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Journal History

  • Listening to: The Handsome Family
  • Reading: The Super Natural
  • Watching: Westworld and The Twilight Zone
  • Playing: With Magic
  • Eating: Second Breakfast and Third Lunch
  • Drinking: Tea, coffee, more tea and even more coffee


• Country Music

• Gnosticism and Heresy

• European Paganism, Egyptian Mysteries and Hermeticism

• Art, History, Philosophy and Anthropology

• Mythology, Psychology and Genuine Spirituality

• Books, Megaliths and Libraries

• Music, TV Shows and Cinema

• Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror and Suspense

• Hiking, Camping and Bushcrafting

• Traveling, Exploring and Archeology

• Ufology, Conspiracy Theories and Chaos Magick

• Languages, Cultures and European Traditions

• Norse, Celtic, Greek, Egyptian, Slavic Sagas and Legends

• Poetry, Psychedelics, Runes and The Occult

• Magic, Divination, Alchemy, Sorcery and Meditation

• Role-Playing Games, World Building and Graphic Design

• Documentaries, Film Making and Photography 

• Solitude, Plants, Animals and Wildlife


The Minds of Men
Phenomenal Documentary by Aaron and Melissa Dykes.

No one has to choose a single truth, but one owes oneself to look with open eyes. Behind all doors and behind the dark curtains from where dark fog lurks. Also these corners must be visited before one can say the they have chosen the mirror gives back everything which has been given and tells nothing if the surface was already painted. He who takes away that which was lived, who puts in what is written, must watch his memory die for the sake of the stronger's pen.

I'm now on tumblr as well. Took me a long time to register an account there, because I don't really like the idea of these "flashy" image posting, "share this, share that" type of websites. (look, I took a picture of my arse today!)   Anyways. I succumbed to temptation and went on to the dark side. Spreading my creative work and reaching more people was and still is my initial purpose.

By the seiventeenth century , chynges in the staundin atween Scotland an England haed gart Scots tyne muckle o its smeddum. As a scrievit leid. it mair an mair gied wey tae English aince Lunnon cam tae be seen as heidmast in maitters o leid.

Archetypal Architectonics
Can I interrupt your daydreaming for a moment and throw you a quick bucket of icy water in the form of a brief analysis of my own personal troubled psyche? Are you ready? I asked you a question! Are you ready to take off? Oh, you better be! better be son! Everyone is free and capable to make his own journey and write about it. I’m here to report a tiny fraction of mine. So keep on reading on the link below!



theNEWoath's Profile Picture
Borislav Vakinov
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi, I'm Borislav. People call me Boris. I know what you think though, but I'm not "that guy". I usually use my pen name, which weirdly enough happens to be Bóriwulf. I'm a heathen lad from the Balkans. Born and raised in Bulgaria. A bibliophile-polymath, also a devoted long-time Tolkien reader and a Middle-earth archeologist. I also like all things Medieval, pre-Christian and related to Paganism. I'm also crazy about Maps and Dragons. I am a researcher into the The Occult and the History of Western Magic and Esotericism, a dedicated Fortean and a self-thought experimental musician. Sometimes I fool myself that I am a great artist, and I do draw things occasionally, scribble or design a graphic, but on other hand I comfort myself that I sit quite comfortably being a writer. I also make videos and upload them on that strange CIA controlled platform called YouTube. I like to think of myself as a simple blogger, but it seems to me that people like reading long descriptions and bios of people since the dawn of man. I have a rather strange taste for Art and I'm heavily addicted to Country Music. What else is there to say? Well, obviously a lot, but I won't burden you with my hero's journey life story. That was rather lengthy introduction already, but I assure you, that the world will not end after you read these lines. Aeons ago, people used to call us Shamans and Sorcerers, but now we’re just creative people on the internet. I mostly write and sometimes edit articles on the interwebs, whenever I can, or if I can find more of that precious and illusory resource we mortals call - time.


• Country Music

• Gnosticism and Heresy

• European Paganism, Egyptian Mysteries and Hermeticism

• Art, History, Philosophy and Anthropology

• Mythology, Psychology and Genuine Spirituality

• Books, Megaliths and Libraries

• Music, TV Shows and Cinema

• Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror and Suspense

• Hiking, Camping and Bushcrafting

• Traveling, Exploring and Archeology

• Ufology, Conspiracy Theories and Chaos Magick

• Languages, Cultures and European Traditions

• Norse, Celtic, Greek, Egyptian, Slavic Sagas and Legends

• Poetry, Psychedelics, Runes and The Occult

• Magic, Divination, Alchemy, Sorcery and Meditation

• Role-Playing Games, World Building and Graphic Design

• Documentaries, Film Making and Photography

• Solitude, Plants, Animals and Wildlife

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!! NOTE !!
I don't have a Fakebook, Twatter, Instagratitude or any other social engineering media and mind control account!

For questions, commissions or anything of the sort, contact me here or on the following e-mails:

Current Residence: Bulgaria
Town of birth: Veliko Tarnovo
Favourite genres of music: Black Metal, Industrial, Neo-Folk, Dungeon Synth, Ritual and Dark Ambient Soundcapes, Fantasy and Traditional European Folk Music, Scandinavian Traditional Folk Music, Classical / Neoclassical, Country and "Southern" Rock, Movie and Video Game Scores, etc.
Favorite style of art: Traditional Art, Photography
Operating System: Windows VII
Favourite Quote: A pessimist is a person who looks at the world with one eye closed, and an optimist is a person who looks at the world with both eyes closed.



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