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  • Drinking: Whiskey
The Time I'm Spending Is Counterfeit

But I Won't Admit I've Lost The Point

I'm Just A Little Stuck In A Fixed Routine

And I'd Give Anything To Be Erased
  • Drinking: Whiskey
Fake attempts to be okay
But giving in to the disease that consumes me is easier these days.

Sunshiny milk swallowed down to my throat,
I'm sorry to say, but you know I must go.

I know I'll never succeed in changing this world
no amount of emotional output is enough 
there are doubts every second
there are clocks that won't stop
I'm the product of my parents
who never had an ounce of professional luck.

Still some days I pretend, and I think to myself-
No it's useless never mind.
  • Drinking: Whiskey
All those nasty things you said,
all those bullshit words you felt.

They make up the remainder of our lives.

I've tried to erase you, why won't you just die?
  • Drinking: Whiskey
You see I got a little busy, and I had no time to spare...
                            I had hoped you wouldn't notice that I didn't even seem to care.

When I'd force myself to visit we would talk about the weather,
                        pretend we'd get together...
at a later date that slipped my mind as soon as I had said, "goodbye".
Something like over a year.
Something like it being two years since...

These days though, I put a pen to paper, and the ink just bleeds, nothing legible happens.

One day, I gave up on myself. Now Im not here anymore.
If I could stop time
I'd frame your glass pose.
Im a "favourite" whore.
But what's so wrong with that?

In less than 3 months, it won't be 2007 anymore.
Just think about it.