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Autumn in Sinnoh Chapter 3 P36

Big news!
Yep some people already guessed a promotion but it´s a rather big one ;) Gym leader are a big deal in this universe
Also some might recognizue Mito as the Machop orion made friends with on page 32. He´s a big Nerd which is why these two get along great

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Oh that's great actually!!
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I was following this on ComicFury but I was enjoying the story so much I just had to come over here and binge it. Can't believe I'm already caught up! Keep up the great work! :D

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Waaah thank you so much! ;v; I´m so happy that you enjoy the story that much <3

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Good for them!! (still quaking in fear though)

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but when is he gonna be betrayed

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Promoted to betrayer

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oh, oh no

why must this now be in my head oh no

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Ooo, a promotion, and a big one at that! I love Orion so much, but I'm so worried for him >m<

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Uh oh, I am feeling a “no Pokemon allowed” situation coming along

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That would certainly track with the whole "you just can't trust humans" thing Orion said before the flashback started.

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Interesting theory! :3c

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