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BJ Returns The 7 part miniseries (Trailer poster)

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Hey what's up you guys, Brian Jackson here, and I'm here to announce you all that I will be making a 7 part comeback mini series, BJ Returns. It should be about 30 minutes or less, that depends on the length of the videos. But anyways. The story takes place in 2020 when BJ has spent a year in a Mental institution working on his behavior, and getting rid of his immature, dark side self. And he's warmly welcomed by most of his friends, and his family. Although BJ & Christine's relationship is strained due to faking his death & lying to the public, and that broke her heart eventually. BJ's gonna have to come up with a way to win back Christine's love & trust. And at the other BJ is struggling to face his demons, as his dark side emerges, & torments him to get angry & get revenge on the people that shunned him, but refuses his alter ego self. But the problem is that No one can see him. Only BJ can, and his friends are worried & concern, as they accused him of talking to himself when infact he's talking to his immature alter ego self. And on another Team Killer Ink (from SMG4's film Meggy's Destiny), shows up and mockingly challenge BJ & his gang to turf war. But instead, their plan is to get BJ angry & expose him on live TV to show he's not really a reformed person. Those bastards. So this is going to be one hell of a miniseries. And I did say I made amends with most of my friends, and their willing to participate in my upcoming project. And I also have both my parents to volunteer to voice act in my miniseries. Oh this is going to be EPIC. so fill free to send in your comments and tell me what you all think of my project. It's really great to be back. And I will do my best of my abilities. PEACE

:iconthemysticblaziken:Brian Jackson II as BJ, Jerome, Apu, Agent 47, Captain Cuttlefish, Lance Goodman, And Alter Ego BJ
:iconcuteyoshilover:Cuteyoshilover as Christine, Jessica, & herself
T★Zelda as Callie, Marie, Agent 3 & herself
:iconskylarkarategirl:Skylar Karategirl as herself
:iconjakeflames:Zred491Firelord As Jake, Sanjay
:iconflowersdontlovememes:Flowersdontlovememes as Flower 
:iconrudyoctolingart: Rudy
Daisy: As Alina Jackson: AKA Darkness
:iconalphaswan: AlphaSwan As himself 
:icontaylorthedog1:TaylortheInksona22: as Herself
:iconsboomsonicspeeder:As AlexAllStar14
:iconloritheicewolf:loriTheInkSona As Herself
:iconlunamoon243: Luna
:iconchampionknight456:ChampionKnight456 As Sammie
:iconrickkyoto: DonutJoe93 and Himself
:iconaspider25:Alex Spider 25 as Himself
:iconprincessscarletchan:Scarlet Lovelock as herself
:iconega-indo-paint:Ega-Indo Paint As Herself
:iconofficialgeofcraze634:Geof As himself 
:icong-litchy-4:SMG4 As Himself/Meggy/ Killer Ink
:iconmushroompropeller:Bluie (Shroom) Mashiro: As Herself
:iconprincesssofia254:PrincessSofia254: as Herself
:iconlkgamingart:LK Gaming as Himself, 

And Special Guest Stars
Brian Jackson Sr: As Brendan Jackson
Norleen Williams: As Mona Jackson
My parents
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Looks Good My friend 👍

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TheMysticBlazikenHobbyist Filmographer


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your welcome my friend

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TRChiggyNew Deviant

Looking forward to this.

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PizzaHyperUltraNew Deviant

Nices. :)

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Looking forward to seeing this video :D

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TheMysticBlazikenHobbyist Filmographer

Yeah me too.

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Taylorthedog1Student Digital Artist

Interesting and it's Taylor Ink now :3

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TheMysticBlazikenHobbyist Filmographer

Taylor Ink?

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Taylorthedog1Student Digital Artist

yeah instead of Inksona

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massiveloserStudent Artist

this looks not bad if I'm honest.

now I have a few Idea, for when you're doing comic stuff and all, i think It'd be a good IDea to do stuff with Original Inksonas, like Benjamin infact, but don't be afraid to includde you're frendo's n shit in it aswell fella

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TheMysticBlazikenHobbyist Filmographer

Whatever u say dude.

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i am interested in seeing where you will take this

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TheMysticBlazikenHobbyist Filmographer


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SeantheInkling Digital Artist


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BallMaster60Hobbyist Artist

I want to be in it. I still feel responsible for what you've done.

Is that okay with you?

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Wait, if JosieBean's character gets to be part of this special, does that mean that my OC can be in it too?

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TheMysticBlazikenHobbyist Filmographer

Idk yet.

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Oh, alright. But if you made your decision, can you let me know in my notes plz?

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Enderboy1908Hobbyist Digital Artist
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TestedSpider592Student Photographer

i'm looking foward to see how this plays out

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TheMysticBlazikenHobbyist Filmographer

I had to redo the poster due to Clauds & Ghost decline to appear in my miniseries so I replaced them with Alpha Swan & T-Zelda. And TZ would be voicing The Squid Sisters.

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I look forward to this special
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