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I'm an illustrator from Sweden. I mainly focus on animal art studies but push me to learn environment and humans as well. I like to experiment with different types of styles too. I upload more art on my Instagram :

And I also Stream on

If are have quetions, just ask. Its better to comment on my profile than notes. ^^ I also apology if I am slow to reply. I do other stuff than hanging out on deviantart ^w^


I mainly use paint tool sai, Adobe Photoshop CC and Wacom intus 3. Brushes in adobe : aron blaise,Sites I recommend for reference Pixabay, unsplash, pexels and also facebook groups like ''free reference photos for artists''I dont do art trades, point comissions or requests! Sorry! I dont tolerate Bullying towards me or other artists.

Hi Guys! I hope everything is fine with you. I dont really upload here often, but I still draw. I mostly upload on my instagram. I just want to make it extra clear. My stock photos is not allowed for commercial use, dm me if you want to .I know some people have sold some wihout permission. Its kinda sad since I have spent so much money on camera+ zoo visits. Its always better to ask, so you dont assume stuff. 2.My art is not free to use. I dont care about using my art as icons or whatever, but dont sell my art/make products of it. Im working on sending reports to all sites who stole my stuff. Othervise, I have been busy with studies for 3+ years and now Im finally ''working'' as a trial. I will try to upload some art here when I have the time
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Hi guys ! Hope everything is alright with you guys. As the title says I’m going to return to deviantart. I feel more and more that Instagram is not the right platform for me ( and other artists as well) Its more for people who have big company or well influencers. I am simply just a hobby artist. I dont have a company in my name or I hardly take commissions due to studies. Im going to first of all change my name here and also change icon. It feels not relevant that I use the same appearance since I’m not the same artist as before. ( not only drawing wolves in a specific style) I’m more into portraits nowdays with my own style. But also experimenting forward with my art. I want to give deviantart one more chance after the incidents here when I got heavily bullied and did not felt welcome. I’m not the same person and the people who attacked me is no longer here. I won’t delete my old art here. I will just put it into my “old art folder” And no, I have not stopped to draw wolves.
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Stolen art

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Hi guys! Im still hanging aorund here altough Im mostly active at my instagram. (kippisart) I have seen that many of my original art have been sold on several sites , posters or diamond paintings. Im going to report every site I see for each image. Even if the art is old, I dont accept people making money on it without permission. You have to have writen permission to use my artwork when it comes to sell it. Also when is comes to my stock photos, its not for selling purposes. If you still want to use my art and photos commercially. Send a note and we can discuss it. That's all for now. //Sandra
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Very nice art bro!!

You’re artwork is incredible!

Thank you so much <3

I've come back to dA after a long absence and what can I say? Your work has evolved so much! Like wow oo I can't wait to see more of your illustrations! C:

Hi! Thank you so much ^_^ ! Yeah I try to draw other types of animals. Not only wolves anymore ^^' And try to do a more paintery style than just lineart+color :D I usually upload more on my instagram :