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Coloring video tutorial



Hey guys

To celebrate my 20k pv and as a thanks to all of you I created a digital coloring video tutorial! I explain (yes, you can hear me talk ;)) preparing your lineart, flatting and rendering. It covers everything I use as it's a 36min long unedited video. That means you see me color (realtime) and you also see me making mistakes :) (you can even hear when I got a phonecall :dohtwo:) It's a pretty big file though, 103MB (it's split in 3 smaller files). Because of the compression the video got squached a bit in width and my voice sounds funny (sometimes hard to understand too :hmm:), but it doesn't affect the things I explain and show. Also, please keep in mind that I'm from Belgium so English isn't my first language. Sry if I don't use the right word or something like that.

Thx to :iconsungryphon: you can download part 1 here: [link] Thx a lot man!!

Thx to :iconmechangel2002: you can download part 2 here: [link] Thank you SO much Diana!!!

Thx to :iconac009: you can download the last part from here: [link]

The 2nd part is a rar-file so you'll need winRar to extract it. You can download a trial version here: [link]

I've put a lot of time in this, so I hope you like it and that you learn something from it!


- The Nass
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Oh,God!!!!:Can you upload again the Second Part of the Tutorial?.I can´t get it,and it could be really useful to me!!!!.Thanks