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Since I never know what to put in these journals, I'll just start featuring people. I'll feature one person at a time.

My friend, :iconkitty-craftsy: makes some wonderfull paint style artworks and even dabbles in comics sometimes. Go and check her out. Here are some of her works:

OCpageant2016 Round 1-Nikita by Kitty-Craftsy  Mileena by Kitty-Craftsy  FalcoNOlaf by Kitty-Craftsy
Odd adventures: The OCpageant Prom by Kitty-Craftsy

She's really growing in her art as well. Really, go check her out ^^

In other news, I just bought The Division. I played like 15 minutes yesterday and from what I saw, it's gonna be a good game. Reminds me a bit of Borderlands, but in a modern real world setting. Definitely gonna be playing that one a lot. If anyone has the game and feels like playing together, just drop me a note ^^
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Hey guys, I'm gonna draw a Halloween picture again this year, but I'm gonna do it a little different.

I found this list thing on tumblr where you can pick a costume for the characters to wear. I'm gonna let you guys vote for the costumes for Kai, Kaya and their parents. The costume with the most votes will be drawn.

Here is the list. Choose wisely. (or not, go wild, I don't care XD )

1. Ghost
2. Black cat
3. Skeleton
4. Pumpkin
5. Witch
6. Mummy
7. Frankenstein’s monster
8. Clown / Mime / Harlequin
9. Zombie
10. Werewolf
11. Vampire
12. Swamp creature
13. Rag doll
14. Ringleader
15. Pirate
16. Merfolk
17. Robot
18. Fuzzy monster
19. Ladybug OR Bumble-bee
20. Pixie
21. Alien
22. Popstar
23. Angel OR Devil (you know best)
24. Cave person
25. Ghostbuster
26. Cowboy
27. Mad scientist
28. “Costume” t-shirt
29. Any type of candy
30. “The good costumes were all picked over and this is what was left.”

Get to voting people. Make me proud XD (just tell me your vote in the comments. Vote 1 costume for Kai, 1 for Kaya, 1 for dad, 1 for mom)
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woohoo, I entered this year again and I ended up in 5th place this time ^^

I'm pretty proud of this. Last year I got in 10th place, so I made quite an improvement.

Sandra and woo fanart contest 2015 by TheNekoboi
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Dear people, there is a user on Deviantart that steals characters from others and uses them like they are his own:


He is using Kai and Kaya in his artwork AND in his youtube videos without my permission. He doesn't credit me, doesn't link to me, nothing. He just uses my characters.

I noticed that he did this to several other characters as well. If you see him using a character from someone that you know, please inform him or her that he/she got a character stolen! We should not allow character theft! Spread the word!
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I've finished the Cheer Up comic now. This was a test comic for me to see how long it would take me to make a consist comic and tell a story. I'm fairly certain I can make a page a week now, so that means...

It's webcomic time soon :D Some of you know I've been planning a webcomic with Kai and Kaya, and it's been in the works of and on for the last year. I'll be taking one or two weeks for script writing and storyboarding and after that I'll start on the first pages. 

During those weeks I'll be answering questions again, since I didn't get to those lately.

I also got something else planned that might be very exciting for some of you, but I'm not gonna tell yet. You'll see soon.
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