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I've been meaning to do arts for :icontibek: for ages, but life has repeatedly conspired to get in my way. o.o BUT HERE IT IS and hopefully worth the long wait! Her character Madilynn from PMM, a Marill-morph working for the law. She's a neat character. :3

Played with some different techniques and brushes on this one. Pretty happy with how it turned out, especially her shirt (though the hair gave me trouble, as it always does). Her pose turned out pretty good too, I think, particularly her legs and boots.

Tibek is love. The art's mine, Madi belongs to her. Thanks again for being patient!
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Thanks again, I really, really like this. :) <3 <3 <3!
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Awesome work as always!
Why is she sitting on the rain, anyway?
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Sitting in the rain is what Madilynns do best! (Actually she really WOULD like sitting in the rain. ;P)
Oh right, Water loves water like Ellis :iconl4dellisplz: loves horses.
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It's not raining? X); The background's just a nice texturely placeholder colored to add to the serious mood. Give me some credit; I do rain effects really well, so if I'd intended her to be in the rain, it'd be pretty obvious.

...though I dunno if she'd mind either way, she IS a water-type :V
Okay, cool pic anyway!
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