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Goblin sketches - 2 years



Flock is 2 years old today. She has a lovely bright green skin (which means she is healthy and happy). Some think that a darker, bleaker green means a child is unhappy, or unlucky. Her infant spots remain, even if they are a bit fainter - unlike a boy, her ears are still very floppy at this age. This is because a girl goblin has much bigger ears than a boy, while other attributes - like jaw line and tusks - are much smaller. They will not stand up properly until she is about five.
Her arm has a band on it, her first jewellery gift, which she will keep for the rest of her life. This band promotes longevity, cunning, and vitality.

Tomorrow she will be eight years old!

Newborn - Goblin sketches - Newborn girl by TheMushman  8 months - Goblin sketches - 8 months by TheMushman
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