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Hey my people, the time has finally come! You want a commission drawn by yours truly? I have 20 spots available.…
The ebb and flow of an artists fragile ego, meanders a path with both, patches of gloom and glades of brilliant sun. You'll just be navigating a knoll and WHAM, your knee deep in some kind of self doubt mire...and Samwise is nowhere in sight. I just glared down the business end of one such "ebb" (or flow...or whatever) and came out the other end to...well, write this journal entry. 

As a "gag-a'day webcomic artist" there's a natural rhythm to your work and when that rhythm is disrupted by, say for example, looking at other artist work you admire, and trying to "improve your own work" to meet some invisible metric you, yourself have set, you can go into an artistic tailspin quickly. So strap on those oxygen masks my friends, because I'll tell you what I did to stay my funk. Fear not my faithful, this will be short and sweet, like me (except for the sweet part). A. Hunker down, go back to your roots and draw for an entire day. Thats it, there is no "B" or "C" or "4."

Seriously, just start back at when you first started to draw, and work forward in a series of studies to where you are now. Think of it like that fairy tale with those two nazi kids in the woods who baked a bread compass so that they weren't mauled by a rabid Banshee or whatever (I don't read.) It's just a matter of finding your way back to the path.

So, go forth and back track, retrack forward...or [insert back to the future joke] - good luck.


It's been a while since I wrote a journal entry. I've been hard at work on my comic and have been to a couple of cons now to sell my goods. I've got a few prints that I  created specifically that I'll post in my gallery. Please take a moment to check them out.

If you have a second please go over and vote for Legacy Control. I don't plan on winning, but I would love to have a decent showing for votes.…