsession with drawing Magical Girls. Or at least the closest I can come to them.. :/
So here's the story:

There's this girl on my block, whom my sister is really, really close friends with. I don't hang out with her that much, but she has an older sister, who's really cool. Her older sister is also into all this stuff on the internet which, on the occasions that we meet, she introduces me to.

Last time we met was about maybe a month and a half ago, for a new neighbor's housewarming party. She's the only kid on my block my age who was invited, so we kinda gravitated together, as usual. We talked about a lot of stuff, and as usual, she had something that she wanted me to check out.

That something was Homestuck.

So, after a month of putting it off, I finally search it up, and start reading it.

Two weeks and over two thousand pages later... :D

I finally caught up to it, and I have one thing to say.

  • Watching: NaruTaru

Not to be confused with Naruto. It's much shorter, among other things.

I just started watching it, and though the first episode was very light and fluffy, I'm kinda worried about what the rest of the series will be like. (Mohiro Kitoh, anyone?)

Also, Hoshimaru is the most disturbingly adorable thing I've seen in my life. (Sorry Envyslug.)

That is all.