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NITW: Bright Future
        Angus and Greggory spent most of their young adulthood in Possum Springs, working odd and often low-paying jobs to afford their special day: the day they moved to Bright Harbor. It was springtime; a warm and bright Sunday afternoon. They were all packed up and ready, all that was left was to leave. Beatrice took the day off work to help them load the car and drive them to the bus station. Mae was helping too, though hesitantly. About every five minutes she'd space out and look depressed.
[Bea] Mae seriously wtf? You've been acting gloomy all day and that actually worries me.
[Angus] Yeah, and a few times you accidentally squashed my Bug with a suitcase.
[Gregg] My back hates you now. C'mon dude what's up?
[Mae] I'm seriously just trying to take all this in. It seems like only yesterday we all finally got back together and now you guys are going and I'm still wondering what the hell to do with my own life.
[Bea] It hasn't been that long, could always re-
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Ask TNMG #71 by TheNekoMimiGamer Ask TNMG #71 :iconthenekomimigamer:TheNekoMimiGamer 3 7 Ask TNMG #70 by TheNekoMimiGamer Ask TNMG #70 :iconthenekomimigamer:TheNekoMimiGamer 2 1 Sailor Nova - Falling Star by TheNekoMimiGamer Sailor Nova - Falling Star :iconthenekomimigamer:TheNekoMimiGamer 8 4 Fabulous Selfie by TheNekoMimiGamer Fabulous Selfie :iconthenekomimigamer:TheNekoMimiGamer 2 3 Skyward Sword Fi as a human by TheNekoMimiGamer Skyward Sword Fi as a human :iconthenekomimigamer:TheNekoMimiGamer 2 3
There is pain and pride in parenthood
Daddy Foxy x Child Reader
    Foxy paced the floor nervously. He was still wrapping his head about his current situation. He peeked out of his cove to the security office. Certainly Mike would be able to help him; humans are good at that right? He carefully held a tiny bundle in his arms and tip-toed to the office. He peered his nose inside and tapped on the inside of the door with his hook, which was now corked. "Mike lad, I need ye."
    Mike looked over and then leaped out of his chair screaming like a little girl, "FOXY WHAT THE HECK!?"
    "Shhhh!!! Not so loud." Foxy quickly interrupted, but to no avail. The bundle in his arms suddenly began to wail. "Dammit Mike, now ya done it!" Foxy cradled the bundle and sushed it softly. "It be alright wee one. Daddy's gotcha, go back ta sleep now." It didn't take long for Mike to realize exactly what was going on.
    "Foxy... Why do you have a baby?" He whispered
:iconthenekomimigamer:TheNekoMimiGamer 2 17
Unhappy Father's Day
Daddy Foxy x Fatherless Child Reader
    The third Sunday in June... Most kids go out with their fathers or stay at home to have fun. Some kids are even lucky enough to have two fathers. Not (your name) though... (He/She) had an unfortunate event in which (he/she) no longer has a father... (His/Her) father always brought (him/her) to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza for a good time, so (he/she) thought it would help (him/her) feel a little better. Walking in though, (he/she) saw that everyone their had brought their dad with them. (Your name) slowly walked through the crowd to Pirate's Cove, which (he/she) found had been shut down. "Daddy..." (he/she) said softly, "I need you..." (He/She) walked past the cove and into the hallway, and came across the janitor's closet which, surprisingly, was wide-open. In curiosity (Your name) walked inside to f
:iconthenekomimigamer:TheNekoMimiGamer 4 20
The Remnant: Remembrance ~ Abigail
    Dear Daddy,
        It's me again. Have you been getting my letters? I wish you would write back, but Mommy says you can't. Mommy tells me all about how great you are. You built robots to entertain children that resemble cute animals, but they act so human. My Fredbear plush tells me you still build them, and even perform with them. Mommy says it's impossible, but I guess she doesn't know you like Fredbear does. My birthday is coming up and she's bringing me to the same diner that you used to work at. I can hardly wait to see it, and I hope I'll see you too. If I do see you, I'll finally get to tell you "I love you" in person!
        Forever yours,
[Fredbear] Writing to your father again are ya?
[Abigail] Yeah. I think he'll be excited to get this one!
[Fredbear] I'm sure he will too Sweetie.
    My name is Abigail Lee Verne. Fo
:iconthenekomimigamer:TheNekoMimiGamer 0 2
A cat with claws is still a loyal friend
    After a long day of wandering around, Novius and Ezekiel settled in a nearby cave. Being alone for so long, she was curious about almost everything around her, especially her new companion. To her he was a giant fluffy cat, albeit the same cat that saved her very life. That night she was very bored so she parked herself next to Ezekiel's giant hand-paws to mess with them.
    "I'm tryin' to sleep child... knock that off... I won't be held responsible if you keep at it..." She didn't wanna listen. After all why would he save her just to kill her later? Unfortunately she found out the hard way that he meant business; he extended a single claw making a single cut across her face. Novius yelped and backed away very quickly. "I told ya to knock it off! Maybe you'll listen to me next time!" Ezekiel went back to sleep and Novius nursed her wound outside by moonlight.
    "Why do I bother? I spent 19 years on my own, I can handle myself just fine." In a huff,
:iconthenekomimigamer:TheNekoMimiGamer 0 0
It started with an alliance
    Novius woke up to a dark room with strange markings all over the walls. She tried to prop herself upright but soon met immense pain through her body.
    "Don't even think about getting up." It was the same voice she heard before she passed out initially. Novius turned her head to find the same pair of eyes that saved her from the Twili beasts; They in fact were eyes of a 14ft 6in (about 4.4m) tall sabertooth cat "I don't know how you got that bad of a beating, but you're in no shape to stand up... yet... and you won't be for a while."
    "Who.... are you...? Why did you... help me?"
    "I am Ezekiel Ike Mortravious... and I helped you because I could" Novius could almost taste the sarcasm in his voice, and it irritated her to not get a straight answer. "I can feel you glaring at me; I'm not obligated to give you my reasons."
    Novius looked away and gave a frustrated sigh. "Fine... Don't tell me..." a long silence f
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The Golden Turnabout part 2
Previously on The Golden Turnabout

January 10, 1989 9:40 A.M.
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 4
Trucy: Morning, Apollo!
Apollo: Oh. Hi, Trucy. *sigh*
Trucy: Something the matter?
Apollo: My head hurts from looking over everything last night. / It doesn't seem like anything makes sense. Right now, this case is just plagued with contradictions.
Trucy: Don't let it get to you, Polly. / It's always so interesting how cases can be flipped in the course of a day. / I wouldn't be all that surprised if it happened this time around, too.
Gold: Mr. Justice, are you ready?
Apollo: What do you think?
Gold: Me? / Oh, I see what you're doing. You put trust in me, so I have to put trust in you. / Of course you're ready, Apollo. I promise you, it will be alright.
Apollo: (Please don't say that as you show me your injured hand. / It's practically like he lost his whole right arm. I can only imagine how difficult that is.)
Spring: *strums guitar* Gold, if this doesn't work o
:iconmaddog197x:maddog197x 4 2
Let me out! by xRequilein Let me out! :iconxrequilein:xRequilein 32 19 Spring Bonnie by xRequilein Spring Bonnie :iconxrequilein:xRequilein 121 12 Arttrade - Freddy by xRequilein Arttrade - Freddy :iconxrequilein:xRequilein 132 64 Arttrade - Bonnie and Mangel by xRequilein Arttrade - Bonnie and Mangel :iconxrequilein:xRequilein 67 23 Answer 87 by Ask-Lutka Answer 87 :iconask-lutka:Ask-Lutka 71 82 For Me? by SmashingRenders For Me? :iconsmashingrenders:SmashingRenders 488 213
The Golden Turnabout part 1
Previously on The Golden Turnabout

January 9, 1989 12:00 P.M.
Detention Center
Visitor's Room
Apollo: (Spring said that Golden Freddy had been taken in this morning before opening. / Guess they were a bit hasty. They didn't want anyone to think something was wrong at the pizzeria again.)
Gold: ...
Apollo: Gold! Come back!
Gold: ... / You, Mr. Justice? You're the one who decided to come first?
Apollo: I heard about what happened. Spring told us about this morning. / I had to see what the sudden disappearance was about.
Gold: Well, you're looking at the reason. I was arrested for murder. / And may I ask again why it is you who comes first to see me?
Apollo: Why would I not be?
Gold: Before you left last night, you had that private conversation with me in the basement. / I showed you what you needed to know, and then...
Apollo: ...The prosecution was wrong. Where's the evidence? / Where's the proof that their actions led to your own?
Gold: You have it all wrong!
:iconmaddog197x:maddog197x 3 4
The Golden Turnabout Prologue
I'm here. What's the deal?
Let me just say, I only want things to change for the better.
Better is an opinion.
Just stand there. It's time to make things right. ... Long live Fazbear.
NO! They... they need me! Stay back!
January 8, 1989
Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria
Apollo: ... This is it? The place that serves as your "hideaway"?
Phoenix: Ah hah hah. Never thought of it that way before.
Apollo: Don't you think this is a little... childish? / We might as well be at a circus meeting a clown or something.
Phoenix: Actually, I've done that before.
Apollo: (Why am I not surprised?)
Phoenix: Why don't you at least take a look inside?
Apollo: ... It's closed.
Phoenix: Yeah, but the owner actually lent me a copy of the key. Shouldn't be a problem.
Apollo: (Darn. I was hoping I wouldn't have to endure the embarrassment.)
Phoenix: Okay, here we go. Women and children first, as they say.
January 8, 1989
Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria
Show Stage
Phoenix: Oops. Better flip on the lights.
Apollo: (
:iconmaddog197x:maddog197x 4 5
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
A small-time gamer girl, but I'm BIG on Legend of Zelda, FNaF and Carmen Sandiego
I'm also currently a college graduate with a bachelor's in computer science.

A few things you should know about me:
1) although my IRL appearance is that of a 12/13 year old, I am in fact an adult.
2) My age doesn't change my personality or my brain. I'm slightly autistic, I have ADHD, and bipolar disorder. And guess what, I'm perfectly happy with myself.
3) Stop taking my words out of context. Unless all my words are in caps with an insane amount of exclamation marks at the end, I'm completely cool and collected when I chat. People who change the context of what I say, and publicly make me look like an asshole, are the reason why I used to be anti-social in the first place.
4) Don't ever call me out for lying. It's completely a psychological aspect, but I still lack the ability to lie. I can still be wrong, and I don't mind being wrong, but if I know for a fact that something is not true, my brain refuses to let me say it and claim it as truth. I just can't do it. I've tried it; it didn't work.

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I'm sick on my birthday...
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I'm sick on my birthday...



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