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Sinnoh confirmed!

At least one Person likes the new Chibi style ;3

But for real I actually really love it.
I personally never liked ORAS and felt like the 6th gen style just didn´t worked with the region so to see that they actually learned from this and started to truly experiment with style? *chefskiss*
And when Legends was announced I literally screamed. It´s such a good time to be a Pokemon fan right now <3

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Aww Palkia is looking like a toddler now. so cute. (I know it's chibi. But I always think chibi characters often look like cute toddlers.)

I just hope they have enough time to make these games good.

Nuzlocke players: let’s do this

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this is so accurate XD love the expressions

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Poor pink Godzilla... I personally hope they add in some new features/story cause I played the originals, and I don't wanna pay money to play the exact same game I did ten years ago on a different system with a different art style.
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Agreed. Worst case. it totally the same. Pretty much Re-meh.

Average case: It goes into a re-master. Where it is more of the same, but fixes all the bugs/glitches from the old. and adds a few goodies to make it better than the gen 4 OG game.

best case: A actual remakes with much more new quality content. some content is the same as the old. but with new stuff. TO make the game, much more lively than ever.

I expect a re-master. But I pray for a real remake. they got 8-9 months to go so.

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Pink Godzilla XDDD

I have to disagree though. Playing the same game but on a different console and with better graphics is just exactly what a remake is. New story belongs in new games

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Not a totally new game, I mean like a second mini adventure after the full game (like Episode RR after US/UM or the Rayquaza adventure in ORAS).
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That would definitely be cool! I can imagine that would be the best way to fit the distortion world

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Oh my Arceus you're totally right! I WANT TO SEE MY SPOOPY BOY!!!
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Comments: I'm getting Brilliant Diamond...

Me: Distortion World...? *sad Giratina-fan noises*

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I still hope it will somehow be included ;v;

that and hopefully rotom pre elite four and the better encounter table

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My biggest hope is that they don't ruin my man Cyrus somehow.

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Well they said they´re gonna stay true to the original so as long as they don´t design a ridiculous new outfit for him like with poor archie and maxie I think we´re good XD

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I kinda found the Archie and Maxie redesigns...not too shabby. They weren't exactly great, but I didn't find them too unbearable. I definitely prefer Maxie's redesign, though (and what the hell did they do to Tabitha?!).

But I shall be less happy if they massacre my man somehow.

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Don't worry Hoopa, we did'nt forget you!

*hoopa get's chibifyed to act as the target to hit in a Pinball minigame*

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Even more chibifyed hoopa would probably really just be a tiny pinball XD

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Draw it! Draw it! Draw it! Draw it! ;P

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Sorry m8, I'm going for BD lol

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Gonna get thrown into the Pokemon world as a turtwig then :V

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Ooof. Now I feel bad that I'm probably going to get Brilliant Diamond.

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Jokes are you. Modders make it a reality.

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