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Goblin sketches - Newborn girl



Back with more progressive goblin sketches! Much like the series I did with Gleck (the boy) I am also doing a girl series. Some little differences, but mostly I have a sketch book filled with goblins (ha). So here's a couple of quick goblin pictures.

A little doodle of her - her name is Flock. She was born today! Flock, like Gleck, was born as helpless as any newborn. She has infant spots (the darkened blotches) to help keep her camouflaged that will fade as she gets older. Her ears are big and floppy and she depends on her parents for everything. Her eyesight, and hearing, though better than a human, is limited. Key difference though (besides the obvious between the genders) is that her skin is much brighter and more fluorescent than a male. This is usually the dead giveaway when they are born if it's a girl or a boy, before they have been fully cleaned off and of course, identified.
The little bells on her ankle are thought to ward off ill will or nasty spirits and are given to her as a birth gift. Tommorrow, she will be 8 months old :)
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She's so adorable! :iconpussyplz:

...The ankle's bells are very interesting, kind of remind me of something they do with babies here, some people (specially in rural zones) put their babies red bows in their hand. (I think they say something about bad people giving something like an eye curse)... I guess it's all about traditions.

Also I could love to see that whole sketch book. xD