Colours of the Rainbow Feature #5: BLUE

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pullmonaria ~Blue~ pullmonaria 

Colour of peace and sadness.

Wheee we're onto the next issue, Blue! :love: 
We have lots of fantastic deviations just like the last journals! :la: So have fun having a look! <3

You can also check out the others with this master list here!
Pixel: Blue Stary Colours of the Rainbow Feature List Pixel: Blue Stary

These journals will consist of any random deviation I find or suggested with in the colour stated as at least 50% of the picture. Heart

:bademoticon: Suggesters: :bademoticon: 
LualaDy :iconlualady:
UszatyArbuz :iconuszatyarbuz:
Windklang :iconwindklang:
Wanna be featured in the suggesters section? Suggest some deviations to these journals and their colours! Love
Ps. Blue is my favourite colour so prepare for a whole wave of it. :giggle: 

Christopher Robin Stamp by Mel-Rosey  Taking a chance stamp by Mel-Rosey 
The great blue heron by UszatyArbuz  The Great Kings of Our Past by cmloweart Golden Serenity by rimuu 
Crystal world by pin100 From a notebook, January 29 by lauraverde My Dream Islands by Sieskja  Unforgettable whirlpool by MirachRavaia Quietism by Mars-Hill Summer Blues by Egil21  Snow Fairy (collab) by LualaDy Trapped In The Glass World by riodayakana Dreamy Night by Lychnobia Treasure by Last-Valentine Jumping spider on smooth wall by Kisarisary  Colours: BlueThe colour of the sky
The colour of the sea
The colour of my eye
And many besides me
The colour of depression
Goes without a mention
The colour of honesty
My favourite colour to see (between you and me)
Is it yours too?
The colour blue
 Oddworld by PatrickBrown Dark Woods by RebeccaTripp Millu by NeruLove1 reach for star ( mobile wallpaper! ) by Apofiss Stargazing by fireytika PC 1/2: Conteene Enchantix by Bloom2  Daily 370- Panic at the Disco by TheAlienBanana PageDoll Commission: StarryStellary [CLICK!] by LiliumLilyy Le grand condor v3 by prometheus31 Commission: Zelda Princess by An-Juu Love by founder-of-silence Breath by XhiliaJP   Will you join me? Life is fun! by woxys Eyes of the Storm by AbsoluteKane  Ocean Ombre Crochet Crocodile Stitch Hat by KichisCrafts Attesa by ManuelaSoriani [Contest] Pixel Nevada by LittlesBlueSeas Blue Diamond - Steven Universe by ralloonx Dolphin by mks8 F2U: Vivi pagedoll by dratinigirl  Underwater Dance by Vitaly-Sokol Einzelganger (Lone Wolf) by McAfeeKelsey Yggdrasil Altar Cloth: Hand Printed + Double Sided by ImogenSmid Silent yet Inevitable by N-Maulina  Sun and Moon by starwoodarts My frozen heart by EliseEnchanted Music by Takai-dono Dawn on the Second Day by taylorsmith Lady Snowflake by AngelaSasser

If there's anymore deviations you'd like me to put up in this journal, let me know in the comments and I can put them in. Love
You can even suggest for the next journal as well. <3

You can suggest others work or even your own! Just as long as it's the right colour! OMG - Watch that -reverse- 

The next issue will be INDIGO! La la la la
(Indigo is dark blue and/or blue mixed with purple)

Skin made by fantasy-alive
© 2016 - 2021 TheNaughtyFish
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KichisCrafts's avatar
Thank you for featuring my hat :heart:
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
You're very welcome! :love:
Lychnobia's avatar
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
riodayakana's avatar
Thank you for the feature ^^
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
You're welcomeeee! :love:
ManuelaSoriani's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature!!! *____*

Here you can find one of my deviation for the next color, Indigo:…

And a couple of suggestions:……
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
You're very much welcome! :la: <3333

Aww hun I've already done the journal :giggle: But I can certainly still add them if you wish. <3
ManuelaSoriani's avatar
oh, no!! such a delay!!

don't worry but please link me the journal!
(I want to keep myself updated!)
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
Aww it's okie hun <3

Here's the master list to the feature series! :love: Colours of the Rainbow Feature List
The next issue will be rainbow!
Last-Valentine's avatar
Thank you for the feature!
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
You're welcome! ♡
Egil21's avatar
Thank you very much, I really appreciate :blowkiss: Sorry for the late reply!
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
You're very welcome! :love: ♡ And dont be sorry!
ImogenSmid's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature!
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
You're very welcome honey! <3
cmloweart's avatar
Thanks for the feature! :heart:
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
You're welcome hun! :love:
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
Thank you very very much for your thoughts! :iconbrohugplz:
gigi50's avatar
:clap: :highfive: My Pleasure :hug:
LualaDy's avatar
this is hard, if I knew this before, I would have kept some dark blue pieces for this feature

maybe this one, not my fav, but the colour seems to fit
The Dark Sorceress by LualaDy

Cold December Moon by Sieskja Together Alone by MaaykeKlaver Crystallize by Fragile-Eyes-Fiction Witch by Neywa
TheNaughtyFish's avatar
Aww hun TwT Thank you for suggesting regardless! <3
LualaDy's avatar
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