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WATCH_DOGS Future ctOS - Theme (Android)

By theNBT
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Thank you for your humble support, here's the final result!
More info about the theme can be found in the first link. If you need help, either comment here or email me (email in the first link).
© 2014 - 2021 theNBT
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Dont suppose you'll be making any custom app icons to fit with the theme?
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Sorry, probably not. I tend to avoid making icons as some people get greedy and ask for more and more. Since it's impossible for me to cover all existing apps anyways, I basically just disregard that idea.
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[Initiating Fixer Profile Tracker]
[Fixer Located - Scanning for Data]
[Critical Data Located - Hacking]

[Success - Data From Profile "theNBT" Has Been Successfully Compromised]
[Initializing Data Transfer]
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Haha, thanks for your creative comment! xD
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eh, seemed appropriate =P
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In all seriousness, this is worth the $2 :D
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Awesome theme. I can't wait to install it on my phone. Keep up with the good work. :)
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Its really cool theme *_* im playing watch dogs right now and think its awesome and i really love it, so this theme can give me opportunity to feel myself like Eiden >3 This theme is blends in Watch Dogs style pretty well) Awesome job)
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Love how it turned out!
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love it! ;D Good job!
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the watch dogs theme looks great like the evangelion theme
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Read the update.
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Really nice one. Looks much better than your "JARVIS OS for Android"-Theme!
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I didn't fav the preview -.-

Screw I'll still buy it cause it's awesome XD
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I love this! I bought your Ironman Jarvis theme, would love a free copy of this one for my N7!!!!
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Can't wait \(^_^)/ it shows clearly how hard you worked on this o.o Maybe later on in the future you can create one the home screen with different location rather Chicago o.o, maybe like customize to place your hometown or something. I'm not sure if the icon of the schedule is able to change to say what is agenda for the day, if so disregard what I just said. Also it would be great that you create this theme for multi-platforms like ADW launcher or go launcher so you can get more attention o.o oh yeah the battery icon, if want you can make it look like the battery from watch_dogs. Also back to the idea of customizing your own hometown, maybe make the roads shows traffic lines, maybe your current location on there on the home screen. But overall it's a pretty good start for theme keep up with the nice work ^_^)/
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Thanks for the feedback :) These widgets are dynamic and actually work, more or less. For example, it will say New York if you live in New York, it will say charging when usb is plugged in. Think of it as Rainmeter but for android. Also, it's not restricted to only nova launcher, should works on any launcher that supports widget.
It would be impossible to make a custom image for every town in the world, that would mean I'd have to make about 250 000 images, lol.
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O.O damn 250,000 uh haven't thought of that, jesus Google maps must have went through hell... well you right on that, but watch_dogs media track from the game is like 40 ish songs, so maybe when the calender remainder notifications happen it can play random or your favorite song from the game. I'm running out ideas to think of lol, but that's sort of manageable right? I might be wrong xD lol. I didn't know it was also for go launcher sorry about that misunderstanding lol, but recently they seem to take down several customs theme off of Google play :/ so stick with any launchers you prefer to work with so it won't happen to you. Have fun with your artwork! :D
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This is by far the best theme I've seen. I'm a gamer and would love to have this in my phone. How can I get the free copy? I will definately recommend this to my gamer friends too.
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Still looks good.
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