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Twin Dragons page 246-247: Meet Jin

By TheNekoboi
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The long awaited reveal of Jin, our new mythical hybrid :D

Now, who recognizes his species :p

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AlexiStrigoiiStudent Writer

I foresee someone bullying that sweet little marshmallow and then there will be a chapter titled "Very Angry Oni-Sans"

Dunrlycair's avatar

I'm someone who tends to pay attention to the characters and foreground, so it's not really shocking that I juuuuust noticed he was playing with a shrine, complete with a couple guardians at the base of the steps.

stecdude123's avatar
Kaya,with those eyes (in panel 4) I can feel that she is gonna be soo interested in this hybrid.
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AdnerejHobbyist General Artist

I'm glad my knowing Japanese is finaly paying off.

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Robocopp33Hobbyist General Artist puppy?

Dunrlycair's avatar

Definitely a komainu, the Japanese version of the foo dog (also lion dog or guardian lion). Paws and curly hair/tail are a dead giveaway.

Also adorable, a fluffified counterpart of the twins.

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DoranShroudHobbyist General Artist

Is that a Qilin? If so, Cool (It's cool either way imo) because the twin dragons meet another dragon! (Qilins are technically part dragon and part lion, deer or canine depending where they're from)

Spartan30000's avatar
*Sees fuzzy arms, mind goes crazy* You think washing dishes sucks for hybrids with fur?

Demon242's avatar
I can't think of an instance where it wouldn't suck. Not just because of the water and needing to spend at least five minutes drying your hands afterwards, but dealing with the soap and the food particles too. Gloves at a minimum would be required. 
Spartan30000's avatar
Blegh, gross! >XD

Gloves would be a must! X3
TheNekoboi's avatar
TheNekoboiProfessional Digital Artist

omg I never even thought about that xD

(For the twins, it makes their scales shiny xD )

Spartan30000's avatar
Well now you are thinking about it! X3

They'd have to wear long gloves or something at the very least to stop nasty gross food particles and grime from attaching to their fur. If they forgo the gloves or don't have any they'd have to spend several minutes after finishing the dishes cleaning their fur from the dirty dish water and spend more time to dry off their fur if they forgo the gloves. >u<

To sum it up. It would Really suck. >XD
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KeyoteaHobbyist General Artist

Wow, Japanese. From what I hear, that language has a lot of double-standards, based on you age, rank, gender, and lifestyle choice.

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CrossThisandFailHobbyist General Artist
Thats a... Thats a man everyone. Read the description
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Maybe it is just me but Jin is boy or girl? And where is she/he come from Japan or China?
dragoliched's avatar
Boy. Said on previous page and in desc.
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webkillaHobbyist General Artist
a chinese lion-dog? interesting. What can she do special tricks?
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SkamirothStudent Digital Artist
awwwwwwwwwwwww, sooooooo cutieeeeeeee!!!
SpeedyDVV's avatar
SpeedyDVVHobbyist General Artist
Guardian Lion?!
Buff55's avatar
Oh. A komainu hybrid. Makes me wonder if there are yokai hybrids out there as well.
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TheGalacticDragonStudent Digital Artist
kitsune? also this child be adorable
kyurem2424's avatar
is that real or knock-off LEGO?
xxOMEGAxx000's avatar
xxOMEGAxx000Hobbyist Writer
kitsune fox
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