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Rome (cover Aut vincere, aut mori )


This set of art was done for my friend, who is a SwanQueen fan and little bit in to a Roman history as well. Story credit goes to Lysachan . I hope author would forgive me for using her characters, but I was inspired by her work and the lack of interest and general attention to women-gladiators of the Roman Empire. It is like they were not as important enough, or not died brave enough, or not killed to survive just as any other man on the arena. It is known for a fact that there were many of them, and though that practice didn’t last as long as Gladiator battle, they sure were just as glorious. Then when I tried to look up the actual info on Gladiatrix-female fighters, I found out they were grossly overlooked by almost everyone. I mean, there are lots of vulgar, cheesy pictures of practically naked women with heavy weaponry, they have no business to be near, sure LOL     And don’t even start on the movies. The only decent female fighter in gladiator arena was that African American that was riding a carriage and trying to kill Russell Crowe in the Gladiator movie. As for the  pictures then perhaps celebs in Pepsi ad, (you know, Britney, Pink and Beyoncé) were remotely passable …… very remotely)) So here’s to all forgotten female fighters of the Roman Empire. CHEERS! 

 P.S. Please do not Use, Modify or Edit any of my work. Thank you 

As I was reminded of importance of crediting authors for their stock (as beginner), here is what I can be sure of so far:


Pillar by 

Premade Background 24 by sternenfee59

The rest of it came from myriad of other places on the internet, including my own stock since I wasn’t planning and was adding it as an inspiration strucked. I don’t really remember where all of it  came from,LOL So please, if you see something that you think might  belong to your stock, let me know and I will properly credit it to you. Thanks   

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