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Twin Dragons page 244: Relief cycle

By TheNekoboi
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Fire insurance can get expensive if you have two baby-flamethrowers running around the house…


Small correction from last week’s comic cameo’s: The blue boy is not a fox, but a ferret. ^^’

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Iron-EdHobbyist General Artist
I'm so used to seeing comic characters with only 3 fingers + 1 thumb that Kai's left hand looked somehow "wrong" for just a second in panel 5!  LOL
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Robocopp33Hobbyist General Artist
"Nothing bad happened! Except that one time when we managed to…"
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Nothing happened... welllll, one of the doctor's hair caught on fire briefly. XD

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Ah yes, ze dude who talks like zis, my favorite

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DingoPatagonicoHobbyist Traditional Artist
" :onfire: " xD
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Never trust a German scientist.

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Why not. They taught a clock how to be a gun with kraut space magic.
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I'm joking about the H&K g11 which was nicknamed kraut space magic. It's inner mechanisms resemble that of a cuckoo clock, and was designed mostly by Germans.
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Eep! Don't Make Eye Contact With The Mad Scientist!
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KeyoteaHobbyist General Artist

There aren't many things around here that are fire resistant.

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TheGalacticDragonStudent Digital Artist
kaya seems very surprized the fake bear ripped off XD also what did the dad think the doctors would imidiatly believe em when they said dragon
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Captain-GrumpyHobbyist General Artist
you know just once I'd like to see a German doctor who wasn't inherently suspicious

Mercy Eyebrows 

...close enough
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TheNekoboiProfessional Digital Artist

He's not my own character. Rather, he's a friend's character, so I didn't have a lot of say in that. I'm working with what I got :p

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Here's hoping he doesn't do something he might regret!
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Captain-GrumpyHobbyist General Artist
nah it's fine, wasn't trying to diss you or anything m8, I'm just observing with caution

Sadie Popcorn by Captain-Grumpy  
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