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The fandom is quick! D: She already have a name even when just appeared in the las episode for like 10 seconds hahaha

Well I liked her desing a lot(Even when is just a Hilda recolor... xD) I find her very elegant, so I made a quick draw of her :P

MLP: FiM (C) Hasbro
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We need more griffons in the show! :heart:
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Ooh, very clean depiction. Nice job!
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Second I saw her in the show I wanted her. Gorgeous pic btw.
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Those eyes... I think I'm in love
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She also is called Ivory

She is cute as heck though. I freaking love her.
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HHHHHNNNNNGH! Adorable! :iconfluttergaspplz:
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She definitely has a great design.

I kinda prefer the name "Irma" though, she doesn't look like a French "Genevieve" to me...
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Genevieve is Brythonic.
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Are you sure? All websites I checked say it has French origins..
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Definitely glad for the new gryphons. And she's already been named? Damn, that WAS fast....

- Polecat
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Love the fact that we get to see more griffons this season!
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Hope they give griffons a bit of attention this season. Great work btw:)

I think Irma is a better name, just sayin.
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I like the look of the Griffins but I have a feeling that they will be named at some point in this so I will withhold any recognition of a name until such time. Besides I couldn't even tell if they were male or female, we have only ever seen two griffins in the show until now I don't know what a typical female Griffin is even shaped like vs a male.

That aside this picture is amazing, this fandom is just moving faster with each episode it seems.
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I refuse to call her that. For one thing, I doubt the V sound can be produced with a beak.

I call her Gyríðr.
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How do you pronounce that name?
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It's pretty freakin adorable. Excellent pic, bro!

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Thank you for that, now I'm gonna have to find a way of remembering that. And yeah that griffon looks both cool and adorable.
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What's the name for the other two?
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