Colours of the Rainbow Feature #9: BLACK

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Black Rose ~Black~ Black Rose 

Colour of Darkness.

The Shades are now up for this feature series. ^___^ It's only this one and White left until this is complete! :squee:
I'm so proud of you guys! <3 You're all awesome for making this a success, you really are!

You can also check out the others with this master list here!
Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U! Colours of the Rainbow Feature List Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U! 

These journals will consist of any random deviation I find or suggested with in the colour stated as at least 50% of the picture. :bademoticon:

:bademoticon: Suggesters: :bademoticon: 
LualaDy :iconlualady:
UszatyArbuz :iconuszatyarbuz: 
flamingolegz :iconflamingolegz:
irbi-art :iconirbi-art:
Wanna be featured in the suggesters section? Suggest some deviations to these journals and their colours! Love
black by idilsalihakuntuz Black Cat by viridis-somnio onyx by StefTastan Midnight Universe Dream Catcher #3 by TheInnerCat Black kitty in the night by ericadalmaso  Day 5 #inktober by Pokiwi lights the stars by Paskhalidi Tons of Rock 2014 by Isfyx  Harsh Light IV by Iron-Eye Still too cold by Finnyanne Pencil Drawing: Black Wolf by JasminaSusak Silhouette by DaisyDinkle Don't Look At Me by DeLumine *** by CreameCaramele Smile! by marcinwuu Dark Nights by Catosan  Haven by Atarial Icon by adamcroh  Angel by GreenBreen    heart by Korwynze Omeshionando [Nippon Color Challenge] by chantilin Dance with the spirits by Kate-FoX Somewhere in Portugal 31 by JACAC Shadow Demon by BenWootten Speedpaint by Ascaina Time to start some trouble! by Noncsy The Docks by Billiski seize by admx Commission - Void Shadow by AikaWolfsoul Is that you ? by Pryate cuffed by Kapricka84 8 . Perfect Dose by roobosaur98 Shan Yu by CrimsonSealArt The lighthouse by Kurumii-chan --Solid of Light-- by Arkeresia Noob Saibot by phrenan  Sir Daniel [T-shirt] by Versiris Dextra by SineAlas Black and white by Doctor-Inverted Unfriendly Woods by CitySpacer Illidan Stormrage by RRJones 

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If there's anymore deviations you'd like me to put up in this journal, let me know in the comments and I can put them in. Love
You can even suggest for the next journal as well. <3

You can suggest others work or even your own! Just as long as it's the right colour!  

The last issue will be WHITE! La la la la 
Make sure the deviations mostly focus on the shade, White!

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Noncsy's avatar
Thank you very much for featuring my work! <3
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
You're very welcome honey ♡
Pryate's avatar
Thank you so much for this Feature :heart:
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
Wheee you're very much welcome :tighthug: I cant wait to do the last one tomorrow! <3
WDWParksGal's avatar
Could I ask you to join DevNews (membership is automatic) in order to submit your journal features to the Journal Art Feature folders? It would really help me, since DA has put in a limit to the amount of Deviations that can be submitted/invited into groups, even by the Founder. Thank you!
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
Sure hun ;v; Thanks for letting me know! ♡
WDWParksGal's avatar
You're welcome! If you see any articles you think the community will like you can submit those, too :hug:
irbi-art's avatar
Really thank you for feature my Prisoner !!!
For white theme ... may be you like this :……
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
Aww you're always welcome ;///v//; <3
And sure! :love: They look great! I'll put them in the last journal :giggle:
admx's avatar
Wow, thank you so much for featuring my work amongst such Black beauties! :love:
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
Wheeee you're ever so welcome! ♡ Im glad I could make an amazing feature with pieces like yours in it! :tighthug:
JACAC's avatar
t h a n k . y o u . f o r . t h e . k i n d . f e a t u r e . =)
c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s . t o . a l l :clap:
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
You're very welcome! I'm glad I could be able to feature your work! :huggle:
JACAC's avatar
k i n d . y o u . =)=)
RRJones's avatar
Thank you so very much for this Feature!!!
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
You're very welcome! ^____^ <333
CitySpacer's avatar
oh hey, thank you so much for featuring my piece 'Unfriendly Woods'! i'm happy you enjoyed! :D
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
You're very much welcome! :love: I love the piece ;v;
DeLumine's avatar
Thanks for including 'Don't Look At Me'.
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
gigi50's avatar
It looks great with the black art selection :clap:
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
Thank you! :love: I had a lot of fun doing this one ;///v//;
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