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I have split my art into a fanart gallery and an original art gallery. So, henceforth, all original art will be on the name questionthemajority and all fanart will be on das-sketchenbuken. Update your lists, everybody who cares! That's right, all three of you!

:iconfractiouslemon: = Original Artwork

:icondas-sketchenbuken: = Fan Art
Hey, folks. After some thorough soul searching and pants wetting, I've returned back into the foray.

First of all, let me apologize to all of you once again for my behavior. To those of you who know me well, I'm sure you realize it was another one of my little kooky streaks that you frequently have to deal with. Not that it makes things any better. I'm terribly sorry for making you guys put up with that so much.

To those of you who don't know me well, let me assure you that I meant no harm in my little pity party. I have manic depression and occasionally fall prey to the enemy of self-hatred. That and it's fun annoying people, but that's another story. I promise you that I'm normally a much nicer person to speak to!

Second, I want to thank my mates out there for understanding my wonky mood swings and supporting me (and Heather) through this, another one of my difficult periods. Ah, the joys of artistic insanity, eh?

Third, and finally, I am back, but Dr. X is still going to be on hiatus for just a little longer. I have another very special project I'm working on and hopefully this time things can really finally get started. Dr. X isn't going away, though! Once I've got things cleared, the Dr. X strip will return and shortly after you might start seeing him in another format, as well as several other inhabitants of my subconscious.

So, once again, I apologize, thanks for your support, buy bonds, and always watch the skies.

It's good to be back, me lads an' lassies!
It's a bit of a delayed update, but I'm somewhat back to tell everyone that Heather and I are now in Florida with my folks looking for work (long story). Things are pretty good here, though I definitely miss the cold weather in Michigan. But hopefully work will be a bit better here.

On another note, could you guys show me some groups of REAL cartoon and comic fans to hang out with? I am utterly sick and disgusted with all of the emo/goth morons who keep following me around!
Hey, gang. Not even a month after Heather and I have moved up to Michigan and already there's trouble.

Long story short, Heather and I are staying with Heather's grandparents until we can get back on our feet and find a place to live. Heather's grandmother has several emotional issues (to say the least). Heather's grandmother has, for reasons unknown to anyone (possibly not even herself), suddenly decided that she hates me and wants me to die. Fun. Well, there's been some poorly-repressed anger that's been bubbling up for the past week and tonight it finally exploded into what ultimately became a sobbing/screaming match between Grandma, Heather, and myself, with Grandpa observing. Very stressful. Emotions were bared and hurtful things were said that we didn't mean.

At the moment, I'm more than a little concerned for our well-being. Heather and I have calmed down and are ready and willing to apologize and forgive, but Heather's grandmother has sort of a hobby for keeping grudges. I fully believe that God will provide and take care of us, and I thank Him for what He's done for us already and still is... But I won't say I'm not scared.

Please pray for us, that God will provide us with job opportunities and a home... And hopefully that He will help Heather's grandmother to forgive. It would be a miracle, no doubt about that, but you'd be surprised at how many miracles God likes to perform.

And once again, like the forgotten half-eaten egg salad sandwich lurking in the back of your refrigerator, I make my presence known once more with a great and powerful reek of my unholy aura.

Yes! The Mysterious Dr. X is back with a vengeance and more bizarre adventures! So get yourself comfy and grab a cool one from the fridge! Um... But maybe you should try cleaning the place out a bit first. That sandwich I mentioned wasn't just metaphorical, if you know what I mean...
Just letting you all know that, since I'm moving, I won't be online for the next few weeks to a month. See you later! --Matt
I've just seen the live-action version of Sailor Moon and I can only arrive at one conclusion: Drug abuse. I could have sworn they put a stop to the opium trade centuries ago.
Just reminding you that the Dr. X comic series is up and running again. Check it out, why doncha?
I just finished making a music video of "Get Your Riot Gear" starring Sam & Max. Check it out:…

Update! I also just now finished making a music video of "Experimental Film" with Brendon, Jason, and Melissa from Home Movies:…

New Update: Now the video actually works! Amazing!
I plan to have the Dr. X site fully operational again by October 18, 2006. Just so you know.
Current Mood: :plotting:

As you all know, I'm putting my attention back to my comics again, and part of my plan is to get Dr. X running daily once more as well as getting out a weekly Saturday installment of WARPZONE: think within the cube.

My question is this: Should I continue to use sprites for this comic or do hand-drawn artwork? Both have their pros and cons. Sprites have that certain low-brow nostalgic charm, though I dread having to go through the intense mind-numbing work of restoring all of my spritesheets. Hand-drawn art allows for my more twisted versions of everyone's favorite videogame characters that you all seem to like, but it's also much more time consuming.

What do you guys think I should go with?
Current Mood: :nirvana:

Well now, this is unusual. Everybody here knows that I have had increasing displeasure with my employment at EB Games, or as I've grown fond of calling it, "EBabbages Gamestop." If anyone claims not to know it, they're liars. Or thieves. Or lying thieves!

Anyway, my wonderful boss, a foul-tempered fellow who has acquired the nickname "Mr. Smiley" from several people in town, has decided to finally get rid of me. Hallelujah! However, his plan to do so is to force me to turn in my resignation. Whatever.

I expected this sort of thing, really. Everything is a power play with this guy, so naturally, he wants to come out of this looking like the victim so the company kisses his butt some more and I just look like a jerk. Big deal. As long as I'm out. Heather's ticked off about it, and rightfully so, as this is simply the top of a long list of just plain mean and insensitive things old Smiley has done, but I really don't care anymore.

So, cutting to the chase, looks like I'm out of work again! I should be upset, but I'm not, really! Sure, this cuts severely into my "toy fund" (just when I was going to buy some cool newsboy caps and an awesome R2D2-themed Mr. Potato Head), but it also allows me a lot more time to work on my art! Heather and I are accepting this as a blessing in disguise from God, as we've both been wanting me to pursue my calling, and I've gotten an offer to hopefully get my comic idea, Scribbles, published by a comic book syndicate. So I'll be getting to work on that and shortly after you should finally see some more Dr. X and WARPZONE comics and... (I hope, I hope)... the true birth of my other series!

If you folks can, pray for us. We need all the help we can get. Money is very tight right now, but we both believe this is what God wants us to do. I don't know where we're going to get the extra cash we need, but we're just going to have to trust Him. Here's looking forward to some great new comics!
Hello everybody!

This is the wife, Heather. Matt's been all tired and busy with work and different things like that. So I thought I'd take it upon myself to scan and post some of his sketches and stuff that he's been drawing and not telling any of you about.

That being said, check out his scraps for new Matt-drawing-goodness! In fact, you should already know that art is up, because you should have his scraps watched just like his gallery. And if you don't, then you better go change it and START watching his scraps. So there!


Current Mood: :dead:

Just letting everybody know (as if it wasn't obvious already) not to expect much art from me for a while. I just can't seem to muster up the brainpower anymore to really get to work on my comics. Life simply contains things that are much more important than me sitting around on my fat keister and drawing funny pictures, and I can't focus my attention on both at the same time. And, rather than subject my art to an overglorified hobby that consumes my time, money, and mental strength, I'm just going to let it go for now. We'll see if I come back to it. Anyway, I may still post a few old drawings that I still haven't gotten around to posting. We'll see.
Looks like I had an extra life, after all!
WARPZONE: think within the cube
Just what the title says. Heather and I have been talking about making some dolls and puppets lately. Heather knows how to make dolls, but neither of us have much knowledge on puppet-building. I REALLY want to make some good puppets of Fritz and Donna, so is anyone out there able to help me out here?
Yes! New art! Take a gander, suckas!
A lot of people have sent me notes saying that I haven't done much of anything lately. Well, I'm still not doing much, but I'll ask you guys a question now. If Norm had a girlfriend, what do you think she would be like? No, she's not going to be a character in the comics. Heather and I have just wanted to create some roleplay names and it seems that I keep getting attacked with fangirls when I use Norm. Go figure. Anyway, we need a good character to use to pry them away. HELP ME!

I figured I would try my hand at aggressive salesmanship.
Okay, folks. For those of you reading my comic, you all know that I'm unfortunately going to have to cut down the number of updates during the week. I'm considering a Sunday, Wednesday, Friday format with three comics a week. What do you think? Any suggestions or comments?