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Flora gift

By TheNekoStar
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A birthday gift for the very talented creator of the 'TwoKinds' webcomic, Tom Fischbach. He has been a great inspiration to me over the years, and I wanted to do a little something for him, on this special occasion.

I hope you like it, Tom.

Flora © :icontwokinds:
Art © :iconneko---star:
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© 2008 - 2021 TheNekoStar
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JohnSergal's avatar
Looks very cute.
TheNekoStar's avatar
Ugh, it's so old haha, but ty~
Shayzira's avatar
0_0 *instant
TheNekoStar's avatar
Thankies! Everyone seems to like it more than he liked it himself! lol
Shayzira's avatar
Well that's....yeah that's not very nice....Hahahaha
TheNekoStar's avatar
Well I like it, and that's all that really matters. :3
divinedxthenxdivided's avatar
aaaw you even got her boob size right! toms gonna love this!
TheNekoStar's avatar
Haha! Much obliged! He did say he liked it, So i'm glad. XD He always seems so busy though. :/
ChadTMorse's avatar
I love the TwoKinds comic. You did a great job with Flora man.
TheNekoStar's avatar
thank you very much!! I tried my best to make her look like his character, but still adding in my own style to it. XD

I still don't know if he's seen it... I wonder if he'll like it? o.o
ChadTMorse's avatar
He seems like a really nice guy, I am sure he will like it. He seems pretty busy these days, might be awhile before he sees it.
TheNekoStar's avatar
Yeah he seems nice but as you say he always seems busy (or apathetic. XD)

He actually replied today, so that's good to know that he saw it.
ChadTMorse's avatar
Nice dude, congrats! I am just starting out with the whole drawing thing. Hopefully I can reach your level of talent in the next few years. I would like to do some furry art myself.
TheNekoStar's avatar
Well you flatter me, friend. Just stick with it, and always draw knowing you can do better today than you did yesterday. XD

Hopefully we stay in contact long enough for me to see you advance yourself to great heights. :3
ChadTMorse's avatar
Hahaha well that would be nice. I am sure if we do it will be your advice that helps get me there. I fear I am a long way away from even posting something I feel comfortable with though. On a side note I am going to show a few people on the TwoKinds forum your picture. Maybe it will boost the page views!
TheNekoStar's avatar
Thanks a lot! I have yet to sign up for that forum, not cuz i dont want to, I just never got around to it. I'm very apathetic, as my lag in art lately shows you... XD
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WingDiamond's avatar
TheNekoStar's avatar
Thanks a lot! XD
Tom's probably euphoric about this (at least he'd BETTER be)...
TheNekoStar's avatar
He liked it! :D Wish I got a better response, but i'm just glad he saw it, and I can understand how busy some people can be. ^^ (Now looking back tho, it looks so old... XD)
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