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Under Wuodan's oak
Under Wuodan's oak
door woutart
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planella birds
planella birds
door lembuk
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Marina in Paris
Marina in Paris
door Petalofdreams
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Lady Jinshu Niu - Year of the Metal Ox (colour)
Lady Jinshu Niu - Year of the Metal Ox (colour)
door Ejderha-Arts
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Hasselt: Evening view
Hasselt: Evening view
door marsu305
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Winter Mist (Bob Ross)
Winter Mist (Bob Ross)
door Zee-qow
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Lady Jinshu Niu - Year of the Metal Ox (colour) by Ejderha-Arts
planella birds by lembuk
Hasselt: Evening view by marsu305
Under Wuodan's oak by woutart
3D Art
VRoid Kiseki by Zee-qow
Easter Donut by Zee-qow
Temple of psychedelic delights by janhein
Partially organic equipment on an alien planet by janhein
Artisan Crafts
Skyrim Daedric armour by MarisArmoury
Henk in the snow by DeathEaterRed
Weavess in Velen by MarisArmoury
Caranthir arrives by MarisArmoury
Plants by Zee-qow
Recruiters Chapter 1 Page 3 by Zee-qow
Pretty by Gollumble-Jafer
Having a Beef by FlitsArt
Design and Typography
Mercedes logo by mardoek50
A Court of Silver Flames Cover Design by Catstudio7
ACOSF Dust Jacket Design by Catstudio7
Camo Playboy Bunny by mardoek50
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Quiet Stream (Bob Ross) by Zee-qow
Winter Moon (Bob Ross) by Zee-qow

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[oc] hangry by Joltikon
Sasssssss by BornOfLight
Digital Art - Full
*com* may the magic lead you by xXTwiggy
Tienala by FigoFox
Midnight Princess by Petalofdreams
Bayonetta, the femme fatale by Petalofdreams
Emoticons, Icons, Pixel Art and Stamps
Orange Autumn Plaid by PoonieFox
Arabian horse pixel by xSapience
Little Bit Of Magic - Commission by PoonieFox
Scorbunny by Fawngoo
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Adopt - goth [OPEN] by GasterSans
Adopt - dragon [OPEN] by GasterSans
[OPEN] Paypal Commissions 2021 [OPEN] by Dalblauw
1900 POINTS+ ART - Catstudio7's Draw My OC ContestI've added more characters to my OC List you can draw and added a few changes in the prizes! Please look down below. There is also a DTIYS about my oc (Shadow Blaze) you can take on my instagram! It also has prizes. :3 Deadline December 30th is for the DTIYS. Please check it out on my instagramNEW AND LAST DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 31TH I've extended the contest due only 2 entries so far and I have a feeling everyone is dealing with a lot of stuff at the moment.So no harm if you can't right now or are doubting if you should. There is still plenty of time!I also consider canceling the contest if not more than 5 people join. Deadline: December 31th, 2020THE CHARACTERS YOU CAN DRAWThe Characters & oc ships/couples you can choose from to draw for this contest are in this list. Read it carefully, I've added all the info i could think off and added it hereNew Wishlist Secret Trades 202What you gotta do for now: Share the contest in a journal. ( No polls)You do not need to be my watcher, but if you want we can be friends!Tag the contest and me at your entry. Publish your drawing here in case the tag does not work. It can be digital or traditional. Only works in color are accepted. No grayscale, line works, sketches etc. I want to see people put full effort into it.  You are allowed to use ink's though, indian ink, ecoline etc. (inktober pieces alikePlease refrain from posting your art as a journal entry, status post or entry, cause DA is messing this up and I can't see it anymore. Please post as a normal submission NO bases/ if I think you did use a base or traced, I will not accept it. NO yaoi, NO yuri. NO Mature Content stuff, that means no hentai or gore stuff. Some blood is fine if you draw any of my characters injured. Please do not draw my characters in other clothes, I gave them multiple outfits in the character sheets, please also respect the personality of the character. :3 Maximum 3 entries per person. but you can only win onceCRITERIA TO EVALUATE I'll be judging based on this, listing this below to give you an idea. I'll write a comment now when you posted and entered, but after the deadline has passed, I will seriously try and be taking my time to judge based on these. This isn't to scare you off. As long as you do your best and give it your all, you've got nothing to worry about. Originality and creativity. Cleaning. Concordance with characters. Effort. 1st place: Half body or headshot (portrait) drawing by me 1000 Points by me Llama, if I haven't given you one already Shoutout on my instagram ( if you got an instagram ) 2nd place:900 pointLlama, if I haven't given you one alreadyShoutout on my instagram ( if you got an instagram )Note: 1st place winner, note me with your preference of one of these two choices, if you want headshot or halfbody. ENTRIES SO FAR: ( I add here all entries for this years contest! Will be updated when there are new ones.)  ,Sarah entry by @FaerieWarrior , Shadow & Sarah entry by @LittleAsshole ,Shadow (Contest) by @LosersGuide ,Zack Lion form by @dragonsnstuff1 ,Zack lion form by @hopenalive ,Sarah Blaze by @Rijant ,SarahXBraixen by @michuyu ,Aurora by @GeorgeFrost3 Here you can see all entries from the past years and gifts people made me. I think that is all for the moment, if you have any questions send a note and I will respond with pleasure! GOOD LUCK!!!...
neat /poem/ by Korwynze
Mixed Media
Ala van de Lucht above the school by mene
fuly open by ITurmel
Photography - Full
When the temptation was stronger by ItsDiane
Resources and Stock Images
[STOCK] Snow in the Netherlands 5 by DeathEaterRed
Traditional Art
Caelia by kittyocean
How to draw manes (Video tutorial!) by Bolero-lief
Completed Events
Art Telephone Game the result : Nessie by Clouddancer1996
WIPs and Sketches
Aradhana Concepts by EvelineDaw
Ongoing Events
The battle of fire by Marl1nde

Group Info

Wij zijn The Netherlands, van en voor Nederlanders. Wij zijn jouw ideale platform om je werk aan de menigte te laten zien en je critics om je op jouw gebied nog beter te maken. Meer op zoek naar uitdagingen of nieuwe vrienden? Regelmatig houden we contests en we zijn de grootste verzameling aan Hollanders op DA!

Dus spreek je Nederlands en/of kom je uit Nederland? Dan ben je van harte welkom.

Not Dutch, but still interested? Check out our affiliates for the right group for you.
Founded 11 Years ago
Dec 7, 2009


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2,710 Members
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Algemene Regels

:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange:Lid worden::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange:
Er is maar 1 voorwaarde, om lid te kunnen worden moet je Nederlands zijn of in Nederland wonen en de taal spreken.

Alleen eigen werk.
Maximaal 1 submission per week.
Geen werk dat niet op DA is toegestaan.
Geen racistisch, discriminerend, pornografisch of aanstootgevend werk.

Traditional media: zorg dat je werk netjes gescanned is.

Digital media: let op de verschillende stijlen/folders en het beste opslag-formaat voor minimaal kwaliteitsverlies.

Fotografie: let op scherpte, afsnijding en concept. Wees origineel!

Literair werk: let op spel- en grammatica fouten en zorg dat je werk een preview laat zien.

Miscats (het plaatsen van werk in een verkeerde folder) worden altijd geweigerd, let goed op de (sub)categorie bij het submitten!

:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange:Favourites submitten:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange:
Favourites worden in deze folder geplaatst door staff. Daily Deviations die aan de groep zijn/worden toegevoegd, worden altijd naar de favourites geplaatst.

:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange:Voor vragen en/of opmerkingen:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange:
Voor vragen kan je terecht bij de founder, co-founders en moderators, dit kan gewoon hier bij de group maar een note werkt het snelst.

:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange:Gedrag in de groep:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange:
Iedereen mag zijn mening uiten, maar dit moet niet leiden tot het beledigen of afkraken van andere members. Als members herhaaldelijk in de fout gaan kunnen zij uit de groep worden gezet.

:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange:Maar vooral; hou het gezellig en have fun!:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange:



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Ik houd een DRAW MY OC CONTEST tot het einde van dit jaar en vroeg me af of jullie deze kunnen adverteren in een journal of plaatsen in de gallery?
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1900 POINTS+ ART - Catstudio7's Draw My OC Contest
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