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Commission sheet

By TheNekoboi
Please contact me through note if you want to commission something. State clearly which type of commission you want and what you want drawn. I WILL ask a lot of questions if something is not clear, since I want to draw what you want, not what I think you want.

The rules:

1. Will/Won't draw

What I will draw:

almost everything SFW

What I will NOT draw:

NSFW/sexual art
If I find your suggestion to be something I’m not comfortable drawing, I will let you know. 
I remain the right to decline your commission if I think I can't make the artwork to your and mine satisfaction.

2. General
- I have the right to decline/refuse to draw a commission when ordering. 
This can happen because of several reasons, but probably won't happen. I'm just putting this one up for emergencies in real life.

- Don't mark your digital art as "shipping required" when paying. 
Digital art does not require it and Paypal seems to fuzz about something needed to be shipped when you do mark it. Please don't mark it, it's just troubling for everyone involved.

- I will not start your commission unless it's fully paid.
I've heard horror stories about artists making art pieces and not getting paid once it was finished. I'm not that big of a horror fan, so I'm asking for payment up front.

- A good reference makes my life easier. 
Have a ref sheet or enough other references ready please. I don't require a big fancy ref sheet with every strand of hair documented, but a couple pictures from as many angles as possible will help. Do keep in mind that the accuracy of details depends on the reference.

3. The Customer
- I will communicate any problems or delays when they happen. I will do this through notes.

- You will get a sketch for approval and a rough color for approval. Once approved, I will continue.

4. Payment
- All payments will be paid via PayPal. 
I will not accept money orders, paychecks, snail mail or other things.

- Full refunds are possible if the picture is still in the sketch progress, before it was approved. 

- Write your username in the payment description so I can keep track of who payed.

5. During the progress
- small changes can be done during the whole process, but if I have to redraw half your commission at the coloring stage, I might charge extra depending on how much extra work it is.

6. Rights to the art
- The commissioner has the right to re-upload the image to anywhere as long as any watermarks are kept on and credit is given in the description. (I generally don't watermark, but rather put a signature somewhere)
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© 2015 - 2021 TheNekoboi
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rennat45's avatar
how goes the que
TheNekoboi's avatar

Just finished another commission today, only a couple more to go ^^

Grindr's avatar
still doing comissions.
TheNekoboi's avatar

I am, but currently a bit booked full. I could let you know something when I have an open spot again?

Grindr's avatar
yes that would be rad :3. take your time.
BlackStarWolf100's avatar
If you’re still open, can I get a Ref Sheet?
TheNekoboi's avatar
Hey Blackstarwolf. I currently have a waiting list for commissions. If you don't mind waiting a couple weeks, I can add you to the list?
BlackStarWolf100's avatar
Sure, I can wait. I have the ref sheet all set up. Send me a note when you’re ready.
TheNekoboi's avatar
S386LWBNM's avatar
I wish to order a few commissions if that's okay. May I inquire your buisness :D
TheNekoboi's avatar
Hey there, sure, you can inquire my business, I'm open for more commissions at the moment. you can send me a note so you can tell me what you would like to commission :D
Thesurvivor587's avatar
Well i think its time to finally save some money on this, i think i might conssider save money for problaby a flat color or a painted/soft shaded
TheNekoboi's avatar
Thanks for considering a commission :)
kyurem2424's avatar
can i give a second commission?
this time
-4 oc's
-4 of your characters
& a group pick
TheNekoboi's avatar
Sure, I answered your note about it ^^
kyurem2424's avatar
i have a commis for you
a flat colour with 4 characters
-my oc
-my oc's girlfriend
+ Kai & Kaya
TheNekoboi's avatar
Thank you ^^ Please send me a note with the references so we can discuss the price.
wasdlucas's avatar
 i'm thinking(yeah. i may buy it,but not today and probably not this year) on an ref sheet. i'm having trouble drawning a OC. i drawned it first, it looked perfect. i tried to redraw it... looked horrible. i tried like 20 times, and i just can't draw the eyes and color the hair. so i thinking to draw an sketch with some infos about it and pay for you do an "ref sheet" of it and see what happens.
 but i have an question: "20$ per character..." what do you mean by that? i want 1 character to drawn, but like 3 pictures of it. so i'd cost as 3 or as one?
 also i'll put very detailed info's if i buy it. i want to make our life easier.

(btw i participated of the live!)
TheNekoboi's avatar
It would cost as three, but depending on what you want exactly, it could be cheaper.

I remember you from the stream ^^
wasdlucas's avatar
 so if i decide to buy, it would cost 30$. good to known.
 but i thinking that i don't'll buy it unfortunaly. i don't have age t obuy it myself, so my dad would have to negociate for me; pokemon sun & moon its coming; and this is a thing i can kinda do it myself... if i decide to buy, i'll let you know.
wasdlucas's avatar
 yeah i did it myself... it taked time, like 5 mounths, but i did it. so i don't will buy it.
 here if you wanna check it out xD:…
wasdlucas's avatar
that just a cool thing to know.
(hope you understand)
i'm not asking you anything, its a very fair prize, and your art is awesome.

"FAIR":welp. at least fair in USA

but for brasillians this is kinda unfair.

try to get my point:

in brasil, with the living wage, for a 10 pages 300$ comic, you'll have to work for basically 1 year.
brasil living wage:880,00 R$ = aproximaly 300 dollars.
1 R$ = 3$

a 50 pages 300$ comic? pfffff... that's just 15000 dollars! 45000 R$! just 4.5 years working! just 4.5 years for 1 comic!
(don't get offended, 300$ for page its what you art deserve)
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