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Conky Desktop Indicator by theMuspilli Conky Desktop Indicator by theMuspilli
Version 1.1:

Just one more version. I added the (huge) underscore version that I myself always use.

Font used: Linux Libertine Mono, should be here…
(but should work with most fonts, that have an underscore)

Version 1.0:

Initial release.

Shows you in a bar or in the grid on which of your virtual desktops you are.

5 different versions for 9 (3x), 16 or 25 virtual desktops

Plain conky, no lua, python, shell script needed. Conky 1.9.x syntax, not the changed syntax of the upcoming 1.10.x. It might not be available in your repos anyway.

Fonts used: 
- in bullets versions:…
Once you have the font installed the configs should work out of the box, you can start them with:

conky -c /path/where/you/put/them/indicatorXYZ.conky

for example:

conky -c /home/megauser/.config/conky/conky_desktop_indicator/indicator_huge.conky

Their main purpose however is not to work out of the box, but to get adapted by you, modified, built into your own conky configurations etc.
The code should be well readable, I spent quite some backslashes for line continuations. Therefore I hope that it will be easy to understand the scripts and customise them to your individual needs (very do-able even for beginners).
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boingy23 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2016
Installed ok, but can you tell me if this works with compiz?

I am switching workspaces, but the indicator isn't moving.
theMuspilli Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
sorry for the late reply, haven't been here for a while.

I never tried compiz. The indicator however uses nothing but an internal function of conky  ("$desktop").

Therefore I looked  a bit into the issue and found that compiz indeed handles virtual desktops a bit different, well explained here:…

Both solutions mentioned there have in common that they are not too well suited for what we want to achieve - having conky executing 9 external commands before knowing the current compiz desktop is number 9 is a horrible thought, especially having in mind that that would happen every single update interval (1s?, 0.33s?).

But - without promising anything - I will have a look into the lua stuff which seems to reduce the multiple external calls to one per update interval.
boingy23 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2016
Thanks so much for your reply!
boingy23 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016
Thank you. This is awesome!
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October 4, 2015
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