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Kitsune by TheNerdytimes Kitsune :iconthenerdytimes:TheNerdytimes 1 0
Dark Soul part 2
Jar- er, Charlie argued with his boss long enough to get to go. First he went home where his mad scientist's lab resided though and tried to decide what stuff to pick. He then took his special goggles that recognizes γ-rays, x-rays, ultraviolet light, light, infrared light and radiation on different settings and can shoot both harmless and harmful LASERs, as well as his watch. And Bobby.
Charlie returned to the base, only to find that soldiers had already taken over the area where he met the funny guy. As soldiers waited for their orders (and looted the dead) Bobby tried to figure out how to get through.
:iconthenerdytimes:TheNerdytimes 0 4
Dark Soul part 1
Two people in shady cloaks met in an old building.
"Do you have it?"
"Yes! I just finished it! And I call it Bobby."
"Good. With this, we can take them down. Now, Mr. Jarvis, how does it work?"
Jarvis started describing "Bobby", making it sound like some sort of a superweapon. Suddenly, a group of soldiers showed up, trying to arrest them. Unfortunately for soldiers, "Bobby" was suddenly set off, killing everyone in the area... Except for Jarvis.
"Well, looks like Bobby worked. Sorry pal."
Suddenly, Jarvis got a call.
"Charlie, our sensors detected unusual energy reaction in where you are. R-U-O-K?"
"Yup, Bobby just got set off unexpectedly."
"What about our friend?"
"He doesn't appear that lively."
"Well, the operation failed then. Return to base."
"But it looks like Bobby is undamaged! Can I continue?"
"The operation was supposed to be done by that other guy. You just built 'Bobby'."
"But I could now just as well finish it!"
"You're a kid. Sneaking into a major naval base in itself i
:iconthenerdytimes:TheNerdytimes 0 0
Dark Soul part 0
Humans are weak.
That's why Dark Soul wants to rule the world.
Dark Soul came out of nowhere and wished to create a better world. And Dark Soul was succesful.
Now, there's only three militaries in the world. The Great Army, The Great Navy and The Great Air Force. They where founded by Dark Soul. Dark Soul used them to bring peace to the world. But they failed, because they were led not by Dark Soul, but by flawed humans. Now they have an eternal war between each other. Each one believes that Dark Soul is on their side. But Dark Soul hasn't answered that which one is right... yet.
Or that's how we're told.
In reality, however, there's a fourth military. Because the Three are in war, they don't notice everything. There's a force that seeks for Dark Soul's utter destruction. The rebellion.
They managed to make their attacks seem like the Three were attacking each other. That made them actually attack each other.
Now, there's the war. Who will win it...?
:iconthenerdytimes:TheNerdytimes 0 0


CANONICAL MARIO WEB VERSION 2 by thisolddeviantart CANONICAL MARIO WEB VERSION 2 :iconthisolddeviantart:thisolddeviantart 23 45




No journal entries yet.


That is not important right now.
I might start a webcomic in future. One of the alternate futures, at least.


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warahi Featured By Owner May 30, 2014   General Artist
"Face it. Goku's a Saiyan"

...that's obvious?
TheNerdytimes Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
You had posted a comment somewhere on deviantArt that seemed to suggest that Goku was originally a human that was magically turned into a Saiyan. Somehow.
warahi Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014   General Artist
... I did not...
TheNerdytimes Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014
Because that would be about what happened. Or do you choose to remember that differently?
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welcome to deviantart... since no ones welcomed you XD
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